Kansas Legislature - 2016 Legislative Session

House Substitute for SB91

AN ACT concerning renewable energy; relating to the renewable energy standards act, electric generation standard; relating to property tax; concerning exemptions for property used for renewable energy resources; relating to property tax on public utilities, definitions and exceptions; amending K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 66-1256, 66-1257, 66-1259, 79-201 and 79-5a01 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 66-1258, 66-1260, 66-1261 and 66-1262.

House - Conference Committee Report was adopted - 05/14/2015

On roll call the vote was:

Yea - (105):

Alford, Anthimides, Barker, Barton, Becker, Billinger, Boldra, Bollier, Bradford, Bruchman, Brunk, Burroughs, Campbell, B. Carpenter, W. Carpenter, Clark, Clayton, Concannon, Corbet, Couture-Lovelady, Curtis, E. Davis, DeGraaf, Dierks, Doll, Dove, Edmonds, Esau, Estes, Ewy, Finch, Finney, Francis, Frownfelter, Gallagher, Garber, Gonzalez, Grosserode, Hawkins, Hedke, Hemsley, Hibbard, Highland, Hildabrand, Hill, Hineman, Hoffman, Houser, Huebert, Hutchins, Hutton, Jennings, Johnson, D. Jones, K. Jones, Kahrs, Kelley, Kelly, Kiegerl, Kleeb, Lewis, Lunn, Lusk, Lusker, Macheers, Mason, Mast, McPherson, Merrick, Moxley, O'Brien, Osterman, Ousley, F. Patton, Pauls, Peck, Phillips, R. Powell, Proehl, Read, Rhoades, Rooker, Rubin, Ryckman, Ryckman Sr., Scapa, Schroeder, Schwartz, Seiwert, Sloan, C. Smith, Suellentrop, Sutton, S. Swanson, Thimesch, Thompson, Todd, Trimmer, Vickrey, Victors, Waymaster, Whipple, Whitmer, K. Williams, Wolfe Moore,

Nay - (16):

Alcala, Ballard, Bridges, Carlin, Carmichael, Henderson, Henry, Highberger, Houston, Kuether, Lane, Ruiz, Tietze, Ward, Wilson, Winn,

Present but Not Voting - (0):

Absent and Not Voting - (4):

Claeys, Goico, Sawyer, Schwab,

Not Voting - (0):