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Miscellaneous Documents

[Emergency Mgmt Act] Attorney General 20200518 Emergency Management Act - House Judiciary(4932229.2).pdf
[Emergency Mgmt Act] Testimony from Mike O'Neal on behalf of KPI.pdf
[Emergency Mgmt Act] Testimony of Will Lawrence House Judiciary 5.18.2020 - FINAL.pdf
[liability] AARP Kansas House Judiciary - COVID-19 LTC Immunity, Turner 051820.pdf
[liability] AFP KASAS LIABILITY 5-14 House Jud.pdf
[liability] AFP StateLiabilityProtectionsCOVID_OnePager 5-13-20.pdf
[liability] ATRA Testimony in Support of Kansas COVID Liability Legislation House Judiciary May 2020.pdf
[liability] BHAK Little H Judiciary Medical liability protection 051320 DRAFT.pdf
[liability] Cowley College Liability Protection House.pdf
[liability] KAAP TESTIMONY IN FAVOR OF SB 493_Final.pdf
[liability] KC Chamber KS Coronavirus Tort Protections.pdf
[liability] KS AFL-CIO Hse Testimony.pdf
[liability] KTC 05152020 House Judiciary Liability.pdf
[liability] LeadingAge Kansas health care liability protections 05.14.20.pdf
[liability] LKM 2020-5-13 Testimony on Liability Issues (AS).pdf
[liability] WKA Testimony - Chamber Liability bill (05-13-2020).pdf
Cromer COVID-19 Testimony.pdf
KLRD - memo_genl_orr_renick_2020sb493_hcstabilizationfund.pdf
Revisor - emergency powers.pdf
Revisor - Executive Order Chart 051420.pdf
Revisor - Executive Orders.pdf
[liability] Kansas Chamber COVID Liability Testimony-Stafford.pdf
[liability] KAOM Support of COVID-19 Liability.pdf
[liability] ACOG Liability Testimony.pdf
[liability] Attorney General 20200513 COVID Liability - AG Schmidt(4891005.2).pdf
[liability] bill draft - 3404 - covid19 healthcare liability.pdf
[liability] Interhab House Judiciary Fletcher Testimony RE COVID19 Liability.pdf
[liability] KABC Elder Access to the Judiciary for House Judiciary 5-13-2020.pdf
[liability] KABC KS.InfectionCitations.2017-2019 in NFs House Judiciary.pdf
[liability] KACCT liability testimony-House.pdf
[liability] KAFP COVID Liabilities Bill Tmy 5-13.pdf
[liability] KANA Testi healthcare provider liability immunity COVID.pdf
[liability] Kansas Chamber COVID Liability Bill Draft.pdf
[liability] NFIB Testimony - Business Liability Bill.pdf
[liability] Midland Care Hospice.pdf
[liability] KSA Liability Protection Testimony.pdf
[liability] KSEPS Liability Protection letter.pdf
[liability] KTLA Testimony D Morantz 51320.pdf
[liability] KAPA Liability Protections House Judiciary 5.13.20.pdf
[liability] KASB COVID Immunity for Schools In H Judiciary.pdf
[liability] KBA COVID19 Molina (05132020).pdf
[liability] KMS - KHA COVID Liability Protection for Health Care Provider Testimony.pdf
[liability] KOA Letter to House Judiciary - 5-12-2020.pdf

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