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2016 Statute

Section Number

41-701 - Certain sales by distributors or manufacturers prohibited.
41-702 - Gifts and credit from manufacturer or distributor prohibited.
41-703 - Gifts, loans and interest in customer's business by manufacturer or distributor prohibited, exceptions.
41-704 - Manufacturers; interest in business of distributor prohibited.
41-705 - Violation of 41-703 or 41-704; effect.
41-706 - Requirements relating to revenue stamps, labels, seals.
41-707 - Labels; quality of liquor; requirements.
41-708 - Retailer must obtain liquor from licensed distributor; exceptions; penalties.
41-709 - Authorized sale or delivery by manufacturer or distributor; license revocation for violations.
41-710 - Location of retail store, microbrewery, microdistillery or farm winery; restrictions; within core commercial district.
41-711 - Sale at retail forbidden on certain premises.
41-712 - Days and hours of sale by retailers.
41-713 - Retailers; mixing drinks on premises and employment of certain persons prohibited; exceptions.
41-714 - Advertising; authority of director.
41-715 - Sale of liquor to incapacitated or intoxicated person; penalties.
41-717 - Certain sales on credit, in trade or by check prohibited.
41-718 - Sale only in original package; refilling prohibited.
41-719 - Consumption of alcoholic liquor prohibited in certain places; exemptions.
41-720 - Nonbeverage licensee forbidden to give or sell alcoholic liquors; violation; penalty.
41-721 - No retail licenses to issue in cities where electors voted contrary.
41-722 - Giving or selling liquor to evade law declared unlawful.
41-723 - Violating 41-721 and 41-722; places declared common nuisances.
41-724 - Transportation of liquor into state forbidden; exceptions.
41-725 - Common carriers; must deliver only to consignee.
41-726 - False statements to common carriers unlawful.
41-727 - Purchase or consumption of alcoholic beverage by minor; penalty; exceptions; immunity from criminal prosecution; tests; detainment.
41-727a - Use of minors to determine compliance with law, limitations.
41-728 - Sales of liquor by distributors; prohibited acts.
41-729 - Retail sales at less than cost; permit required.
41-730 - Sale of powdered alcohol prohibited.