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Dec. 14, 2019
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House Bills and Resolutions in Committee:

Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2014 Authorizing the Kansas water office, with approval of the Kansas water authority, to establish the clean drinking water fee by rules and regulations and imposing a cap on such fee.

Elections - 13 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2340 Elections; municipal, spring to fall, even years, partisan; special districts spring to fall, odd years.
HB2315 Secretary for aging and disability services licensure of certain facilities and standards for treatment of certain individuals.
HB2274 Nominations for political parties; petitions.
HB2251 Elections; ballot on demand; advance voting changes; electronic polling books.
HB2211 Campaign finance; soliciting campaign funds.
HB2210 County commission boards; expansion of commissioners; special election.
HB2173 Supreme court and court of appeals retention elections campaign finance.
HB2146 County election officers; nepotism rule applied.
HB2145 Help Kansas vote act.
HB2144 Voter registration; affidavit to verify name change.
HB2143 Lobbying restrictions; certain elected state officers and executive staff.
SB239 Presidential preference primary requirement repealed; recognized political parties required to select presidential nominee.
SB42 Governmental ethics; public funds used for lobbying; reporting.

Financial Institutions - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2374 Establishing a new type of installment loan.

Utilities and Telecommunications - 2 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2219 Prohibiting use of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle; exceptions; penalties.
HB2084 Kansas prepaid telephone security act.

Appropriations - 23 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2412 Providing optional notification by website.
HB2403 Creating the classroom learning assuring student success act; making and concerning appropriations for fiscal years ending June 30, 2015, June 30, 2016, and June 30, 2017, for the department of education.
HB2366 Capital improvement projects for various state agencies.
HB2358 Removing age requirement from crime of female genital mutilation.
HB2345 Prohibiting school board members from having a conflict of interest.
HB2321 Expanding the definition of charitable health care providers.
HB2282 Authorizing hemp treatments for seizure disorders.
HB2243 Prohibiting KSHSAA from preventing children of military families from participating in high school sports due to a residency change.
HB2241 Prohibiting insurance companies from canceling or nonrenewing property and casualty policies due to claims arising from natural causes.
HB2239 Newborn screening for critical congenital heart disease.
HB2205 Advanced practice registered nurse.
HB2153 Taxpayer empowerment, accountability and transparency in state contracting act.
HB2152 Giving full-time state employees one additional discretionary holiday each year.
HB2133 Appropriation revisions and supplementals for FY 2015 and FY 2016 for various state agencies.
HB2129 Abolishing the death penalty and creating the crime of aggravated murder.
HB2073 Changing the mandatory retirement age for judges and justices.
HB2072 Increasing assessments for the Kansas agricultural remediation reimbursement fund.
HB2058 Hospitals; regarding designated lay caregivers; duties of the hospital; policies and procedures.
HB2038 Appropriation revisions for FY 2015, FY 2016, FY 2017, and FY 2018 for various state agencies.
HB2033 Speed limit increase when passing on two lane highways.
HB2031 School district plan addressing child sexual abuse; establishing Erin's law.
HB2015 Juvenile offenders; prohibiting placement in a juvenile correctional facility for a current misdemeanor adjudication.
HB2012 Enacting the Kansas working families pay raise act.

