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2014 Statute


19-3424.Powers, authority and duties; ward and precinct boundaries; notices of elections; printing ballots; election contests; budget. The election commissioner, as a part of his or her official duties shall have and exercise the following powers and authority:

(a) Such commissioner shall establish and fix the boundaries of wards and precincts within the county and in all cities the greater part of the population of which is located in said county. Such commissioner shall accept and file nomination and declaration papers of candidates and declarations of party affiliation.

(b) Such commissioner shall give notice by publication in the official county paper, at least fifteen (15) days before the holding of any election, except as otherwise provided by law, of the time of holding such election, and the officers at that time to be chosen, and any other matters to be voted upon.

(c) Such commissioner shall publish notice giving the proper party designation if required by law, the title of each office, the names and addresses of all persons seeking national and state offices and as certified to such county election officer by the secretary of state, as provided by law, and of all persons from whom nomination papers or declarations have been filed with such election officer as provided by law, giving the name and address of each, the title to such office, the day of the election, the hours during which the polls will be open and the location of the voting place in each precinct or area, and mail to all persons whose nomination or declaration papers are on file with such election officer, a copy of the first issue containing such publication notice.

(d) Such commissioner shall have charge of the printing of the ballots for all elections to which this act applies held within the county, or held within any city, school district, township or drainage district located in said county. Such commissioner shall conduct negotiations for the letting of the contract to print such ballots and shall let the contract, with the approval of the board of county commissioners.

(e) Such commissioner shall be the clerk of the court for the trial of contested elections except national and state elections, and all intentions to contest any election shall be filed with said election commissioner, and shall proceed in accordance with any laws of the state dealing with the subject.

On or before July 15 of each year, the election commissioner shall certify to the board of county commissioners an itemized statement showing the amount necessary to pay the salary of the election commissioner, the deputy election commissioner and other employees in the office of the election commissioner and other expenses of said office during the next ensuing budget year and the county commissioners shall cause the same to be included in the county budget for such ensuing budget year.

History: L. 1947, ch. 203, § 6; L. 1949, ch. 207, § 3; L. 1968, ch. 406, § 56; L. 1975, ch. 207, § 2; July 1.