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Dec. 15, 2019
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Minutes for HB2031 - Committee on Public Health and Welfare

Short Title

Establishing the advisory council on palliative care and quality of life and palliative care education program.

Minutes Content for Thu, Mar 9, 2017

Scott Abbott, Staff Revisor, reviewed the bill.

Senator Kelly opened the hearing on HB2031.

Steve Brunk testified in support of HB2031 stating that passage of the bill helps identify specific barriers in Kansas that prevent access to palliative care for patients with serious or long-term illness. The passage of HB2031 would be a significant step towards helping the sickest patients get access to the best care for them and their families.(Attachment 1)

Vice-Chairperson Bollier arrived and assumed chairmanship of the meeting. She introduced two pages from Woodview Elementary, Drew Keller and Eddie Leopold and her student shadow, Emily Marner, from Fairfield High School.

Senator Berger recognized his student shadow from Fairfield High School, Gage Schoenhoff.

Senator Estes introduced his student shadow, Damian Espinosa, also from Fairfield High School.

Michelle Longabaugh, a private citizen testified in support of HB2031. She shared her story of her life since a cancer diagnosis and how palliative care would have improved her health, stamina and outlook on life. (Attachment 2)

Dr. Karin Porter-Williamson testified in support of HB2031. Her testimony defined what palliative care is, its benefits, the future of palliative care and the need for education and collaboration.(Attachment 3)

Jennifer Olson, a private citizen, shared her story of how palliative care has profoundly impacted her life since a cancer diagnosis and urged the support of HB2031. (Attachment 4)

Janelle Williamson testified in support of HB2031 and said it "creates a palliative care consumer and professional education initiative through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment". "It also establishes an interdisciplinary advisory council within the Department to advise on matters relating to the development, operation and outcomes monitoring of palliative care initiatives in the state". (Attachment 5)

Deedra Miller, a private citizen in support of HB2031 told of her daughter, Hannah's diagnosis, treatment and multi-year battle after a diagnosis of Stage IV Burkitt's Lymphoma. Hannah's palliative care treatment helped her not only navigate treatment for her primary illness but also to see her life beyond the diagnosis. (Attachment 6)

Matthew Benorden, a private citizen presented testimony in support of HB2031. In referring to an article by the National Cancer Institute, patients who received palliative care along with standard treatment for advanced cancer reported better quality of life and mood than patients who did not receive palliative care.(Attachment 7)

Written testimony in support of HB2031 was submitted by:

Carolyn Gaughan, Kansas Academy of Family Physicians (Attachment 8)

Chad Austin, Kansas Hospital Association (Attachment 9)

Mitzi McFatrich, KABC (Attachment 10)

Hilary Gee, Cancer Acton Network (Attachment 11)

Deanna Speer, Via Christi Health (Attachment 12)

Dr. Sharon Lynch, National MC Society (Attachment 13)

Miles Reimer, Wesley Healthcare (Attachment 14)

John Carney, Center for Practical Bioethics (Attachment 15)

Janis DeBoer, k4ad (Attachment 16)

C. Gregory Nelson, MD, Midland Care (Attachment 17)

Ernest Kutzley, AARP (Attachment 18)

Judy Davis-Cole, AARP Volunteer (Attachment 19)

James Covel, Alzheimer's Association of Kansas (Attachment 20)

Sky Westerlund, National Association of Social Workers (Attachment 21)

Rick Cagan, NAMI Kansas (Attachment 22)

Kevin Walker, American Heart Association (Attachment 23)

Donna Bales and Sandy Kuhlman, Kansas LIFE Project Foundation (Attachment 24)

After questions by the Committee were address, Vice-Chairperson Bollier closed the hearing on HB2031.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 13, 2017.