Taxation - 70 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5007 Constitutional amendment providing authority to the legislature to limit valuation increases for certain residential property owned by a disabled person who served in the armed forces or national guard for property tax purposes.
HB2435 Repealing sales tax exemptions for materials purchased by contractors to construct, equip, reconstruct, maintain, repair, enlarge, furnish or remodel public buildings.
HB2434 Limiting the subtraction modification on business income for tax year 2015 and thereafter; repealing certain addition modifications; treatment of passive income.
HB2433 Amending itemized deductions.
HB2432 Providing the secretary of health and environment exclusive authority to establish fees for thermal treatment of hazardous waste for energy production.
HB2431 Computation of amount of personal property tax on motor vehicles.
HB2429 Increasing sales and compensating use tax rates to 6.5%.
HB2428 Income tax rates on corporations; sunsetting certain credits for high performance firms; sunsetting benefits under the promoting employment across Kansas act; sales tax, sunsetting certain exemptions for high performance firms.
HB2427 Providing for a $.05 increase in motor fuel taxes.
HB2425 Income tax rates, rate reductions.
HB2424 Providing for a state-wide school levy of 5 mills on exempt property.
HB2423 Setting the state-wide school levy at 30 mills for school year 2015-2016 and school year 2016-2017.
HB2422 Limiting appeals of property valuation to spring only.
HB2421 Sunset of property tax exemption for new qualifying pipeline property and retention of exemption for existing exemptions.
HB2420 Property exempted from taxation after July 1, 2015, not exempt from levies made by or on behalf of a school district.
HB2419 Taxing moneys, notes and other evidences of indebtedness; providing for the administration, collection and enforcement of the tax thereon.
HB2415 Property taxation; consolidated fire districts, powers and duties of the governing body.
HB2410 STAR bonds; economic impact study; base year assessed valuation for additions of area to project districts; financing in excess of approved amounts.
HB2409 Eliminating property tax exemption from statewide school levy for property used for residential purposes to the extent of $20,000 of its appraised value.
HB2408 Repealing certain sales tax exemptions.
HB2406 Urban core economic development tax-based incentives for housing, opportunity zones and individual development.
HB2405 Extending the sunset on the angel investment tax credit program.
HB2404 Allowing counties to submit question to voters to eliminate county property taxes and replace revenues with increased sales taxes.
HB2402 STAR bonds; definition of STAR bond project, pledge of tax increment revenue, limitations, distribution of sales tax revenue, creating the department of commerce STAR bond administration fund and the department of revenue STAR bond administration fund.
HB2401 Imposing an excise tax on ethanol production and electricity generated by renewable resources.
HB2400 Repealing the local ad valorem tax reduction fund.
HB2399 Increasing sales and compensating use tax rates to 6.3%.
HB2396 Ten-year limit on property tax exemption for renewable energy resources or technologies.
HB2392 Modifications to Kansas adjusted gross income relative to passive income for Kansas income tax purposes.
HB2389 Income tax treatment of net operating loss carryback on the sale of certain hotels.
HB2388 Sales tax exemption for helping hands humane society, inc.
HB2379 Income tax deduction for net gain from sale of business assets.
HB2377 Providing for a property tax averaging payment plan and a property tax installment payment plan.
HB2372 Providing a property tax exemption for trailers used exclusively for personal use.
HB2367 Including Miami county as a rural opportunity zone.
HB2361 Sales tax authority for Bourbon county for constructing, furnishing and operating a jail facility; sales tax exemption for concern, inc.
HB2354 Project-related sales tax exemptions for certain businesses that create jobs.
HB2328 Sales tax refund on sales of certain required textbooks.
HB2319 State medical assistance program; expansion of eligibility.
HB2317 Requiring employment of Kansas workers for certain state contracts and tax incentives.
HB2309 Sales tax exemption for purchases made by or on behalf of rotary club of Leawood, Kansas charitable fund, inc.
HB2308 Sales tax exemption for sales of certain machinery and equipment used for automated ice vending machines.
HB2307 State finances; relating to state general fund tax receipts and expenditures; providing a tax amnesty; creating a budget stabilization fund, tax reduction fund; ending balances; income tax rates, itemized deductions; reports to the legislature.
HB2306 Increasing rates of taxation on cigarettes, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.
HB2298 Removing the sunset for rural opportunity zones.
HB2284 Sales tax exemption for Highland pride, inc.
HB2283 Sales tax exemption for sales of farm products sold at farmers' markets.
HB2280 Board of nursing; certified nurse-midwife.
HB2264 Valuation and taxation of certain oil and gas equipment and materials.
HB2263 Sales tax authority for Douglas county for constructing a jail.
HB2261 Amending unemployment insurance benefits determination; employer classification and contribution rates.
HB2248 Tax increment financing eligibility for projects involving very old buildings and adjacent vacant or condemned lots.
HB2236 Cities; rehabilitation of abandoned property; definitions; other.
HB2179 Property taxation; recording of mineral interests.
HB2178 Increasing the Kansas standard deduction of an individual.
HB2169 Sales tax exemption for assistance league of Wichita.
HB2136 Providing homestead property tax refunds for renters.
HB2128 Permitted use of tax information in certain tax actions and proceedings; tax liens upon personal property; tax warrants; time for returns and payment of tax; liability for persons responsible for collection of sales or compensating tax.
HB2127 Sales tax exemption for friends of hospice of Jefferson County.
HB2086 Sales tax exemption; defining machinery and equipment used as integral or essential part of an integrated production operation.
HB2077 Motor vehicle property tax exemption for disabled veterans.
HB2076 Sales tax holiday.
HB2019 Property tax levy for the Kansas educational building fund.
HB2001 Property taxation; distribution of taxes paid under protest.
SB215 Motor vehicle registration, evidence of renewal.
SB190 Allowing persons to operate sailboat after completing instruction led class.
SB171 Substitute for SB 171 by Committee on Ethics and Elections - Municipal elections; nonpartisan; fall odd-numbered years.
SB48 Sunset of property tax exemption for new qualifying pipeline property and retention of exemption for existing exemptions.
SB31 Permitted use of tax information in certain tax actions and proceedings; tax liens upon personal property; tax warrants; time for returns and payment of tax; liability for persons responsible for collection of sales or compensating tax.
SB23 Authorized restrictions of driving privileges; ignition interlock device.

