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Dec. 15, 2019
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House Bills and Resolutions in Committee:

Local Government - 4 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2404 Rehabilitation of abandoned property by cities.
HB2248 Homeowners associations subject to consumer protection act.
HB2247 Authorizing legal publications on internet websites.
HB2138 State fire marshal; school lockdowns; rules and regulations.

Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications - 4 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2317 Requiring applicable OSHA training for workers working on high voltage electric transmission lines.
HB2190 Electric utilities and the sale of renewable energy.
HB2166 Authorizing private entities to charge fees at electric vehicle charging stations.
HB2061 Video competition act, definitions.

Agriculture - 9 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2246 Amendments to the Kansas noxious weed law.
HB2209 Creating a program to research the use of industrial hemp.
HB2208 Relating to the transferability of deer permits.
HB2207 Substitute for HB2207 by Committee on Agriculture -- Relating to the pursuit of wounded animals onto private land.
HB2193 Requiring the completion of a boater safety education course.
HB2135 Relating to fees for dairy businesses and the processing of paper documents by the Kansas secretary of agriculture.
HB2134 Relating to certain department of agriculture fees.
HB2097 Amending the Kansas pet animal act.
SB117 Allowing boards of county commissioners to declare the wild blackberry a noxious weed within counties.

Financial Institutions and Pensions - 7 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2266 Allowing retirants who retire from two plans under KPERS to receive an additional lump-sum death benefit.
HB2005 Exempting members of the state board of regents retirement plan from certain KPERS working after retirement provisions.
SB138 KPERS working after retirement; exempting licensed school retirants from earnings limitation; sunsetting special exemptions; waiting period.
SB137 Death benefits for certain KP&F surviving spouses.
SB87 Amending the Kansas credit services organization act.
SB67 Granting state-chartered banks the power to purchase certain tax credits.
SB18 Amending the Kansas mortgage business act.

Corrections and Juvenile Justice - 14 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2352 Limiting admissibility of impeachment evidence.
HB2338 Making comment sessions of the prison review board private.
HB2292 Allowing felons to dispense alcohol in connection with employment.
HB2291 Providing for transfer of inmates in the custody of the secretary of corrections to custody of the sheriff for admission to a state psychiatric hospital.
HB2290 Changing the age range for unlawful voluntary sexual relations.
HB2284 Changing age ranges for crimes of unlawful possession of a visual depiction of a child and unlawful transmission of a visual depiction of a child.
HB2265 Amending the definition of a federal law enforcement officer.
HB2243 Authorizing school security officers to use certain types of emergency safety interventions.
HB2222 Expanding mandatory reporters of child abuse.
HB2181 Requiring a statewide accounting and reporting of untested sexual assault evidence collection kits.
HB2167 Abolishing the death penalty and creating the crime of aggravated murder.
HB2091 Requiring parental notification when immunity from criminal prosecution is invoked for a minor in possession of alcohol.
HB2089 Amending the criminal penalties for unlawfully tampering with electronic monitoring equipment.
HB2087 Authorizing use of certified drug abuse treatment programs for certain crimes.

Insurance - 2 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2104 Motor vehicle liability insurance; amending uninsured motorist coverage provision requirements and increasing the minimum policy limit for bodily injury.
HB2021 Providing insurance coverage for hearing aids.

