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2012 Statute

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80-1502.Contracts by cities with counties, townships, individuals, firms or corporations to furnish fire-fighting service. (a) The governing body of any municipality may contract with any county, township or individual or group of individuals, firm or corporation whose property is situated outside the city limits, to furnish fire-fighting service to such county, township, individual, group of individuals, firm or corporation, upon such terms and for such compensation as may be agreed upon. The fire chief or person in charge of the fire department shall have the right in every case to determine whether or not the city can spare all or any portion of its fire equipment and firemen at that particular time.

(b) The compensation agreed upon in a contract pursuant to subsection (a) shall always be at least sufficient to pay the city for the reasonable use of equipment and for the cost of material used on the run and fighting the fire, to pay the firemen and to enable the city to carry a sufficient amount of insurance to indemnify it for loss or damage to any fire-fighting equipment, or injury or damage to person or property (if the city be actually liable therefor). All such contracts shall be made by ordinance. The compensation agreed upon shall be a legal charge and collectible by the municipality rendering the service in any court of competent jurisdiction.

History: L. 1931, ch. 113, § 2; L. 1951, ch. 512, § 2; L. 1979, ch. 186, § 30; July 1.

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