Judiciary - 45 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5015 Constitutional amendment revising article 3, relating to the judiciary; allowing the governor to appoint supreme court justices and court of appeals judges, subject to senate confirmation; retaining the supreme court nominating commission, membership amended.
HCR5013 Constitutional amendment revising article 3, relating to the judiciary; placing the court of appeals into the constitution; changing the membership of the supreme court nominating commission.
HCR5012 Constitutional amendment; abolishing the supreme court nominating commission; supreme court justices appointed by governor from nominees submitted by House Judiciary committee, subject to Senate confirmation.
HCR5009 Constitutional amendment; 33% vote against retention of a supreme court justice would result in open position.
HCR5006 Constitutional amendment revising article 3, relating to the judiciary; allowing the governor to appoint supreme court justices and court of appeals judges, subject to senate confirmation; lifetime appointment, subject to removal for cause; retaining the supreme court nominating commission, membership amended.
HCR5003 Constitutional amendment; extend recall elections to elected judicial officers.
HB2411 Abolishing the court of appeals; establishing the court of criminal appeals and the court of civil appeals; changing appellate court jurisdiction.
HB2384 Rule of law restoration act; immigration.
HB2363 Repealing the statutory requirement that there be one judge of the district court in each county.
HB2346 Draft budgets subject to the open records act.
HB2344 Thirty percent vote against retention of a court of appeals judge would result in an open position.
HB2343 Providing for fair consideration for employment to persons with records of convictions.
HB2342 Relating to the determination of father and child relationship.
HB2339 Changing age of consent for sexual relations.
HB2333 Cause of action against a person who presents false identification to obtain alcoholic liquor.
HB2323 Amending the Kansas act against discrimination regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.
HB2302 Enacting the Kansas right to financial privacy act.
HB2301 Authorizing the House committee on judiciary to meet when the legislature is not in session for the purpose of judicial nominations; contingent on adoption of a constitutional amendment.
HB2300 Personal electronic media devices subject to the open records act.
HB2290 Relating to emergency observation and treatment of mentally-ill persons in communities with 24-hour crisis and observation facilities.
HB2277 Enacting the Kansas child protection registry act.
HB2276 Eminent domain; authorized transfers to private entities; attorney fees.
HB2272 Converting classified staff assistants and attorney positions to unclassified positions for employees of the Kansas department for children and families.
HB2222 Requiring registration under the Kansas offender registration act for certain municipal ordinance violations.
HB2206 Enacting the gun violence restraining order act; amending the protection from abuse act; amending criminal distribution of firearms; criminalizing possession of a firearm by a domestic batterer.
HB2161 Relating to disputes involving church congregations.
HB2160 Docket fees; electronic filing and management fund.
HB2158 Increasing sentence for intentional murder in the second degree to mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of 25 years ("hard 25").
HB2147 Amending the protection from abuse act and protection from stalking act to establish the protection from stalking and sexual assault act.
HB2130 Relating to wrongful death actions; increasing the amount of damages that may be awarded.
HB2114 Relating to subpoena of nonparty business records.
HB2113 Relating to court-appointed special advocates.
HB2110 Election of chief judge in each judicial district.
HB2105 Creating the Kansas comprehensive money laundering act.
HB2102 Kansas probate code; elective share of surviving spouse.
HB2081 Kansas disclosure of unanticipated medical outcomes and medical errors act.
HB2080 Including unlawful dissemination of consensually taken images in blackmail and breach of privacy.
HB2057 Amending procedure for review and appeal of death sentence; restricting second or successive motions attacking sentence filed by prisoners; providing additional procedures for motions attacking sentence filed by prisoners under death sentence.
HB2039 Domestic case management.
HB2002 Sexual exploitation of a child; definition of "sexually explicit conduct".
SB197 Applying the open meetings act to the supreme court nominating commission and judicial district nominating commissions; requiring attorneys to document eligibility to vote in the commission selection process and applying the open records act to such information; requiring certain applicant information to be made available to the public when appointing court of appeals judges.
SB98 Open records, charges limited; open meetings; minutes required.
SB86 Kansas transparency act.
SB57 Kansas power of attorney act.
SB56 Removing affirmative defense to promotion to minors of material harmful to minors for public, private or parochial schools.

