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2019 Statute


22-4513.Liability of defendant for expenditures by state board; judgment; determination of amount and method of payment; liability of others for expenditures. (a) If the defendant is convicted, all expenditures made by the state board of indigents' defense services to provide counsel and other defense services to such defendant or the amount allowed by the board of indigents' defense reimbursement tables as provided in K.S.A. 22-4522, and amendments thereto, whichever is less, shall be taxed against the defendant and shall be enforced as judgments for payment of money in civil cases.

(b) In determining the amount and method of payment of such sum, the court shall take account of the financial resources of the defendant and the nature of the burden that payment of such sum will impose. A defendant who has been required to pay such sum and who is not willfully in default in the payment thereof may at any time petition the court which sentenced the defendant to waive payment of such sum or of any unpaid portion thereof. If it appears to the satisfaction of the court that payment of the amount due will impose manifest hardship on the defendant or the defendant's immediate family, the court may waive payment of all or part of the amount due or modify the method of payment.

(c) Whenever any judgment has been entered pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, a sum equal to such judgment may be recovered by the state of Kansas for the benefit of the state general fund from any persons to whom the indigent defendant shall have transferred any of the defendant's property without adequate monetary consideration after the commission of the alleged crime, to the extent of the value of such transfer, and such persons are hereby made liable to reimburse the state of Kansas with interest at 6% per annum. Any action to recover judgment for such expenditures shall be prosecuted by the attorney general, who may require the assistance of the county attorney of the county in which the action is to be filed, and such action shall be governed by the provisions of the code of civil procedure relating to actions for the recovery of money. No action shall be brought against any person under the provisions of this section to recover for sums expended on behalf of an indigent defendant, unless such action shall have been filed within two years after the date of the expenditure by the state board of indigents' defense services.

History: L. 1969, ch. 291, § 13; L. 1976, ch. 169, § 3; L. 1981, ch. 157, § 2; L. 1982, ch. 142, § 24; L. 1997, ch. 181, § 23; July 1.