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2018 Laws Report

Bills Approved By Governor

SB56 - Bill by Government, Technology and Security
House Substitute for SB 56 by Committee on Government, Technology and Security - Creating the Kansas cybersecurity act and revising membership of the information technology executive council.
SB61 - Bill by Appropriations
House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 61 by Committee on Appropriations-Amending Substitute for Senate Bill No. 423 to strike provisions requiring school districts to adopt a minimum local option budget; restoring certain provisions relating to local option budgets and adjusting the BASE aid accordingly.
SB179 - Bill by Judiciary
House Substitute for SB 179 by Committee on Judiciary - Creating juvenile crisis intervention centers, amending the revised Kansas code for care of children and the newborn infant protection act and amending certain powers and duties of the secretary for children and families.
SB180 - Bill by Judiciary
Providing for law enforcement agencies to request and receive files concerning applicants previously employed by another state or local law enforcement agency and establishing confidentiality of records contained in the central registry of all Kansas law enforcement officers.
SB185 - Bill by Commerce
Authorizing redevelopment districts encompassing federal enclaves to impose utility franchise fees, incur debt, issue bonds and enter into lease-purchase agreements.
SB194 - Bill by Ways and Means
Amending groundwater management district water user charges.
SB199 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Amending bond requirements for appeals in the code of civil procedure.
SB217 - Bill by Ways and Means
Updating certain statutory references relating to the Kansas department for aging and disability services and the Kansas department for children and families.
SB256 - Bill by Senator Doll
Designating a portion of United States highway 50 as the SGT Gregg Steimel and PFC Richard Conrardy memorial highway.
SB260 - Bill by Legislative Post Audit Committee
Concerning state agencies and providing for certain audits.
SB261 - Bill by Senator Wilborn
Providing for the disposition of judicial branch docket fees in FY 2020 and FY 2021, removing the requirement for district courts to mail marriage certificate information to the secretary of health and environment, delaying certain provisions of the scrap metal theft reduction act, amending collateral source definition for crime victims compensation fund and transferring the duty to appoint certain appraisers from the judicial administrator to the director of property valuation.
SB262 - Bill by Senators Bowers, Hardy
Authorizing the construction of a statue honoring Dwight D. Eisenhower.
SB263 - Bill by Senator Kerschen
Creating a program to research the use of industrial hemp.
SB266 - Bill by Judiciary
Making changes to the Kansas sexually violent predator program.
SB267 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Updating the effective date of risk-based capital instructions.
SB272 - Bill by Transportation
Substitute for SB 272 by Committee on Transportation - Regulating traffic on roads and highways; concerning the passing of waste collectors, overtaking of school buses, operation of golf carts at night, maximum length of certain vehicle combinations and maximum weight of certain emergency vehicles.
SB275 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Removing the 30-day prior notice requirement provided to a credit union member before expulsion; and relating to mid-term appointments of credit union council members.
SB276 - Bill by Ways and Means
Adjusting the biannual transfer of certain balances in the motor carrier license fees fund to the state highway fund.
SB279 - Bill by Utilities
Concerning the gas safety and reliability surcharge.
SB281 - Bill by Judiciary
Providing protection orders for certain victims under the protection from stalking, sexual assault or human trafficking act or the protection from abuse act.
SB282 - Bill by Public Health and Welfare
Updating substances included in schedules I, II and III of the uniform controlled substances act.
SB283 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Pertaining to trust companies and the office of the state bank commissioner.
SB284 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Creating the adoption protection act and updating the Kansas adoption and relinquishment act.
SB288 - Bill by Judiciary
Repealing prohibitions on Saturday process service and ending trial on Saturday.
SB294 - Bill by Transportation
Concerning motor vehicles; relating to the vehicle dealers and manufacturers licensing act; renewal of licenses.
SB307 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
House Substitute for SB 307 by Committee on Federal and State Affairs - Amendments to the Kansas amusement ride act.
SB310 - Bill by Judiciary
Amendments to the Kansas amusement ride act.
SB311 - Bill by Public Health and Welfare
Adding emergency medical personnel to the list of mandatory reporters of abuse, neglect or exploitation of certain adults.
SB323 - Bill by Utilities
Substitute for SB 323 by Committee on Utilities - Concerning the Kansas retail electric suppliers act and the regulation of electric cooperatives and municipal energy agencies.
SB324 - Bill by Transportation
Amending the vehicle dealers and manufacturers licensing act.