Education - 19 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5011 Foresight 2020 strategic plan.
HB2393 Requiring school districts to use generally accepted accounting principles; financial publication requirements.
HB2378 Establishing the Kansas legislature award for teaching excellence program.
HB2318 Partnering with western governors university to provide online, competency-based education.
HB2266 Requiring postsecondary education institutions to adopt a policy on sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.
HB2262 Providing a compliance deadline and penalties for non-compliance with the student data privacy act.
HB2257 Amendments to the professional negotiations act.
HB2234 Requiring postsecondary institutions to adopt and implement a policy and plan to prohibit employees from using their official titles in certain publications.
HB2232 Personal financial literacy course as a requirement for high school graduation.
HB2220 Teachers' contracts; due process.
HB2203 School district agreements for consolidation of administrative services.
HB2186 Prohibiting the use of state aid by public postsecondary educational institutions to support certain academic entities that are academically boycotting certain countries where certain institutions of higher education are located.
HB2139 Postsecondary education; tuition and fees for aliens.
HB2099 Authorizing school districts to administer certain surveys and questionnaires under the student data privacy act.
HB2078 Requiring school districts to adopt school safety and security policies and plans.
HB2035 Amending the tax credit for low income students scholarship program act.
HB2028 Creating the Kansas education standards study commission.
HB2027 Requiring school district and state department of education audits; creating the efficient operation of schools task force.
SB60 Substitute for SB 60 by Committee on Education - Authorizing participation by less than full-time students in activities regulated by Kansas state high school activities association.

Agriculture and Natural Resources - 14 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2351 Allowing conservation districts to sponsor local enhanced management areas.
HB2327 Making the meteorite the official rock of the state of Kansas.
HB2310 Excepting certain persons from the chemigation permit requirements.
HB2304 Creating the local conservation lending program.
HB2303 Allowing the secretary of health and environment to establish variances to water quality standards.
HB2293 Amending statutes concerning dangerous regulated animals.
HB2279 Amending the administrative hearing process for the department of agriculture.
HB2245 Amending procedure for cases involving groundwater.
HB2227 Creating water conservation areas.
HB2175 Prohibit use of carbon monoxide chambers for euthanizing dogs and cats.
HB2166 Creating an exception to maximum vehicle length requirements for custom harvesters.
HB2117 Requiring the completion of a boater safety education course.
HB2116 Making the channel cat fish the official fish of the state of Kansas.
HB2060 Authorizing the governor to enter into the great plains interstate fire compact.

