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2014 Statute

Section Number

17-5201 - Petition for certificate of incorporation; notification and hearing.
17-5202 - Bylaws to be filed.
17-5203 - Commissioner to make recommendations to board on petition; to issue certificate of approval of incorporation; to execute certificate of incorporation; to file certificate of approval and certificate of incorporation.
17-5204 - Commissioner to endorse petitions with certificate of approval; return duplicate original of petition, certificate of incorporation and approved bylaws to association; retain original petition, certificate of incorporation and bylaws.
17-5205 - Validity of incorporation not affected by failure of commissioner to comply with foregoing provisions.
17-5206 - When corporate existence begins; extension of period.
17-5207 - Selection of chairman of incorporators; capital required in cities of various sizes.
17-5208 - Chairman of incorporators to procure surety bond.
17-5209 - Expense fund for incorporation and organization.
17-5210 - Repayment of contributions made to expense fund.
17-5211 - Meetings of members; notice.
17-5212 - Meeting of board of directors.
17-5213 - Executive committee; powers.
17-5214 - Officers; election.
17-5215 - Same; duties and powers.
17-5216 - Written instruments; method of execution.
17-5217 - Membership certificate; manner of signing and delivery.
17-5218 - Corporate seal.
17-5219 - Fiscal year.
17-5220 - Amendment of bylaws; appeal from commissioner's disapproval.
17-5221 - Organization meeting.
17-5222 - What corporate name shall include.
17-5223 - Words prohibited in corporate name.
17-5224 - Corporate name may not be same or nearly same as that of existing corporation; exceptions.
17-5225 - Home office or branch; establishment or relocation.
17-5225a - Same; application.
17-5225b - Same; notice of hearing; evidence.
17-5225c - Same; approval or disapproval of application; findings.
17-5225d - Same; judicial review.
17-5226 - Change of name or office; approval by directors; notice.
17-5227 - Application for change of name; notice and hearing; action by commissioner; appeal.
17-5228 - Forfeiture of charter for nonuse.
17-5229 - Establishment of branch office in another state, when.
17-5230 - Establishment of branch office in state by out-of-state savings and loan, when.