SB328 - Bill by Senators Hensley, Denning
Prohibiting the outsourcing or privatization of any operations or facilities of any correctional institution or juvenile correctional facility; allowing existing contracts to be renewed.
SB331 - Bill by Agriculture and Natural Resources
Designating Flint Hills trail state park and Little Jerusalem Badlands state park as part of the state park system and establishing the Flint Hills advisory council.
SB335 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Including savings and loan associations and savings banks in the state banking code and repealing the savings and loan code.
SB336 - Bill by Judiciary
House Substitute for SB 336 by Committee on Judiciary - Extending open records exceptions and requiring release of certain records by the secretary for children and families, regulating access to certain law enforcement audio and video recordings and requiring redactions of social security numbers in documents available for public inspection and copying.
SB348 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Establishing electronic delivery as the standard method of delivery for explanation of benefits and member policies of health benefit plans.
SB351 - Bill by Public Health and Welfare
Enacting the Kansas pharmacy patients fair practices act.
SB369 - Bill by Utilities
Ensuring a minimum rank for certain members of the Kansas highway patrol.
SB374 - Bill by Judiciary
House Substitute for SB 374 by Committee on Judiciary - Amendments related to driving under the influence, including testing, administrative penalties and criminal penalties.
SB375 - Bill by Transportation
Designating certain segments of highways as memorial highways for master deputy Brandon Collins and members of the Kansas highway patrol killed in the line of duty and providing for rank and title of individuals on signs.
SB386 - Bill by Public Health and Welfare
Adding related educational degrees to professional counselor licensure criteria.
SB391 - Bill by Transportation
House Substitute for SB 391 by Committee on Transportation - Establishing the joint legislative transportation vision task force for evaluation of the state highway fund and the state highway transportation system.
SB394 - Bill by Senators Wagle, Hensley
Ensuring transparency in state government contract decisions and other actions.
SB398 - Bill by Public Health and Welfare
Lowering requirements for a cosmetology senior status license.
SB405 - Bill by Ways and Means
Clarifying animal conversion units for poultry facilities with dry manure systems.
SB410 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Updating captive insurance statutes and providing for association and branch captive insurance companies and special purpose insurance captives.
SB414 - Bill by Agriculture and Natural Resources
Substitute for SB 414 by Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources - Updating egg repacking requirements.
SB415 - Bill by Ways and Means
Depositing all state sales tax revenues from sales on the Kansas state fairgrounds into the state fair capital improvements fund.
SB419 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Amending the Kansas appraisal management company registration act.
SB423 - Bill by Select Education Finance
Substitute for SB 423 by Select Committee on Education Finance-Amending the Kansas school equity and enhancement act and making appropriations to the department of education.
SB428 - Bill by Ways and Means
Changing licensure requirements for a child care facility operating in a public recreation center or school.
SB461 - Bill by Ways and Means
Reconciling amendments to certain statutes.
HB2028 - Bill by Public Health and Welfare
Senate Substitute for HB 2028 by Committee on Public Health and Welfare - Establishing the Kansas telemedicine act.
HB2067 - Bill by Insurance
Allowing the transfer upon death and providing for an income tax deduction for contributions to an ABLE account and conforming allowable expenses for 529 plans to federal law.
HB2106 - Bill by Health and Human Services
License renewal of treatment centers.
HB2111 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Pensions
Sales tax treatment of certain cash rebates on sales or leases of new motor vehicles.
HB2129 - Bill by Ways and Means
Senate Substitute for HB 2129 by Committee on Ways and Means - Department of administration; exempting division of legislative post audit from the monumental building surcharge; energy audit exception; regulations on contracts and purchase orders; payroll deductions for indemnity insurance.
HB2145 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Prohibiting the possession of a firearm by certain individuals.
HB2147 - Bill by Veterans and Military
Substitute for HB 2147 by Committee on Veterans & Military-Providing an income tax refund for certain Native American veterans.
HB2184 - Bill by Commerce
Senate Substitute for HB 2184 by Committee on Commerce - Amending workers compensation death benefits.
HB2194 - Bill by Transportation
Substitute for HB 2194 by Committee on Transportation -Kansas lottery; permit lottery ticket vending machines and bingo ticket vending machines; lottery sunset extended; debt setoff; certain lottery money pledged to mental health and community crisis programs.
