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2014 Statute

Section Number

34-223 - Definitions.
34-227b - Rules for operation of grain bank grain.
34-228 - Warehouseman's license; application; financial statement; waiver; qualifications; license fee; examination of warehouse.
34-229 - Bond or letter of credit; amount; conditions; multiple warehouses; actions thereon; certificate of information, penalty for failure to post.
34-230 - License; issuance, when; renewal; posting; suspension or revocation; appeal.
34-230a - Hearings; powers of secretary.
34-230b - Injunction proceedings; how prosecuted.
34-231 - Penalty for failure to obtain license; refusal to reissue revoked license, when.
34-233 - Storage in public warehouses; grain samples; weight certificates.
34-234 - Withholding grain from storage; notice; penalty for refusal to comply.
34-235 - Schedule of charges; approval by secretary; changes in schedule.
34-236 - Insurance.
34-237 - Drying, cleaning and safekeeping of grain; removal and sale of out of condition grain, notice.
34-238 - Warehouse receipts; issuance; furnishing by secretary.
34-239 - Form of receipt for storage grain.
34-240 - Warehouseman's receipt on own grain valid.
34-241 - Transfer of grain between warehouses; form of receipt; procedure.
34-241a - Identity preserved grain; definition; form of receipt; options for shipment to other warehouse; charges.
34-242 - Same; numbering; required information.
34-243 - Definition of nonnegotiable receipt.
34-244 - Definition of negotiable receipt.
34-245 - Failure to mark nonnegotiable or not negotiable.
34-246 - Warehouse receipts; issuance and cancellation; division; consolidation.
34-249a - Warehousemen to furnish on demand of secretary information regarding certain receipts and amounts of grain; monthly statement, contents, signature.
34-250 - Obligation of warehouseman to deliver.
34-251 - Inspection of warehouses; procedures; access; scale tests; confidentiality of certain information, exception; penalty for disclosure.
34-252 - Justification of warehouseman in delivering.
34-253 - Warehouseman's liability for misdelivery.
34-254 - Negotiable receipts must be canceled when grain delivered.
34-255 - Cancellation of receipts upon partial delivery of grain liability.
34-256 - Altered receipts.
34-257a - Lost or destroyed receipts; duplicate receipt, when; form of duplicate.
34-258 - Effect of duplicate receipt.
34-259 - Warehouseman cannot set up title in himself.
34-260 - Interpleader of adverse claimants.
34-261 - Warehouseman has reasonable time to determine validity of claims or compel interpleader.
34-262 - Adverse title no defense.
34-263 - Liability for care of grain.
34-264 - Attachment or levy upon grain for which a negotiable receipt has been given.
34-265 - Creditor's remedies to reach negotiable receipts.
34-266 - Claims included in warehouseman's lien.
34-267 - Against what property the lien may be enforced.
34-268 - How lien may be lost.
34-269 - Negotiable receipt must state charges for which lien is claimed.
34-270 - Warehouseman need not deliver until lien is satisfied.
34-271 - Warehouseman's lien does not preclude other remedies.
34-272 - Satisfaction of lien by sale; notice required.
34-273 - Sale of perishable grain or grain that will injure other property; warehouseman's duty of care; liability for neglect.
34-274 - Disposition of proceeds of sale.
34-275 - Other methods of enforcing liens not precluded.
34-276 - Effect of sale.
34-277 - Negotiations of negotiable receipts by delivery.
34-278 - Negotiations of negotiable receipts by endorsement.
34-279 - Transfer of receipt.
34-280 - Who may negotiate a receipt.
34-281 - Rights of person to whom a receipt has been negotiated.
34-282 - Rights of person to whom a receipt has been transferred, but not negotiated.
34-283 - Transfer of negotiable receipt without endorsement.
34-284 - Warranties on sale of receipt.
34-285 - Endorser not a guarantor.
34-286 - No warranty implied from accepting payment of a debt.
34-287 - When negotiations not impaired by fraud, mistake or duress.
34-288 - Effect of negotiation of receipt on previous sale, mortgage or pledge.
34-289 - Rights of purchaser for value in good faith of negotiable receipt.
34-293 - Issuance of receipt for warehouseman's grain; statement of ownership; penalty for violation.
34-295 - Negotiation of receipt for grain not owned or encumbered grain with intent to defraud; penalty.
34-295a - Warehouse records and accounts; required information; authorized methods of maintaining; examination by secretary; period to be retained.
34-295b - Same; separation from other records; inspection.
34-296 - Laws applicable to receipts.
34-297 - Effect on prior receipts.
34-298 - Penalty for violation of act; revocation of license; notice and opportunity for hearing.
34-299 - Disposition of grain upon license expiration; sale of unclaimed grain; disposition of proceeds.
34-2,101 - Relation of this act to the federal warehouse act.
34-2,102 - Invalidation of any part of this act.
34-2,103 - Interpretation of act.
34-2,104 - Deficit in grain stored in warehouse or grain handling facility; action by secretary for possession; audit and investigation; temporary receiver; receivership.
34-2,105 - Same; no defense in criminal action.
34-2,106 - Same; severability.
34-2,107 - Priority of owner's interest in stored grain defined.
34-2,109 - Warehouseman's annual statement of depositor's grain.
34-2,110 - Warehouseman's annual statement of depositors to secretary.
34-2,111 - Grain purchase contracts with delayed payment or delayed pricing; required provisions; standby letter of credit, posted notice.
34-2,112 - Voidable sale of grain to warehouseman; insufficient funds check.
34-2,113 - Sample of commodity; procedure; powers of secretary.