Judiciary - 28 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2397 Creating an unconscionable act or practice under the Kansas consumer protection act for people who engage in the unauthorized practice of law.
HB2350 Clarifying method for calculating the spousal elective share.
HB2337 Amending the Kansas false claims act, concerning medicaid-related fraud and abuse.
HB2336 Application of collateral source payments.
HB2335 Removing limitation on punitive damages and sending a portion of award to the state general fund.
HB2321 Amending citizen grand jury petition sufficiency and right to appeal.
HB2293 Amending the protection from abuse act and protection from stalking act to establish the protection from stalking and sexual assault act.
HB2259 Allowing hearsay at preliminary hearings.
HB2258 Prohibiting mental examination of victim of sex offense.
HB2245 Attorney licensure and information; supreme court nominating commission; judicial district nominating commissions.
HB2239 Allowing cities and counties to opt out of the scrap metal theft reduction act.
HB2216 Removing sodomy between consenting members of the same sex from criminal sodomy.
HB2215 Removing opposite sex requirement for unlawful voluntary sexual relations.
HB2214 Placing restrictions on adult sex offenders who were convicted of a sex offense involving a minor.
HB2198 Adding domestic battery and stalking to the list of offenses for which the Kansas bureau of investigation may collect biological samples.
HB2127 Transfer-on-death deeds; lapsing or vesting of ownership in grantee beneficiary.
HB2116 Amendments to the Kansas standard asset seizure and forfeiture act.
HB2115 Providing for fair consideration for employment to persons with records of conviction.
HB2101 Abolishing common-law marriage.
HB2077 Limiting civil liability for certain persons performing inspection, installation or adjustment of a child safety seat or providing education regarding the installation or adjustment of a child safety seat.
HB2063 Requiring an opportunity for diversion in certain circumstances.
HB2034 Amending the crime of aggravated battery, concerning strangulation.
HB2033 Authorizing certain claims for compensation through the crime victims compensation board.
HB2018 Requiring conviction before forfeiture of assets.
HB2014 Amending prosecutorial powers and penalties for election crimes.
HB2004 Clarifying and limiting discretion for expenditure of proceeds from civil forfeiture.
HB2003 Kansas standard asset seizure and forfeiture act; restriction on county or district attorney.
HB2001 Eliminating the reporting requirements for law enforcement agencies concerning civil asset seizures and forfeitures.

Transportation - 10 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2281 Providing for the Kansas 4-H foundation distinctive license plate.
HB2269 Increasing certificate of title fees on motor vehicles.
HB2236 Required training for certain motor carrier drivers and transportation network company drivers.
HB2202 Drivers' licenses renewal period, test fees.
HB2188 Providing for increased penalties for right-of-way violations.
HB2060 Increasing registration fees on electric and hybrid vehicles.
HB2016 People with certain disabilities; motor vehicle registration information and notation on state-issued identification cards.
HB2008 Requiring seat belts on school buses.
SB144 Prohibiting the use of a wireless communication device in a school zone or a road construction zone.
SB88 Repossessed certificates of title fees; repealing the repossessed certificates of title fee fund.

Education - 6 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2374 Expanding the tax credit for low income students scholarship program.
HB2252 Amending the tax credit for low income students scholarship program act.
HB2204 Authorizing the governing body of technical colleges to levy a property tax and issue bonds for capital outlay purposes.
HB2179 Due process for terminating teachers' contracts.
HB2165 Development and implementation of ethnic studies in schools.
HB2078 Authorizing the reduction or elimination of property tax exemption by a school district.

Health and Human Services - 34 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5010 A concurrent resolution opposing physician assisted suicide.
HB2348 Kansas safe access act; use of cannabis for medical conditions.
HB2300 Enacting the Rx transparency act.
HB2299 Establishing an independent home and community based services ombudsman.
HB2298 Increasing fee caps for the Kansas board of barbering.
HB2297 Pertaining to training requirements for certified nurse aides providing care in adult care homes.
HB2296 Merging the Kansas board of barbering and the Kansas state board of cosmetology into the Kansas board of barbering, cosmetology and body art.
HB2295 Requiring that closed captioning be enabled on televisions in public areas of places of public accommodation.
HB2294 Requiring targeted case management for recipients of home and community based services.
HB2285 Reimbursement to eligible providers for medicaid ground emergency medical transportation services.
HB2255 Establishing certain requirements relating to health benefit plans that offer dental services.
HB2254 Relating to the practice of telehealth.
HB2253 Requiring scoliosis screening for every student enrolled in a school district or accredited nonpublic school.
HB2244 Establishing the maternal mortality review committee.
HB2226 Prohibition of state mental health facility privatization.
HB2221 Repealing the health care compact.
HB2218 Amending the school sports head injury prevention act.
HB2206 Relating to telemedicine.
HB2195 Powers, duties and functions of the board of examiners in fitting and dispensing of hearing instruments transferred to secretary for aging and disability services.
HB2169 KanCare process and contract requirements.
HB2154 Expanding medicaid to the extent permitted under the affordable care act.
HB2152 Authorizing hemp treatments for certain medical conditions.
HB2151 Establishing restrictions on health insurance use of step therapy protocols.
HB2149 Creating the social work examining committee.
HB2139 Licensure of dental therapists.
HB2124 Medical student loan agreements for psychiatry.
HB2120 Kansas death with dignity act.
HB2119 Establishing non-covered services for dental benefits under health insurance.
HB2065 Assessments on hospitals and health maintenance organizations.
HB2064 Establishing the KanCare bridge to a healthy Kansas program.
HB2046 Anesthesiologist assistant licensure act.
HB2029 Regulation of cannabidiol investigational products.
HB2022 Kansas right to try act.
SB69 Substitute for SB 69 by Committee on Public Health and Welfare - KanCare process and contract requirements.