HB2232 - Bill by Children and Seniors
Electronic monitoring in adult care homes.
HB2280 - Bill by Representative Ward
Requiring approval of rules and regulations by the director of the budget and analysis of costs and any impact on business, and adding members to the state rules and regulations board and the joint committee on administrative rules and regulations..
HB2343 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Ensuring nondiscrimination of organ transplants on the basis of disability.
HB2362 - Bill by Appropriations
Establishing the alcoholic beverage control modernization fee.
HB2386 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Senate Substitute for Senate Substitute for HB 2386 by Committee on Federal and State Affairs – Amendments regarding the licensure of professional occupations; licensure, employment and background checks for employees of adult care homes, home health aides and providers of disability services; designating Kansas commission on veterans affairs office employees as safety sensitive positions subject to drug screening.
HB2435 - Bill by Legislative Post Audit Committee
Kansas 911 act; audits by legislative post audit.
HB2437 - Bill by Representative Becker
National day of the cowboy.
HB2438 - Bill by Legislative Post Audit Committee
Requiring the legislative post auditor to conduct an audit of the 911 coordinating council.
HB2439 - Bill by Representatives Jennings, Brim, Delperdang, Mastroni, Ryckman, Schwab, Smith, E., Tarwater, Wheeler
Creating an additional crime of involuntary manslaughter for certain violations of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
HB2444 - Bill by Joint Pensions, Investments and Benefits
Repealing requirements of the KPERS board regarding new investments and divestment of current investments in companies with business operations in Sudan.
HB2454 - Bill by Joint Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight
Clarifying juvenile offender review and dispositional hearing requirements; tolling case length limits for certain juvenile offenders; monitoring costs avoided through reductions in youth out-of-home placements by juvenile justice oversight committee.
HB2457 - Bill by Judiciary
Enacting the asbestos trust claims transparency act.
HB2458 - Bill by Judiciary
Creating the crime of counterfeiting currency; including federal law enforcement officers in assault and battery against a law enforcement officer; adding violations of mistreatment of a dependent adult or elder person, changing the felony loss thresholds and adding the crime to the inherently dangerous felonies list; making the criminal penalty for possession of THC equal to the criminal penalty of possession of marijuana; amending the definition of escape in crimes of escape and aggravated escape from custody; allowing use of certified drug abuse treatment program for certain drug severity level 4 crimes.
HB2459 - Bill by Judiciary
Amending the Kansas standard asset seizure and forfeiture act and establishing the Kansas asset seizure and forfeiture repository.
HB2469 - Bill by Insurance
Exempting certain claims handling operations from certain local ordinances and restrictions during an emergency or catastrophe.
HB2470 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Alcoholic beverages; microbreweries; alcoholic candy and confectionery products; hours of sales of alcoholic liquor by the drink; self-service dispensing of beer and wine.
HB2472 - Bill by Health and Human Services
Relating to organ donation, amending the uniform anatomical gift act.
HB2476 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Amending the open records act and creating an exception to the unlawful use of public records for certain commercial uses.
HB2477 - Bill by Agriculture
Relating to the Kansas pet animal act.
HB2479 - Bill by Judiciary
Allowing criminal cases to be stayed during state appeal of writ of habeas corpus relief; creating procedures and limitations concerning contact with jurors following a criminal jury trial; clarifying methods of recording grand jury proceedings.
HB2482 - Bill by Commerce, Labor and Economic Development
Concerning restrictions of state contracts with businesses engaged in anti-Israel boycotts.
HB2488 - Bill by Taxation
Creating the crime of unlawful acts involving automated sales suppression devices.
HB2496 - Bill by Health and Human Services
Enacting the nurse licensure compact.
HB2498 - Bill by Representative Victors
Prohibiting governmental entities from prohibiting the wearing of tribal regalia and objects of cultural significance at public events.
HB2501 - Bill by Health and Human Services
Establishing the health occupations credentialing fee fund.
HB2502 - Bill by Commerce, Labor and Economic Development
Regulation of the sale of beer by cereal malt beverage licensees.
HB2511 - Bill by Transportation
Making commercial driver's licenses renewable every five years.
HB2516 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Providing immunity from civil liability for damage to a motor vehicle related to the rescue of a person or animal.
HB2523 - Bill by Judiciary
Amending qualifications for the office of sheriff and changing the definition of "misdemeanor crime of domestic violence" in the Kansas law enforcement training act and adding relations between law enforcement officers and certain persons interacting with law enforcement in the crime of unlawful sexual relations.