Transportation - 16 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2390 Highway advertising; permitting spot zoning.
HB2297 Vietnam service medal license plate decal.
HB2255 Prohibiting the secretary of transportation from entering agreements or issuing bonds after December 31, 2014, for the transportation revolving fund and the communication systems revolving fund; repealing the intermodal transportation revolving fund.
HB2252 Providing for the Armed Services occupation medal license plate.
HB2242 Excepting certain vehicles from gross weight limits on wheels and axles.
HB2195 Providing for increased penalties for right-of-way violations.
HB2194 Establishing a safety corridor program.
HB2188 Driver's licenses; requiring entering into a payment plan for certain individuals to receive restricted driving privileges when license has expired while on suspension.
HB2181 Increasing certificate of title fees on motor vehicles.
HB2180 Creating temporary visitor's driver's license.
HB2157 Creating the seat belt safety fund and increasing the fine for adult seat belt violations.
HB2092 Restricted driver's licenses; seizure disorders.
HB2068 Removing requirement that bicycles use path.
SB288 Updating endorsement codes for commercial driver's licenses.
SB274 Creating the seat belt safety fund; increasing the fine for adult seat belt violations; allowing persons to operate sailboat after completing instruction led class.
SB271 Exception from height and length vehicle limitations for forage cutters and custom harvesters.

Pensions and Benefits - 4 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2360 Increasing the membership of the KPERS board of trustees from nine to 11 members.
HB2288 Enacting the Kansas deferred retirement option program act.
HB2287 Investment standards and divestment procedures for KPERS related to Iran.
HB2250 KPERS retirant cost of living increase.

Corrections and Juvenile Justice - 11 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2359 Requiring law enforcement vehicle and body camera videos to be confidential.
HB2347 Expungement of traffic infractions for person under 21 years of age.
HB2338 Amendments to inherently dangerous felony list.
HB2335 Creating alternative incarceration credit for inmates.
HB2313 Amending assault and battery to increase penalty for assault or battery of a health care provider and creating the crime of unlawful interference with a health care provider.
HB2271 Requiring conviction before forfeiture of assets.
HB2217 Racial profiling data collection and reporting requirements.
HB2141 Licensure of bail enforcement agents by the attorney general.
HB2140 Relating to interlocutory appeals by the state; transfer of appeals by prosecution to the supreme court.
HB2138 Amending provisions relating to municipal appearance bonds.
HB2137 Enacting the police and citizen protection act; relating to use of body cameras by law enforcement officers.

Energy and Environment - 9 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2414 Department of health and environment and economic impact reports for state implementation plans.
HB2373 Renewable energy standards act sunset.
HB2350 Local governments and property assessments for qualified clean energy projects.
HB2349 Oil and gas and imposing a moratorium on certain injection disposal wells.
HB2348 Oil and gas and hydraulic fracturing.
HB2132 Injected natural gas and property rights.
HB2037 Renewable energy generation and tax exempt entities.
HB2036 Electricity and the sale of renewable energy.
SB246 Exempting certain state leases from energy audit requirements.

Health and Human Services - 20 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2324 Stillbirth research and dignity act.
HB2270 Medical assistance; KanCare II expansion act; duties on the secretary of health and environment.
HB2230 Repealing the health care compact.
HB2226 Hospital patient observation status.
HB2202 Relating to service provider audits under the Kansas program of medical assistance.
HB2172 Nurse aide trainees; criminal history record information check; before the state of school.
HB2150 Kansas death with dignity act.
HB2123 Massage therapist licensure act.
HB2122 Advanced practice registered nurses; scope of practice and prescribing authority.
HB2118 Podiatrists surgery treatment of the ankle.
HB2079 Kansas dental board; licensure of registered dental practitioners.
HB2047 Patient empowerment act relating to I/DD waiver program.
HB2046 Repealing the health care compact.
HB2045 Relating to eligibility requirements for the Kansas program of medical assistance.
HB2041 Parkinson's disease public awareness and education act.
HB2020 Facilitating the process for military service member's dependents to receive services under state home and community based services programs.
HB2011 Enacting the cannabis compassion and care act.
SB181 Medicaid; restrictions of prescription-only drugs.
SB180 Health maintenance organizations and medicare provider organizations; privilege fees.
SB121 Robert G. (Bob) Bethell joint committee on home and community based services and KanCare oversight; members and meetings.

Local Government - 3 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2273 Allowing certain counties to require incident management tow permits and operator licenses.
HB2235 Elected county treasurer appointed by county commission; election required.
SB244 Municipal budgets; notifications.

