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2012 Statute


13-1389.Same; survey and investigation; resolution, contents; costs, how paid; limitation of actions. The governing body of any city of the first or second class desiring to acquire land or lands and improve same for establishment of off-street parking facilities shall conduct a survey and investigation for the purpose of determining suitable locations for such off-street parking facilities and the approximate cost of acquiring and improving land therefor. For the purpose of such survey and investigation the governing body of such city may employ such appraisers, engineers and other persons as it may deem necessary. The cost of such survey and investigation shall be included as a part of the cost of acquiring and improving the land for off-street parking facilities. If, upon completion of the survey and investigation, the governing body of any such city deems it advisable and of benefit to such city to acquire any land and improve the same for off-street parking facilities, the governing body shall adopt a resolution which shall set forth a description of the land to be acquired, the aggregate amount of money to be expended for acquiring and improving such land, including the cost of the survey and investigation, and the source of the funds to be used to pay the costs of such off-street parking facilities.

The governing body may exercise the authority herein granted if there is money in the current operating fund relating to highways, streets and alleys or in the parking meter fund which will not be necessary for current operations during any budget year. If there is no money available in such funds, the governing body may issue and sell revenue bonds to pay such aggregate costs or any portion thereof. The resolution shall be published once in the official city paper. No suit shall be maintained in any court to enjoin or in any way contest the validity of the proceedings of the governing body of the city under the provisions of this act, unless such suit is instituted and the summons is served within 30 days from and after the first publication of the resolution.

History: L. 1951, ch. 175, § 2; L. 1955, ch. 101, § 2; L. 1981, ch. 173, § 42; July 1.