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Dec. 3, 2023
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2021 Statute

Section Number

44-701 - Short title.
44-702 - Declaration of state public policy.
44-703 - Definitions.
44-704 - Benefits; limitations on; notification of claimant's employment to secretary for children and families.
44-704a - Extended benefits.
44-704b - Same; disqualification conditions; suitable work defined.
44-705 - Benefit eligibility conditions; procedure regarding refusals of suitable work; notice to claimant.
44-706 - Disqualification for benefits; examination by secretary; substance abuse program, approval of; job skills program, approval.
44-706a - Application of 44-705, 44-706.
44-709 - Claims for benefits; filing; determination of; appeals; appointment of referees; time computation; board of review, membership, compensation and duties; procedure; witness fees; judicial review; admissibility and effect of administrative action in separate or subsequent proceeding; appearances; manner of hearings.
44-710 - Employer contributions, payment; rates; charging of benefit payments; employers held harmless for fraud; time computation; pooled fund; reimbursing employers, reports and payments, benefit costs, allocation, group accounts.
44-710a - Same; classification of employers; establishment and assignment of annual rates; successor classifications; voluntary contributions; annual certification of Kansas account balance; employment security interest assessment fund, establishment of; report to legislative coordinating council.
44-710b - Rate of contributions, benefit cost rate and benefit liability, notification; review and redetermination; judicial review; periodic notification of benefits charged; federal employers held harmless for fraud; improper payments information review; cessation of federal COVID-19 benefit programs.
44-710d - Governmental entities; election, mode of payment; rated governmental employer; rate computation; notice.
44-710e - Governmental entities; tax levy, use of proceeds; employee benefits contribution fund.
44-710f - Counties to provide coverage for certain district court employees.
44-710i - Common paymaster; wages actually disbursed by employer.
44-711 - Period of liability for contributions; election and termination of employer coverage; exceptions; document copies, fees.
44-712 - Employment security fund; loans from pooled money investment board, when.
44-713 - Merit awards for certain employees.
44-713a - In-service training.
44-714 - Administration of act; powers and duties of secretary; employees, agents and contractors; reports and records, confidentiality; disclosure of information; witnesses, oaths and subpoenas; state-federal cooperation; fees for document copies.
44-715 - Kansas state employment service; officers and employees; appointments; powers and duties.
44-716 - Employment security administration fund.
44-716a - Special employment security fund; creation; authorized expenditures and transfers.
44-717 - Collection of employer payments; penalties and interest, interest assessments, past-due reports and payments; priorities; liens, enforcement; seizure and sale of property; procedure; refunds; cash deposit or bond; liability of officers and stockholders and members and managers of limited liability companies; electronic filing of wage reports, contribution returns and payments; waiver of electronic filing; grace period for certain penalties.
44-718 - Protection of rights and benefits; penalties; recoupment of food stamp overissuances; withholding of state income tax from unemployment compensation.
44-719 - Penalties for violation of act; repayment of benefits ineligibly received, interest thereon; criminal prosecution.
44-720 - Representation in court; prosecutions.
44-721 - Nonliability of state.
44-722 - Saving clause.
44-723 - Operation concurrent with federal act.
44-724 - Separability of provisions.
44-725 - Contributions and payments in lieu of contributions deductible in computation of Kansas taxable income.
44-727 - Title to real property acquired with federal funds.
44-752 - Sections 44-704a and 44-713a part of and supplemental to employment security law.
44-757 - Short-term compensation program; definitions; rules and regulations; promotion of program; procedures; employer plans, requirements, review and approval; benefits, eligibility and amount; benefit period.
44-758 - Lessor employing units and client lessees; liability for contributions on wages for services performed for client lessees; reports and records.
44-759 - Administrative rulings; availability of.
44-760 - Employment security insurance act for domestic violence survivors; citation.
44-761 - Same; definitions.
44-762 - Same; curriculum for claimants, implementation and approval.
44-763 - Same; benefits not chargeable to employer's accounts.
44-764 - Same; supplemental to employment security law.
44-765 - Motor vehicle lease agreements; definitions; determination of employment relationship.
44-766 - Employers; misclassification of employee; penalty.
44-767 - Classification of workers; withholding tax and payroll information; unemployment insurance contributions due; determination of misclassification of worker, collection of income withholding taxes.
44-768 - Determination of classification of worker as an employee or independent contractor; circumstances for reasonable basis of classification; imposition of penalties, when.
44-769 - Annual report on investigations on misclassification of employees.
44-770 - Report on employment refusal based on misconduct.
44-771 - Unemployment compensation modernization and improvement council; creation; membership; terms; vacancies; dissolution; compensation; organization; duties and limitations; audit and executive session; staffing; initial report; certain duties of secretary; posting of materials; notifications; strategic staffing plan; rules and regulations; status reports.
44-772 - Unemployment insurance program information technology system; development; utilization of technology and features; deadline; inclusion of components, features and program integrity elements specified and defined by unemployment compensation modernization and improvement council; certain duties of secretary; continuing implementation of new program integrity elements; use of cross-check programs; memorandums of understanding; rules and regulations; annual report.
44-773 - Tax consequences information for claimants to be provided by secretary.
44-774 - Posting of trust fund computations and data by secretary.
44-775 - Establishment of my reemployment plan; duties of secretary of labor and secretary of commerce related to the provision of reemployment services; annual reports; duties of claimants.
44-776 - Annual report by secretary concerning the employment security fund; recommendations; expiration of section.
44-777 - Identity verification for claimants; form; permitted documentation; presentation to and verification by law enforcement officer; presumption of identity; immunity from liability for law enforcement.
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