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March 8, 2021
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Minutes for SB130 - Committee on Elections

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Substitute for Senate Bill No. 130 by Committee on Ethics, Elections and Local Government-Permitting persons voting an advance ballot to correct a signature deficiency prior to the final canvass.

Minutes Content for Thu, Mar 14, 2019

Chairman Sutton called for approval of the minutes for March 12, 2019 committee meeting. Representative Moore moved to approve the minutes.  Representative Parker seconded it passed.

Chairman Sutton opened the hearing on SB130.

Revisor Mike Heim gave an overview of the bill.

Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau spoke to the bill.  This bill would prevent us from throwing out stacks of ballots, that have not been signed on the back.(Attachment 1)

Rick Piepho stated this would allow voters to correct deficiencies.(Attachment 2)

Tabitha Lehman stated that 380 ballots were return last year.  That would have been not counted because of deficiencies on advance ballots.(Attachment 3)

Letitia Harmon testified SB130 would allow county clerks and election commissioner to attempt to contact voters to tell them their vote did not count, and give them a chance to correct a signature mismatch.(Attachment 4)

Lesa Patterson-Kinsey stated as it stands now, voters whose signatures cannot be verified are never informed that vote might not count.(Attachment 5)

Jason P. Watkins stated that SB130 would be at the sole discretion of each county's election officer. (Attachment 6)