Water and Environment - 5 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5008 Proposition to amend article 11 of the constitution of the state of Kansas concerning the state water plan fund.
HB2311 Maintenance requirements for streambank stabilization and water quality protection projects.
HB2241 Creating the surface water protection fee and the irrigation water use fee and depositing such fees in the state water plan fund.
HB2189 Protecting surface owners' property rights.
HB2032 Increasing fees credited to the state water plan fund.

Appropriations - 36 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2430 Authorizing the sale of certain tobacco settlement receipts; creating the great plains tobacco settlement financing corporation; authorizing the issuance of bonds payable from the tobacco asset payments.
HB2429 Distribution of tax revenue from the cigarette and tobacco products tax to the children's initiative fund.
HB2405 Concerning funding for the senior care act and redeemable beverage containers.
HB2403 Reinstating the enterprise zone program as an option in lieu of participation in the rural opportunity zone program for counties designated as rural opportunity zones.
HB2402 Debt set off; allowing the director of accounts and reports to enter into an agreement with third party vendors to assist in collecting debts against the state.
HB2394 Abolishing the judiciary technology fund, access to justice fund, KAN-ED fund and ROTC service scholarship program fund; credits, transfers and liabilities.
HB2393 Hazardous materials endorsement for commercial driver's licenses; transportation security administration security screening process; abolishing the hazmat fee fund.
HB2392 Repealing the local government infrastructure improvement projects loan program; abolishing the Kansas partnership fund.
HB2388 Authorizing the sale of certain Kansas lottery revenues.
HB2383 Providing pay increases for public employees based on increase in tax revenue.
HB2375 Department of commerce appropriations for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 for the rural opportunity zones program.
HB2363 Authorizing the department of administration to sell specified surplus state property on behalf of various state agencies.
HB2355 Requiring an affirmative acceptance by a consumer of charges by vendors offering goods or services over the internet before billing.
HB2351 Prohibiting state contracts with companies that are engaged in an anti-Israeli boycott.
HB2340 Transferring actual SGF revenues in excess of the joint estimate of revenue to the budget stabilization fund and prescribing uses for moneys credited to such fund.
HB2323 Providing a post-retirement benefit increase (COLA) for certain retirants of KPERS.
HB2271 Clarifying the criminal sentencing statute for a person with intellectual disability who is convicted of capital murder.
HB2173 Amendments to the Kansas expanded lottery act relating to racetrack gaming facilities.
HB2144 Civil service; if a state employee in the classified service voluntarily transfers into unclassified service, such employee is not be eligible to be rehired or transferred to a position in the classified service within the same state agency.
HB2133 Joint revenue estimates, move April 20 date to May 1.
HB2114 Permanently exempting community mental health centers from the public buildings law under the personal and family protection act.
HB2113 Permanently exempting postsecondary educational institutions from the public buildings law under the personal and family protection act.
HB2086 Amending the requirements for offender registration.
HB2072 Creating the Eisenhower preservation fund; registration fees.
HB2068 Enforcement of child support orders against persons in arrearage.
SB189 Substitute for SB 189 by Committee on Ways and Means - Appropriations for FY 2017, FY 2018, FY 2019 and FY 2020 for various state agencies.
SB186 Reimbursement to eligible providers for medicaid ground emergency medical transportation services.
SB181 Allowing certain persons with suspended drivers' licenses to enter into amnesty agreements with the district court.
SB136 Mandatory expungement of arrest records of a person arrested as a result of mistaken identity or identity theft.
SB114 Clarifying admissibility of certain tests for drugs or alcohol in proceedings under the revised Kansas code for care of children.
SB94 Increasing the health maintenance organization privilege fee and extending the medical assistance fee fund.
SB93 Revocation timeframe of drivers' licenses for certain offenses.
SB92 Requiring electronic recording of certain custodial interrogations.
SB75 Adding an additional member to the board of trustees of Cowley county community college.
SB62 Amending citizen grand jury petition sufficiency and right to appeal.
SB52 House Substitute for SB 52 by Committee on Health and Human Services - Filling and refilling prescriptions.

