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May 23, 2024
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SB 300

AN ACT concerning taxation; relating to income tax; modifying tax rates for individuals; eliminating the income limit to qualify for a subtraction modification for social security income; increasing the Kansas standard deduction and Kansas personal exemption and further increasing the same by a cost-of-living adjustment; relating to privilege tax; decreasing the normal tax rate; relating to property tax; increasing the extent of exemption for residential property from the statewide school levy; decreasing the rate of ad valorem tax imposed by a school district; abolishing the local ad valorem tax reduction fund and the county and city revenue sharing fund and providing for certain transfers to the special city and county highway fund and the state school district finance fund; relating to sales and compensating use tax; reducing the state rate of tax on sales of food and food ingredients; modifying the percent credited to the state highway fund from revenue collected; amending K.S.A. 65-163j, 65-3306, 65-3327, 75-2556, 79-1107, 79-1108 and 79-1479 and K.S.A. 2023 Supp. 72-5142, 74-8768, 79-201x, 79-2988, 79-32,110, 79-32,117, 79-32,119, 79-32,121, 79-3425i, 79-3603, 79-3603d, 79-3620, 79-3703 and 79-3710 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 19-2694, 79-2960, 79-2961, 79-2962, 79-2965, 79-2966 and 79-2967 and K.S.A. 2023 Supp. 79-2959 and 79-2964.

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House - Committee of the Whole - Amendment by Representative Miller, V. was rejected - 03/26/2024

On roll call the vote was:

Yea - (39):

Alcala, Amyx, Ballard, Carlin, Carmichael, Carr, Curtis, Ellis, Eplee, Featherston, Haskins, Haswood, Helgerson, Highberger, Hougland, Hoye, Johnson, Martinez, McDonald, Melton, Meyer, D. Miller, S. Miller, V. Miller, Minnix, Neighbor, Ohaebosim, Oropeza, Osman, Ousley, Poskin, Probst, S. Ruiz, Sawyer, Sawyer Clayton, Schlingensiepen, Weigel, Woodard, Xu,

Nay - (75):

Anderson, Awerkamp, Barth, Bergkamp, Bergquist, Blew, Blex, Bloom, Borjon, Bryce, Buehler, Butler, B. Carpenter, W. Carpenter, Clifford, Collins, Concannon, Corbet, Croft, Delperdang, Dodson, Droge, Essex, Estes, Fairchild, Francis, Garber, Gardner, Goddard, Goetz, Hawkins, Hill, Hoffman, Hoheisel, Howell, Howerton, Humphries, Kessler, Landwehr, Lewis, Maughan, McNorton, Moser, Murphy, Neelly, Owens, Penn, Pickert, Proctor, Rahjes, Resman, Rhiley, Robinson, Roth, Sanders, Schmoe, Schreiber, Seiwert, A. Smith, C. Smith, Stiens, Sutton, Tarwater, Thomas, Thompson, Titus, Turk, Turner, Underhill, Waggoner, Wasinger, Waymaster, White, K. Williams, Younger,

Present but not Voting - (0):

Absent and Not Voting - (11):

Houser, Howe, Jacobs, Mason, Poetter Parshall, L. Ruiz, E. Smith, Stogsdill, Vaughn, L. Williams, Winn,

Not Voting - (0):