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2012 Statute


41-308. Retailer's license; rights of licensee. (a) Except as provided in K.S.A. 2012 Supp. 41-308d, and amendments thereto, a retailer's license shall allow the licensee to sell and offer for sale at retail and deliver in the original package, as therein prescribed, alcoholic liquor for use or consumption off and away from the premises specified in such license. A retailer's license shall permit sale and delivery of alcoholic liquor only on the licensed premises and shall not permit sale of alcoholic liquor for resale in any form, except that a licensed retailer may:

(1) Sell alcoholic liquor to a temporary permit holder for resale by such permit holder; and

(2) sell and deliver alcoholic liquor to a caterer or to the licensed premises of a public venue, club or drinking establishment, if such premises are in the county where the retailer's premises are located or in an adjacent county, for resale by such public venue, club, establishment or caterer.

(b) The holder of a retailer's license shall not sell, offer for sale, give away or permit to be sold, offered for sale or given away in or from the premises specified in such license any service or thing of value whatsoever except alcoholic liquor in the original package, except that a licensed retailer may:

(1) Charge a delivery fee for delivery to a public venue, club, drinking establishment or caterer pursuant to subsection (a);

(2) sell lottery tickets and shares to the public in accordance with the Kansas lottery act, if the retailer is selected as a lottery retailer;

(3) include in the sale of alcoholic liquor any goods included by the manufacturer in packaging with the alcoholic liquor, subject to the approval of the director; and

(4) distribute to the public, without charge, consumer advertising specialties bearing advertising matter, subject to rules and regulations of the secretary limiting the form and distribution of such specialties so that they are not conditioned on or an inducement to the purchase of alcoholic liquor.

(c) No licensed retailer shall furnish any entertainment in such premises or permit any pinball machine or game of skill or chance to be located in or on such premises.

(d) A retailer's license shall allow the licensee to store alcoholic liquor in refrigerators, cold storage units, ice boxes or other cooling devices, and the licensee may sell such alcoholic liquor to consumers in a chilled condition.

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