Commerce, Labor and Economic Development - 26 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2357 Enacting the agribusiness technology and entrepreneurship district act.
HB2354 Fair share fees for labor organizations.
HB2349 Recreating the Kansas arts commission as a separate commission.
HB2330 Restoring local control over employee scheduling policies.
HB2328 Requiring accident prevention programs as a prerequisite to workers compensation insurance coverage unless declined by the covered employer.
HB2327 Restoring local control over wages, benefits and other labor-related matters by regulation and in public construction contracts.
HB2326 Employee wage deductions.
HB2318 Creating the Kansas arts commission and transferring certain functions to it from the Kansas creative industries commission.
HB2316 Enacting the Kansas working families pay raise act.
HB2282 Kansas liquor control act and retailer's licenses.
HB2263 Authorizing the secretary of corrections to sell products to contractors and vendors of government entities.
HB2249 Eligibility for workers compensation death benefits for a child over the age of 18 enrolled in high school.
HB2185 Restoring local control over wage requirements for construction projects.
HB2183 Providing employees with the option of written pay statements.
HB2163 Reinstating the income tax credit for certain contributions to technical colleges.
HB2062 Amending workers compensation law regarding drug testing, certain employer credits, maximum rates, work disability claim threshold, end of employer's obligation, future medical benefits, claim notice requirements and dismissal for lack of prosecution.
HB2059 Amending the American medical association guides to the evaluation of permanent impairment edition used for determining workers compensation benefits.
HB2058 Replacing the prevailing factor standard in workers compensation law with a substantial factor standard.
HB2057 Moving workforce development from the department of commerce to the department of labor.
HB2056 Amending the composition of the workers compensation and employment security boards nominating commission; administrative judge elected term lengths and reappointment.
HB2051 Enacting the Kansas innovation zone act and reinstating the Kansas enterprise zone act.
HB2050 Creating the joint economic development committee.
HB2039 Making the Kansas airport improvement program independent of the transportation works program.
HB2038 Exempting certain veterans and current members of the armed forces from paying certain business filing fees.
HB2037 Establishing the aviation grant program to develop the aviation industry in Kansas.
SB25 Removing the requirement for a public hearing to set cabin fees owned or operated by the department of wildlife, parks and tourism.

Children and Seniors - 3 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2309 Requiring certain records to become public records if a child in the custody of the secretary for children and families is sexually abused or suffers great bodily harm or death.
HB2108 Amendments to the grandparents as caregivers act.
HB2019 Establishing the foster care oversight task force.

Elections - 17 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5011 Revising article 10 of the Kansas constitution; establishing a redistricting commission.
HB2358 Elections; voter registration; voter identification; proof of citizenship deleted.
HB2334 Gubernatorial elections; independent candidate; petition requirements.
HB2310 Municipal election changes; bond law clarification; other changes.
HB2303 Candidate for president; certain criteria to have name on the ballot.
HB2251 Election audits; voting machine requirements; time of canvass.
HB2225 Advance voting permanent status.
HB2224 Elections; recognition of political parties; petitions.
HB2211 Limiting campaign contributions to governor and lieutenant governor after second term inauguration.
HB2159 Voter registration; proof of citizenship repealed.
HB2157 Help Kansas vote act.
HB2155 Lobbying restrictions; certain elected state officers and executive staff.
HB2117 Restrictions on city and county regulation of political signs; repealed.
HB2075 Elections; voting procedures where proof of citizenship not provided.
HB2020 Elections; registration; election day registration.
HB2015 Governmental ethics commission; investigation procedures.
HB2012 Elections; voter registration lists; free copies quarterly to recognized political parties.

