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2012 Statute

Section Number

17-5501 - Powers of association generally.
17-5501c - Authority to accept and pledge security for U.S. treasury tax and loan accounts.
17-5502 - Powers of board of directors.
17-5502a - Closing one business day a week.
17-5503 - Loan plans upon which real-estate loans may be made.
17-5504 - Appraisal and approval of real estate securing a loan.
17-5505 - Application of payments.
17-5506 - Loan contract to be embodied in note.
17-5508 - Association payments for protection of loans; addition to unpaid balance of loan.
17-5509 - Association may accept assignment of life insurance on mortgagor; premium payments, addition to the unpaid balance of the loan.
17-5510 - Advance installment payment of taxes and insurance.
17-5511 - Record of charges on real estate securing loans.
17-5512 - Prepayment of home loans.
17-5512a - Agreements prohibiting or restricting prepayment of loans other than home loans.
17-5513 - Modification of real-estate loan or note.
17-5514 - Loan expenses which association may require borrower to pay; statement.
17-5515 - Collection and payment of loan expenses.
17-5516 - Fees for procuring loan may not be paid to directors, officers or employees of association.
17-5517 - Lien on shares to secure loan.
17-5519 - Sale of property.
17-5520 - Directors, officers and employees purchases from or sales to association.
17-5521 - Bulk sale of assets.
17-5522 - Same; commissioner's approval required.
17-5523 - Same; distribution of proceeds.
17-5524 - Same; dissolution results.
17-5525 - Conversion of state association into federal savings and loan association; vote requirements.
17-5526 - Same; minutes of meeting to be filed with commissioner.
17-5527 - Same; action required by federal law must be taken within three months.
17-5528 - Same; copy of charter or certificate to be filed with commissioner and secretary of state.
17-5529 - Same; failure to file; penalty.
17-5530 - Same; cessation of commissioner's jurisdiction.
17-5531 - Same; continuation of state association; succession to property and other interests.
17-5532 - Same; continuation of judicial proceedings.
17-5533 - Same; recognition by state.
17-5534 - Same; obligations continued and vesting of property title.
17-5535 - Conversion from federal to state association; majority vote of members required.
17-5536 - Same; minutes of meeting to be filed with the federal home loan bank board.
17-5537 - Same; vote on directors of converted association required.
17-5538 - Certificate of incorporation may state it is converted association.
17-5539 - Same; petition for certificate of incorporation and bylaws; directors' signatures.
17-5540 - Same; procedure; continuation of federal association.
17-5541 - Merger; procedure; merger agreement.
17-5542 - Same; approval or disapproval of merger agreement.
17-5543 - Same; approval by federal home loan bank board, when.
17-5544 - Same; appeal in case of failure of commissioner to approve proposed merger.
17-5545 - Merger binding and effective upon commissioner's approval; recordation; duties of commissioner.
17-5546 - Same; remaining association deemed to be continuation of all preceding associations; property of preceding associations deemed to pass by operation of law.
17-5547 - Same; continuation of judicial proceedings.
17-5548 - Reorganization; procedure; recordation of instruments.
17-5549 - Same; effective date.
17-5550 - Same; reorganization plan.
17-5551 - Same; rights and obligations of reorganizing association inure to benefit of reorganized association.
17-5552 - Same; applications for repurchase canceled when members approve proposed plan of reorganization.
17-5553 - Dissolution.
17-5554 - Same; execution of documents.
17-5555 - Same; filing of copies with commissioner; examination of association.
17-5556 - Same; recordation of documents.
17-5557 - Same; continuation for winding up affairs.
17-5558 - Same; directors to act as liquidating trustees.
17-5559 - Same; powers.
17-5560 - Same; association subject to commissioner during liquidation.
17-5561 - Same; final report and accounting; discharge of directors.
17-5562 - Same; vested rights not disturbed during dissolution.
17-5563 - Credit to borrowers.
17-5564 - Undelivered funds due creditors, depositors and shareholders of defunct associations; duties of commissioner and state treasurer; undistributed assets of defunct associations fund.
17-5565 - Remote service units.
17-5566 - Same; conditions to operation and use of; exceptions.
17-5567 - Same; extensions of credit through; withdrawal limitations.
17-5568 - Same; security measures as a condition for operation.
17-5569 - Same; unauthorized transactions; liability.
17-5570 - Same; definitions.
17-5571 - Prohibitions; injunctive relief; damages; definitions.
17-5572 - Finance subsidiary corporation; utilization by certain savings and loan associations; rules and regulations.