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Dec. 14, 2019
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Senate Bills and Resolutions in Committee:

Commerce - 13 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB3 Unemployment benefits for privately contracted school bus drivers.
SB80 Enacting the Kansas working families pay raise act.
SB107 Public entities expenditures for energy projects intended to reduce energy costs.
SB167 Workers compensation use of American medical association guides to the evaluation of permanent impairment.
SB179 Limiting negotiations under the public employer-employee relations act.
SB198 State directory of new hires; contractors.
SB207 Prohibiting retaliation or discrimination by an employer against a parent for taking time off to attend certain court proceedings involving children.
SB208 Directing the secretary of administration to study whether public employers engage in wage discrimination on the basis of sex.
SB209 Repealing the prohibition against agencies and municipalities requiring contractors to enter into certain labor agreements for public works construction projects.
SB210 Requiring employment of Kansas workers for certain state contracts and tax incentives.
SB212 Strengthening protection of public employee paychecks.
SB221 Allowing businesses to pass on credit surcharge to consumers.
SB266 Redefining tenant and rental agreement under the residential landlord and tenant act.

Assessment and Taxation - 26 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB50 Property tax; valuation classification bed and breakfast homes.
SB110 Sales tax exemption for sales of certain machinery and equipment used for automated ice vending machines.
SB135 Option to exempt aviation fuel from city sales tax.
SB178 Valuation of agricultural land.
SB187 Extending the student loan payment program and income tax credit for rural opportunity zones for six years.
SB199 Income tax credit for expenses paid for household and dependent care services necessary for gainful employment.
SB200 Earned income tax credit increased.
SB233 Increasing rates of taxation on cigarettes, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.
SB238 Homestead property tax eligibility for armed forces service-connected disability.
SB251 Reducing amount and limiting credit to tax liability of taxpayer of the Kansas earned income tax credit.
SB257 Ten-year limit on property tax exemption for renewable resources or technologies.
SB258 Eliminating property tax exemption from statewide school levy for property used for residential purposes to the extent of $20,000 of its appraised valuation.
SB259 Computation of amount of personal property tax on motor vehicles.
SB260 Modifications to Kansas adjusted gross income relative to passive income for Kansas income tax purposes.
SB261 Imposing sales tax on sales of gas, electricity, heat and other fuel sources for production of heat and lighting for residential premises and agricultural use.
SB263 Providing a sales tax exemption for fresh fruit and vegetables upon adoption of necessary amendments to the streamlined sales and use tax agreement.
SB264 Eliminating sales tax exemption for farm machinery and equipment.
SB272 Income tax deduction for net gain on the sale of Christmas trees.
SB281 Sales tax exemption for certain mobility enhancing equipment.
SB286 Requiring social security numbers for tax credit eligibility.
SB287 Making refundable income tax credits nonrefundable.
SB291 Providing sales tax exemption for certain purchases by hope ranch for women inc and contractors providing services thereto.
SB292 Providing orders of the state board of tax appeals to be final for appeals by taxpayers which are lottery gaming enterprises.
SB296 Making the 2015 income tax rates permanent and having the tax rate reduction become effective.
SB302 Statewide excise tax levy of $3 per acre on the ownership of real property for the purpose of school finance.
SB310 Authorizing income tax contributions to school districts.

Local Government - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2197 Cities; land banks; municipalities may defer or reamortize special assessments.

Corrections and Juvenile Justice - 12 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB1 Increasing criminal penalties for hate crimes and establishing reporting requirements for law enforcement agencies.
SB53 Relating to principles of criminal liability; liability for the crimes of another.
SB88 Law enforcement officers; training requirements; mentally ill persons.
SB111 Correctional supervision fee; correctional supervision fund.
SB129 Reports of abuse or neglect concerning children and certain adults.
SB146 Racial profiling data collection and reporting requirements.
SB191 Increasing the penalty for criminal discharge of a firearm.
SB194 Creating the Kansas public school security act.
SB196 Relating to peer support counseling sessions.
SB213 Amendments to inherently dangerous felony list.
SB222 Creating a hazard; leaving a dangerous weapon in a place accessible to children.
SB295 Sentence conversion for certain persons convicted of attempt to commit murder in the second degree.

