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2014 Statute

Section Number

42-701 - Irrigation districts; petition and application for organization of district; contents of application; application to be accompanied by map and supplementary information.
42-702 - Powers and duties of chief engineer; expenses; bond or deposit for costs.
42-703 - Proposed district; notice of hearing; protest against application; withdrawal of name from petition; review of action on application.
42-704 - Permit by chief engineer; articles of incorporation; filing fee; nature of corporation.
42-705 - Perpetual existence; powers; eminent domain; bonds; tax levies.
42-706 - Board of directors; qualifications, election and terms of office; conduct of elections, election by mail ballot, when, procedure; oath of office and official bond; conduct of elections in districts of less than 35,000 acres at annual meeting.
42-707 - Officers of board; rules and bylaws; central office; seal; contracts; records; open to inspection; duties of county treasurer and treasurer of district.
42-708 - Meetings of directors; notice; quorum; assessor of district; employees; compensation; official bonds.
42-709 - Provision for preliminary expenses.
42-710 - General plan of operation; approval by chief engineer; surveys, maps and estimates.
42-711 - Powers of directors.
42-712 - Bonds of indebtedness.
42-713 - Bond resolution; election; publication notice.
42-714 - Issuance, sale and delivery of bonds.
42-715 - Annual assessments; duties of assessor; map.
42-716 - Water rentals or charges.
42-717 - Delivery of assessment roll; equalization of assessments.
42-718 - Certification of levies to county clerk.
42-719 - Compensation of directors.
42-720 - Bids for construction work; publication notice; contractor's bond.
42-721 - Payment for property and improvements; additional bonds, election; agreement with federal agencies; water rentals or charges; approval of contract by court before assessments extended; service of process.
42-722 - Dissolution of district; petition to chief engineer.
42-722a - Cedar Bluff irrigation district No. 6; dissolution; procedure.
42-724 - Invalidity of part.
42-725 - Changing of boundaries; petition; approval of chief engineer; withdrawal of name from petition, when.
42-726 - Same; notice by publication; objections in writing.
42-727 - Same; hearing on petition.
42-728 - Same; payments by petitioners may be required.
42-729 - Same; order on petition.
42-730 - Same; amendment to articles of incorporation; recordation; effect.