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2019 Statute

Section Number

22-3401 - Time of trial.
22-3402 - Discharge of persons not brought promptly to trial; discharge deadlines; delays, requests and charging of time.
22-3403 - Method of trial of felony cases.
22-3404 - Misdemeanor, cigarette or tobacco infraction and traffic infraction case; method of trial.
22-3405 - Presence of defendant.
22-3406 - Time to prepare for trial.
22-3407 - Motion to discharge jury panel.
22-3408 - Trial jurors.
22-3409 - Summoning jurors in misdemeanor case.
22-3410 - Challenges for cause.
22-3411a - Felony trials; number of jurors.
22-3412 - Jury selection; peremptory challenges; swearing of jury; alternate or additional jurors.
22-3413 - Juror's knowledge of material fact.
22-3414 - Order of trial.
22-3415 - Laws applicable to witnesses; immunity from prosecution or punishment.
22-3416 - Prisoner as witness.
22-3417 - Objections to rulings.
22-3418 - View of place of crime.
22-3419 - Motion for judgment of acquittal.
22-3420 - Conduct of jury after submission.
22-3421 - Verdict, procedure.
22-3422 - Allocution.
22-3423 - Mistrials.
22-3424 - Judgment and sentence; restitution; duties of court.
22-3425 - Commitment for failure to pay fine and costs.
22-3426 - Record of judgment; form and content of journal entry.
22-3426a - Revocation of probation; form and content of journal entry.
22-3427 - Execution of sentence.
22-3428 - Persons found not guilty by jury by reason of mental disease or defect; commitment to state security hospital; determination of whether person is a mentally ill person, notice and hearing; procedure for transfer, release or discharge, standards, notice and hearing; victim notification.
22-3428a - Same; annual hearing on continued commitment; procedure, notice and standards; victim notification.
22-3428b - Same; violation of conditions of release; return to custody.
22-3429 - Mental examination, evaluation and report after conviction and prior to sentence; limit on commitment.
22-3430 - Commitment to certain institutions as a result of a K.S.A. 22-3429 examination, when; standards; costs; appeal by defendant; victim notification.
22-3431 - Commitment to certain institutions as a result of mental examination and report after conviction and prior to sentence; disposition upon completion of treatment; notice and hearing; victim notification.
22-3432 - Information for secretary of corrections concerning person convicted.
22-3434 - Videotape of testimony of child victim admissible in certain cases; limitations; standard of proof; objections, restrictions.
22-3435 - Severability.
22-3436 - Prosecuting attorney; information to victims; right to be present at certain hearings.
22-3437 - Forensic examinations; admissibility; certification; notices of proffer and objection to admission; use of interactive video testimony.
22-3438 - Severability.
22-3439 - Felony convictions; information and forms to be forwarded to Kansas sentencing commission and Kansas bureau of investigation.
22-3440 - Contact with jurors; discussion of deliberations or verdict following discharge; violations, contempt.