Ethics and Elections - 6 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB41 Uniformed and overseas citizens absentee voting act; out of state college students.
SB79 Electronic publication of propositions to amend the constitution.
SB87 Secretary of State; political action committees prohibited.
SB163 Governmental ethics; two-year restriction on lobbying by former elected and appointed state officials.
SB177 Voter ID; voter registration; denial for lack of proof of citizenship.
SCR1602 Urging congress to pass an amendment to the United States constitution to overturn the holding in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Public Health and Welfare - 11 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB9 Enacting the cannabis compassion and care act.
SB40 Massage therapist licensure act.
SB49 Kansas dental board; licensure of registered dental practitioners.
SB69 Advanced practice registered nurses; scope of practice and prescribing authority.
SB122 Hospital facility fees.
SB141 Podiatrists; supervising a physician assistant and advanced practice registered nurse.
SB218 Advance practice registered nurse.
SB254 Behavioral sciences regulatory board; licensure of professions.
SB256 Kansas department for children and families; eligibility requirements for public assistance.
SB265 Designated lay caregivers act.
SB285 Healing arts licensees, resident active licenses and health care records.

Ways and Means - 15 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB35 Appropriation revisions for FY 2015, FY 2016, FY 2017, and FY 2018 for various state agencies.
SB71 School districts; amending the supplemental general state aid calculation.
SB81 Appropriation revisions and supplementals for FY 2015 and FY 2016 for various state agencies.
SB137 Education; amendments to the school district finance and quality performance act; the virtual school act; the student data privacy act; and the tax credit for low income student scholarship program act.
SB162 Joint revenue estimates, move April 20 date to May 4.
SB235 Capital improvement projects for various state agencies
SB236 Making appropriations for FY 16 and FY 17 for the judicial branch.
SB237 Appropriations for FY 2015, FY 2016, FY 2017, FY 2018 and FY 2019 for various state agencies.
SB273 Creating the classroom learning assuring student success act; making and concerning appropriations for fiscal years ending June 30, 2015, June 30, 2016, and June 30, 2017, for the department of education.
SB300 Education; amendments regarding virtual school state aid, supplemental general state aid, capital outlay state aid and capital improvement state aid.
SB305 Transferring functions of the Kansas bioscience authority to the department of commerce.
SB308 Legislative compensation and subsistence limited to May 22, 2015.
SB309 Establishing a 3.5% fee for policies sold on the federally facilitated health insurance exchange.
SB311 Transfer of administration of school finance from the state board of education to the department of administration and secretary of administration.
HB2096 Senate Substitute for HB 2096 by Committee on Commerce - Public employees concerning public employer-employee relations act and deductions from wages.

Transportation - 6 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB94 Unlawful passing of a waste collector; penalties.
SB139 Mayor Ken Bernard memorial highway.
SB164 Requiring two employees for train operation.
SB173 Korean war, operation desert storm, operation Iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom license plates.
SB174 Manufacture and issuance of license plates, fees.
HB2091 Deleting serial number requirement on expiration decals.

Education - 5 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB2 Authorizing school districts to offer multi-year contracts to teachers.
SB33 Creating the Kansas education standards study commission.
SB67 Development and establishment of K-12 curriculum standards.
SB176 Limiting negotiations under the professional negotiations act.
SB294 Creating the education finance act of 2015; making and concerning appropriations for fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, for the department of education.

Agriculture - 4 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB119 Excepting certain persons from the chemigation permit requirements.
SB134 Amendments to the Kansas noxious weed law.
SB169 Making the channel cat fish the official fish of the state of Kansas.
HB2029 Identification of domesticated deer.

Judiciary - 17 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB16 Attorney fees in certain actions.
SB37 Enacting the Kansas foster parents' bill of rights act.
SB96 Kansas disclosure of unanticipated medical outcomes and medical errors act.
SB114 Birth certificate amendments; charge for non-judicial personnel.
SB116 Expungement of DUI diversions and misdemeanor convictions; removing diversions from habitual violator considerations.
SB158 Establishing a CARE family program for foster care.
SB160 Requiring action by a court regarding termination of parental rights in a child in need of care case.
SB165 Open meetings, statements required regarding a closed or executive meeting; amending K.S.A. 75-4319.
SB185 Sexually violent predators; reimbursement for costs incurred by counties.
SB195 Child support; reporting of arrearages to consumer credit reporting agencies; distribution of support payments.
SB203 Cigarette and tobacco products acts, amendments; authorizing governor to enter into compacts with native american tribes.
SB204 Protecting the total amount of time for visitation granted to a person under the revised Kansas code for care of children.
SB229 Prohibiting certain advertising by an attorney who is not regularly admitted to practice law in Kansas.
SB230 Increasing the fines for permitting driving in violation of certain restrictions.
SB297 Grounds for impeachment of Kansas supreme court justices.
SB306 Open records act; definitions, public agency and public record.
SB307 Open records act; definitions, public agency and public record.