HB2524 - Bill by Judiciary
Allowing petitions for a protection from abuse order to include a request for transfer of rights to a wireless telephone number.
HB2539 - Bill by Representative Carpenter
Elections: qualifications for certain state offices; advanced ballot signature exceptions for certain disabled voters, associated affidavit requirements and perjury liability; audits of election results.
HB2541 - Bill by Education
Amendments to the Kansas National Guard educational assistance act.
HB2542 - Bill by Education
Modifying certain fees and removing the fee sunset in the Kansas postsecondary educational institution act, and exempting certain postsecondary educational institutions from performance-based budgeting.
HB2549 - Bill by Health and Human Services
Judicial determinations of defendant's competency and commitment for treatment.
HB2556 - Bill by Government, Technology and Security
Substitute for HB 2556 by Committee on Government, Technology and Security - Establishing the state interoperability advisory committee.
HB2558 - Bill by Agriculture
Expanding the annual game bird hunting season in controlled shooting areas.
HB2567 - Bill by Corrections and Juvenile Justice
Amending criminal code rules for determination of an offender's criminal history classification.
HB2571 - Bill by Representative Alcala
Enacting the Uniform Arbitration Act of 2000 (Revised Uniform Arbitration Act) and amending the Kansas uniform trust code concerning mediation or arbitration provisions in trust instruments.
HB2577 - Bill by Water and Environment
Creating the Kansas right-to-know fee fund and establishing statutory fee maximums for the Kansas right-to-know program.
HB2579 - Bill by Judiciary
Providing compensation for a person who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned and amending the code of civil procedure concerning contact with jurors following a civil jury trial.
HB2580 - Bill by Judiciary
Eliminating consumer reporting agencies' authority to charge certain fees related to consumer report security freezes.
HB2581 - Bill by Representatives Carmichael, Whitmer, Markley
Increasing the criminal penalties for the crime of giving a false alarm in certain circumstances.
HB2583 - Bill by Agriculture
Relating to the control and eradication of noxious weeds in the state of Kansas.
HB2590 - Bill by Health and Human Services
Review of state long-term care ombudsman program and activities and access to certain records.
HB2597 - Bill by Local Government
Local government; Sedgwick county designated as urban area, role of mayor clarified, county authority over election commissioners extended.
HB2599 - Bill by Transportation
Providing distinctive license plates for special Olympics Kansas, choose life, the city of Wichita, the Korean war, operation desert storm, operation Iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom.
HB2600 - Bill by Public Health and Welfare
Senate Substitute for HB 2600 by Committee on Public Health and Welfare - Relating to responsibilities of the department of health and environment in setting fees for noncontiguous sites under the nuclear energy development and radiation control act; directing the secretary of health and environment to study and investigate maternal deaths in the state of Kansas; and requiring the secretary to study and disseminate information relating to palliative care.
HB2602 - Bill by Education
Substitute for HB 2602 by the Committee on Education - Creating the legislative task force on dyslexia.
HB2606 - Bill by Transportation
Providing for drivers’ license online renewals and vision requirements; approved motorcycle licenses safety training curriculum; and renewal periods for commercial driver’s license. Conference committee changes
HB2608 - Bill by Representative Deere
Authorizing the secretary of corrections to convey property to fire district 1 of Leavenworth county by quit claim deed.
HB2619 - Bill by Agriculture
Allowing any documentation required under the Kansas pesticide law to be created or maintained in electronic form.
HB2628 - Bill by Local Government
Certain airport authorities; dissolution procedures.
HB2639 - Bill by Children and Seniors
Allowing KDHE to collect a fee for fingerprinting individuals maintaining or residing, working or regularly volunteering at a child care facility.
HB2642 - Bill by Representative Esau
Elections: campaign finance report deadlines and penalties; publication of election results; political advertising attribution requirements and exception for social media.
HB2650 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Designating the state rock as greenhorn limestone, the state mineral as galena, the state gemstone as jelinite amber and the state fish as the channel catfish.
HB2691 - Bill by Water and Environment
Extending the deadline for multi-year flex account applications.
HB2701 - Bill by Utilities
Senate Substitute for HB 2701 by Committee on Utilities - Creating the statewide broadband expansion planning task force.

Bills Becoming Law Without Governors Signature

Bills Vetoed By Governor; Veto Overridden