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Feb. 24, 2021
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Minutes for HB2125 - Committee on Transportation

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Requiring licensees operating a motor vehicle to promptly deliver driver's license upon demand by authorized persons.

Minutes Content for Tue, Feb 12, 2019

Staff explained the bill and answered questions. The Chairman recognized Ed Klumpp as the proponent for this bill. (Attachment 11) According to Mr. Klumpp the Association of Chiefs of Police, Kansas Sheriffs Association and Kansas Peace Officers requested this bill to address challenges they are facing in their contacts with operators of motor vehicles. He said they sometimes encounter individuals who claim that they are members of groups that reject the authority of the government which often results in those individuals refusing to hand their driver's license to the officer but instead hold it where the officer can see it but not hold it.  He said it was important for the officer to be able to physically be in possession of the driver's license because it allows them to examine it for alteration and validity.  Second, many agencies use electronic ticket systems where the license is scanned and the driver information is electronically transferred to the system. Third, if a person drives off after the contact, the officer has positive ID of the person stopped.

Chairman Proehl drew the Committee's attention to written testimony submitted in support of HB2125 by Eric Smith, Deputy General Counsel, League of Kansas Municipalities.(Attachment 12)

After all questions were answered the Chairman asked if there were any other proponents, neutrals or opponents.  There were none so the Chairman closed the hearing on HB2125 and opened the hearing on HB2127.