Utilities - 3 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB83 Distance prohibitions and spacing requirements for wells.
SB151 Electric utilities and carbon dioxide emissions.
SB253 Renewable energy standards act sunset.

Financial Institutions and Insurance - 14 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB75 Amending the patient protection act to prohibit the use of certain provisions in agreements.
SB100 Amending certain provisions of the UCCC relating to consumer loan definition and certain finance charges.
SB102 Access to opioid analgesics with abuse-deterrent properties.
SB130 Establishing a new type of installment loan.
SB143 Allowing the assignment of dental insurance benefits.
SB144 Affidavit requirement of surplus lines broken changed to signed statement.
SB145 Nonadmitted insurers authorized to write excess coverage on Kansas risks.
SB172 Enacting the patient right to shop act
SB186 Regulation of transportation network company services.
SB202 Enacting a cap on patient fees for a 30-day supply of any prescription drug for certain health plans.
SB289 Establishing requirements and fiduciary duties for pharmacy benefits managers under the state health care benefits program.
SCR1605 A state constitutional amendment concerning public debt.
HB2065 Insurance; nonprofit dental service corporation disbursements.
HB2260 Eliminating the one-sheet requirement for temporary notes for improvements.

Senate Select Committee on KPERS - 2 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB284 Enacting the Kansas deferred retirement option program act.
SB299 Providing working after retirement requirements for certain KPERS retirants who return to work with covered employers including benefit and contribution provisions while extending current sunset for teachers to July 1, 2016.

Federal and State Affairs - 27 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB25 Firearms; background checks; gun shows.
SB61 Kansas lottery; sale of tickets; advertising; underage purchase of ticket prohibited.
SB66 Personal and family protection act; regulating concealed carry in portions of public buildings.
SB85 Length of regular legislative session in odd-numbered years.
SB92 Legislators compensation; per diem pay limited.
SB115 Saving communities amendments to the personal and family protection act.
SB152 Alcoholic liquor; dispensing liquor and infusing flavor.
SB153 Exempting public libraries from certain provisions of the personal and family protection act.
SB166 Rule of law restoration act; immigration.
SB192 Kansas expanded lottery act; racetrack gaming changes.
SB201 Personal electronic media devices subject to the open records act.
SB205 Regional system of cooperating libraries; appointment board members.
SB211 Technical professions; scope of practice.
SB217 Allowing farm wineries to sell wine at more than one farmers' market.
SB223 Legislative sessions.
SB226 Emergency medical services amendments.
SB231 Policing cooperation; Wichita and Wichita state university.
SB262 Charitable gaming; regulation of bingo and raffles.
SB279 Selection of delegates to an article V convention of the states.
SB282 Exempting Kansas from daylight saving time.
SB298 Alcoholic beverages; enacting the county option retailer's act.
SB304 Administration of abortifacient drugs.
SCR1603 Making application to the U.S. congress to call a convention of the states.
HB2087 Prohibiting local regulation of firearm sales by federal firearms licensees.
HB2089 Alcoholic beverages; disqualification of hidden owners from licensure.
HB2125 Alcoholic beverages; amendments regarding regulation by the division of alcoholic beverage control.
HB2191 Alcoholic beverages; sampling by distributor licensees.

Natural Resources - 8 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB118 Amending the powers and duties of the Kansas department of agriculture division of conservation and the state conservation commission.
SB132 Amending statutes concerning dangerous regulated animals.
SB138 Prohibiting the secretary of health and environment from adopting rules and regulations relating to confined feeding facilities that are more restrictive than federal law.
SB268 Changes to stream maintenance and obstruction requirements.
SB269 Removing eastern spotted skunks from the nongame and endangered species conservation act.
SB275 Establishing water conservation areas.
HB2063 Amending the definition of project in the public water supply project loan program.
HB2341 Prioritizing options for disposal of seized wildlife.
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