Federal and State Affairs - 24 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5018 State constitutional human life amendment.
HCR5014 Constitutional amendment; clarifying the power of the legislature to make appropriations.
HB2417 Abortion; prohibiting decapitation of unborn children.
HB2413 Alcoholic beverages; creating the art studio permit.
HB2407 State infrastructure projects; allowing for public private agreements.
HB2397 Unmanned aerial vehicle regulation and privacy act.
HB2386 Interstate compact for recognition of emergency personnel licensure.
HB2385 Alcoholic beverages; authorizing additional temporary permits for the Kansas state fair.
HB2375 Enacting the gun violence restraining order act.
HB2368 Establishing arts and cultural districts for the promotion of arts and culture.
HB2332 Authorizing microbreweries to manufacture and sell hard cider and mead.
HB2322 Kansas expanded lottery act and racetrack gaming amendments; Kansas agricultural opportunity act.
HB2320 Directing the secretary of administration to study whether public employers engage in wage discrimination on the basis of sex.
HB2312 Kansas expanded lottery act; racetrack gaming.
HB2311 Creating the Kansas firearms industry nondiscrimination act.
HB2295 Bingo act regulations; changes.
HB2294 Requiring the use of e-verify by employers.
HB2291 Charitable gaming act; regulation of bingo and raffles.
HB2190 Saving communities amendments to the personal and family protection act.
HB2189 Limits on microbrewery production and distribution.
HB2187 Creating the Kansas unborn child protection from dismemberment abortion act.
SB62 State fire marshal; search and rescue teams and hazardous materials response teams; tort claims immunity; emergency response fund.
SB24 Technical professions act; definitions clarification.
SB6 Authorizing the division of post audit to background check contractors and other workers.

Calendar and Printing - 2 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2416 KPERS; definition of compensation for purposes of computing final average salary.
HB2074 Senate Substitute for HB 2074 by Committee on Federal and State Affairs - Kansas expanded lottery act; racetrack gaming; county fair association racing;  prizes subject to state debt setoff.

Veterans, Military and Homeland Security - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2334 Requirements on cash advance consumer loan transactions under the uniform consumer credit code.

Insurance - 8 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2286 Regulation of transportation network company services.
HB2249 Enacting the transportation network company driver and passenger protection act.
HB2204 Enacting the claim information reporting act and providing for short-term medical plans.
HB2176 Prescription drug fills and refills.
HB2067 Increasing minimum motor vehicle liability insurance policy limits.
HB2026 Establishing requirements and fiduciary duties for pharmacy benefits managers under the state health care benefits program.
HB2021 Allowing retiring KHP troopers and officers to convert certain unused leave for use to continue state health plan benefits.
SB155 Substitute for SB 155 by Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance – Amending certain requirements, definitions and gross tax on premiums of surplus lines insurance; repealing SLIMPACT.

Commerce, Labor and Economic Development - 13 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2426 KPERS; definition of compensation for purposes of computing final average salary.
HB2418 Review of and limitations on contracts and lease-purchase agreements for energy conservation measures.
HB2357 Department of labor; employment security; disqualification for benefits, administrative review, personnel carrying out act, filing of wage reports.
HB2356 Providing for public safety with regard to elevators.
HB2355 Prohibiting advance payment for distribution of motion pictures to drive-in theaters.
HB2325 Enacting the public employee bargaining transparency act.
HB2316 Providing for a livable minimum wage.
HB2314 Repealing the prohibition against agencies and municipalities requiring contractors to enter into certain labor agreements for public works construction projects.
HB2299 Directing the secretary of labor to submit a statewide plan for state enforcement of OSHA standards.
HB2265 Unemployment benefits for privately contracted school bus drivers.
HB2247 Including department of corrections employees in coronary or cerebrovascular injury provisions for workers compensation.
HB2237 Municipalities; use of internet as official publication.
HB2171 Kansas lottery; sale of tickets; advertising; underage purchase of ticket prohibited.

Children and Seniors - 3 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2269 Lottery, gaming, parimutuel winnings, debt set off; child support.
HB2201 Adult care homes; staffing, inspections, admissions, reporting and penalties.
HB2100 Establishing tax deferred savings accounts for individuals with disabilities.
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