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Aug. 11, 2022
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2019 Statute

Section Number

17-6401 - Classes or series of stock; rights, voting powers, designations, preferences, qualifications, limitations or restrictions; redemption; dividends; conversions and exchange; stock certificates, requirements; issuance of stock where rights, voting powers, designations, preferences, qualifications, limitations or restrictions not stated in articles; uncertificated shares.
17-6402 - Lawful consideration for issuance of stock; fully paid stock.
17-6403 - Same; value.
17-6404 - Same; designation of part of consideration as capital; surplus and net assets defined.
17-6405 - Fractional shares; certificated or uncertificated shares.
17-6406 - Partly paid certificated shares.
17-6407 - Rights and options concerning stock; powers of board of directors, limitations.
17-6408 - Stock certificates; uncertificated shares.
17-6409 - Shares of stock deemed personal property and transferable; taxation.
17-6410 - Powers of corporation respecting its own stock; limitations; rights of stock called for redemption.
17-6411 - Issuance of additional stock by directors, when.
17-6412 - Liability of stockholder or subscriber for stock not paid in full; limitations of time.
17-6413 - Payment for stock; rights of directors concerning stock not paid in full.
17-6414 - Failure to pay for stock; remedies.
17-6415 - Preincorporation subscriptions; period of irrevocability.
17-6416 - Formalities required of stock subscriptions.
17-6417 - Lost, stolen or destroyed stock certificates or uncertificated shares; issuance of new certificate or uncertificated shares.
17-6418 - Same; judicial proceedings to compel issuance of new stock certificate or uncertificated shares.
17-6419 - Situs of ownership of stock.
17-6420 - Dividends; declaration and payment; determination of net profits by "wasting assets" corporation.
17-6421 - Special purpose reserves.
17-6422 - Reliance by director or committee member upon corporate records and information.
17-6423 - Dividends; method of payment.
17-6424 - Liability of directors for unlawful payment of dividend or unlawful stock purchase or redemption; exoneration from liability, when; contribution among directors; subrogation.
17-6425 - Transfer of stock, stock certificates and uncertificated stock; applicability of uniform commercial code.
17-6426 - Transfer or ownership of securities; restrictions.
17-6427 - Business combinations with interested stockholders.
17-6428 - Ratification of defective corporate acts and stock.
17-6429 - Proceedings regarding validity of defective corporate acts and stock.
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