K-12 Education Budget - 12 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2379 Requiring school district expenditure reporting under the Kansas uniform financial accounting and reporting act.
HB2347 Creating the school district finance and student success act.
HB2346 Administration of school district finance by the state board of education.
HB2345 Authorizing school districts to adopt a local activities budget and levy property taxes for the finance thereof.
HB2344 Requiring the adoption of a local foundation budget by each school district and the levying of a property tax for the financing thereof.
HB2324 School district finance and quality performance act of 2017.
HB2288 Requiring school districts use generally accepted accounting principles.
HB2270 Creating the education finance act.
HB2242 Enacting the classroom-based funding act.
HB2143 Requiring school districts to procure specific spend categories through the department of education.
HB2142 Establishing a unified school district employee health care benefits program.
SB48 Remedies for the impairment of a valid water right or permit to divert and use water.

Veterans and Military - 2 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2175 Requiring disclosure to veterans in certain materials concerning veterans' benefits.
HB2007 Providing leave for civil air patrol members.

Higher Education Budget - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2305 Exempting Cleveland university-Kansas City from the Kansas private and out-of-state postsecondary educational institution act.

Federal and State Affairs - 36 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5009 State constitution, human life amendments.
HCR5007 Constitutional amendment to prescribe revenue, expenditure and taxation limitations on state government.
HCR5006 Constitutional amendment repealing section 16 of article 15; relating to marriage.
HCR5005 Making application to the U.S. congress to call a convention of the states.
HCR5004 Constitutional amendment granting counties home rule powers.
HB2425 Adding household members to the list of mandatory reporters of child abuse or neglect.
HB2423 Prohibiting the collection and sale of personal data by internet service providers.
HB2417 Authorizing state psychiatric institutions to prohibit the carrying of firearms in secured areas.
HB2414 Standards for real estate appraisers.
HB2413 Amending the Kansas indoor clean air act.
HB2411 Alcoholic beverages; microbreweries; contract brewing.
HB2401 Prohibiting use of union dues for partisan or political purposes.
HB2389 Amendments to the Kansas amusement ride act.
HB2366 Amending the beer and cereal malt beverage keg registration act to include hard cider.
HB2339 Exemption from criminal possession of a silencer.
HB2307 Withholding life-sustaining treatment from patients under 18 years of age.
HB2276 Amending statutes concerning dangerous regulated animals.
HB2275 Prohibiting adoption of sanctuary policies by municipalities.
HB2274 Authorizing the Kansas highway patrol to enter into a memorandum of agreement with the department of homeland security concerning enforcement of immigration laws.
HB2267 Amending requirements for certain consumer loan transactions.
HB2220 Prohibiting certain regulations concerning the carrying of concealed handguns at postsecondary educational institutions.
HB2201 Taxpayer empowerment, accountability and transparency in state contracting act.
HB2200 State agencies required to adopt policies and procedures to prohibit workplace bullying.
HB2199 Authorizing the board of county commissioners of any county to regulate conservation easements on property located within the county.
HB2172 Relating to the recognition of marriages.
HB2171 Student privacy and protection act.
HB2156 Enacting the Kansas protection against terrorists act.
HB2150 Prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms in certain buildings.
HB2141 Alcoholic beverages; authorizing a manufacturer licensee to hold a drinking establishment license.
HB2123 Amending the Kansas act against discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity.
HB2122 Creating the fair repair act.
HB2074 Creating a permanent exemption for certain entities from the public buildings law under the personal and family protection act.
HB2073 Changing the designation of columbus day to indigenous peoples day.
HB2024 Interstate compact on the agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote act.
HB2009 State capitol; concealed handguns prohibited except for authorized law enforcement.
SB135 Driver's license examiners; converted from classified to unclassified positions.

