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2014 Statute

Section Number

72-7501 - State board of education act; citation.
72-7502 - Definitions.
72-7503 - Composition of state board; position numbers; residence qualification; filling vacancies; powers generally.
72-7504 - Vacancies on state board; how filled; when vacancy occurs.
72-7505 - Abolition of office of state superintendent of public instruction; continuation of contracts.
72-7506 - Meetings of state board; commencement of powers and duties.
72-7507 - State board of education; meetings, regular, special, adjourned; offical actions at official meetings only.
72-7508 - Annual election of officers; appointment of secretary; board minutes.
72-7509 - Quorum; number of votes for official action; record vote.
72-7510 - Official certifications.
72-7511a - State board of education; meetings; compensation and expenses.
72-7512 - Same; attorney; appointment and duties.
72-7513 - General powers of state board.
72-7514 - Rules and regulations; authorization to adopt.
72-7514b - Rules and regulations.
72-7515 - Availability of local school records to state board.
72-7516 - Same; "state board" defined.
72-7518 - Gifts and bequests; expenditure and supervision.
72-7518a - Gifts and bequests to state board or institutions thereunder; supervision; expenditure; school districts and community-junior colleges excepted.
72-7518b - State school for the blind; special bequest fund.
72-7519 - Hearing officers for state board; appointment; purpose; limitations.
72-7520 - Same; initial order; review by state board.
72-7523 - Conveyance of certain real estate situated in Ottawa county to U. S. department of health, education and welfare authorized.
72-7524 - Same; conditions; reasons.
72-7525 - Conveyance of certain real estate situated in Saline county to U.S. department of health, education and welfare authorized.
72-7526 - Same; conditions; reasons.
72-7527 - Computerized information search services; certain contracts authorized; fee schedule.
72-7528 - Same; establishment of fee fund; sources expenditures.
72-7531 - Design and operation of school buses; powers, duties and functions of state board; custody of records; rules and regulations.
72-7532 - School bus safety fund.
72-7533 - School district organization; comprehensive study and plan; report to education committees of legislature.
72-7534 - Basic reading skills; mastery program; report to legislature.
72-7535 - Personal financial literacy programs; development and implementation.
72-7536 - School district internet-based data reporting system.
72-7537 - Task force; study feasibility of conducting a check of KBI registered offender internet site prior to permitting certain persons on school grounds; report to the legislature.
72-7538 - Disability history and awareness; objectives, guidelines and goals.
72-7539 - Study for implementing individual career plan of study.
72-7540 - Study of state aid for career technical education programs.