Taxation - 52 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5013 Urging Congress to regulate interstate commerce and allow states to collect sales tax from remote retailers.
HB2434 Concerning income tax; relating to rates, credits, deductions and determination of Kansas adjusted gross income.
HB2433 Concerning income tax, relating to credits, rates, determination of Kansas gross income and itemized deductions for qualified medical expenses.
HB2432 Concerning taxation; relating to income tax rates, credits, deductions and determination of Kansas adjusted gross income.
HB2431 Taxation; relating to income tax, rates, credits, itemized deductions and determination of Kansas adjusted gross income; sales and use tax, rate, food and food ingredients; property tax, homestead refunds; motor fuels tax rate; cigarettes, rate of tax.
HB2428 Repealing certain sales tax exemptions.
HB2422 Providing for a sales tax exemption for the make-a-wish foundation of Kansas.
HB2420 Concerning taxation; income tax, determination of Kansas adjusted gross income, rates, itemized deductions; sales and compensating use tax, rates food and food ingredients.
HB2415 Making parts of the scrap metal theft reduction act unenforceable until January 1, 2019.
HB2412 Providing for a $.05 increase in motor fuel taxes; trip permits; distribution of revenues.
HB2406 Repealing property tax exemption for certain pipeline property.
HB2399 Providing a tax credit for certain child and dependent care expenses.
HB2396 Allowing a tax credit for certain medical professionals who establish domicile in a rural opportunity zone.
HB2390 Taxing sales of certain gym memberships.
HB2385 Providing for a 3.9% tax rate for all individuals and repealing future formulaic rate cuts.
HB2384 Imposing sales tax on certain services.
HB2382 Providing for a $.11 increase in motor fuel taxes; trip permits; distribution of revenues.
HB2381 Providing a sales tax exemption for the land institute.
HB2378 Concerning income taxation; relating to determination of Kansas adjusted gross income, rates, itemized deductions.
HB2377 Repealing the nonwage business income deduction.
HB2376 Property tax lid; requiring cities and counties to publish notice of budget increase; election requirements.
HB2373 Enacting the food sales tax refund and sunsetting the tax credit for food purchased in this state.
HB2372 Providing homestead property tax refunds for renters.
HB2371 Income tax credit for expenses paid for household and dependent care services necessary for gainful employment.
HB2369 Reducing the sales and compensating use tax rate of food and food ingredients.
HB2368 Allowing a deduction for business entities that create new jobs.
HB2367 Concerning valuation of property for taxation; duties of county appraiser; appeals.
HB2342 Permitting injured workers to choose their health care providers.
HB2325 Enacting the fair share act.
HB2322 Sales tax holiday for certain back-to-school items.
HB2314 Authorizing use of ad valorem taxes to pay for capital improvements within a redevelopment district encompassing a federal enclave; authorizing issuance of bonds.
HB2287 Expanding the Kansas itemized deduction.
HB2286 Income tax on corporations; increasing rate of normal tax to 5%.
HB2283 Providing for state income taxation of retirement contributions by certain employees of the state board of regents.
HB2261 Providing a sales tax exemption for certain veterans service organizations.
HB2250 Relating to Taxation; income tax and non-wage business income; sales and compensating use tax, rate on food and food ingredients; establishing the food sales tax reduction fund.
HB2238 Sales tax exemption, farm production machinery and equipment.
HB2237 Concerning taxation; relating to income tax, rates, determination of income, tax credits; motor fuels tax, rates, trip permits, distribution; sales and compensating use tax, food and food ingredients.
HB2231 Increasing rates of tax of cigarettes and tobacco products; establishing the cigarette and tobacco products cessation fund.
HB2229 Classification and taxation of certain oil and gas equipment and materials.
HB2227 Property tax levy for the Kansas educational building fund.
HB2177 Concerning sales and compensating use tax; origin sourcing.
HB2146 Property tax exemption for certain property used for educational or scientific purposes.
HB2131 Providing a sales tax exemption for food and food ingredients.
HB2112 Expanding medicaid coverage for military veterans.
HB2105 Oil and gas property statement of assessment, due date for filing.
HB2083 Allowing counties to deny registration of a motor vehicle for unpaid real property taxes.
HB2082 Property tax lid; cities and counties; repealed.
HB2023 Determination of Kansas adjusted gross income; sunsetting certain modifications.
SB198 Substitute for SB 198 by Committee on Assessment and Taxation – concerning the department of revenue; requiring people with access to federal tax information to be fingerprinted and allowing the conversion of certain driver’s license examiners positions from classified to unclassified.
SB130 Electronic cigarettes, definitions, enforcement.
SB28 Amending dates when certain reports due to department of revenue.
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