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Jan. 27, 2020
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Minutes for HB2237 - Committee on Taxation

Short Title

Concerning taxation; relating to income tax, rates, determination of income, tax credits; motor fuels tax, rates, trip permits, distribution; sales and compensating use tax, food and food ingredients.

Minutes Content for Tue, Feb 7, 2017

Scott Wells, Revisor, provided an overview on HB2237. (Attachment1)

Responding to a question from Chairperson Johnson, the conferee stated he would provide information relating to the credits in HB2237 which would be restored for individual taxpayers.

Scott Walker, Department of Revenue noted the official  fiscal note for HB2237 will be issued by the Division of Budgets February 08, 2017.


Duane Goossen, Kansas Center for Economic Growth testified in support of HB2237 by building a comprehensive tax reform proposal. (Attachment 2)

Heidi Holliday, Executive Director, Kansas Center for Economic Growth testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 3)

Jerry Younger, Managing Director, KAPA-KRMCA testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 4)

Wesley McCain, Healthy Communities Wyandotte testified on behalf of Gretchen Kunkel in support of HB2237(Attachment 5)

Annie McKay, President and CEO, Kansas Action for Children testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 6)

Christina Ostmeyer, Summer Meals Advocate, Kansas Appleseed Center for Law and Justice testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 7)

Scott Anglemyer, Executive Director, Kansas Association of Community Action Program testified in support of HB2237.  He noted HB2237 restores equity to the tax system (Attachment 8)

Rob Gilligan, Government Relations Specialist, Kansas Association of School Boards testified in support of HB2237. (Attachment 9)

Bob Totten, Kansas Contractors Association testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 10)

Reverend Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan, Kansas Interfaith Action testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 11)

Mark Desetti, Kansas National Education Association testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 12)

Rebecca Proctor, Director Kansas Organization of State Employees (KOSE) testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 13)

Ashley Jones-Wisner, State Policy Director, KC Healthy Kids testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 14)

Scott Anderson, Hamm Companies testified in support of HB2237(Attachment 15)

Written only testimony as a proponent to HB2237 was submitted by the following:

Robert Moser, MD President Kansas Public Health Association  (Attachment 16)

Lisa Ochs, President of the American Federation of Teachers-Kansas (Attachment 17)

Michael Leachman, Director of State Fiscal Research, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Attachment 18)

Prafulla Shintri, Overland Park, Kansas  (Attachment 19)

Benjamin D. Temple, Johnson County Kansas (Attachment 20)

Jennifer L. Hassler, Johnson County Kansas (Attachment 21)

Cynthia Sharpe, Kansas Citizen (Attachment 22)

Pamela Wood, Kansas Citizen (Attachment 23)

Jan Gallagher, Kansas Citizen (Attachment 24)

Nicole Novak, Kansas Citizen  (Attachment 25)

Chuck Schmidt, Public School Educator and Superintendent of Schools (Attachment 26)

Heather Ousley, Kansas Citizen  (Attachment 27)

Lisa Christensen Gee, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy  (Attachment 28)

Bernie Koch, Kansas Economic Progress Council (Attachment 29)

Brandi Fisher, Executive Director, MainStream Coalition, Mission, KS. (Attachment 30)

Brenda R. Sharpe, President and CEO REACH Healthcare Foundation (Attachment 31)

Tanya Dorf Brunner, Executive Director at Oral Health Kansas, Inc. (Attachment 32)

Treka J. Henry, Kansas Citizen (Attachment 33)


Dave Trabert, Kansas Policy Institute testified in opposition to HB2237(Attachment 34)

Jeff Glendening, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas testified in opposition to HB2237(Attachment 35)

Tom M. Palace, Executive Director of the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association of Kansas testified in opposition to HB2237. (Attachment 36)

Tom Whitaker, Executive Director of the Kansas Motor Carriers Association testified in opposition to HB2237(Attachment 37)

Eric Stafford, Vice President of Government Affairs, Kansas Chamber testified in opposition to HB2237(Attachment 38)

Written only testified in opposition to HB2237 was submitted by:

Patrick Vogelsberg, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Kansas Association of Realtors (Attachment 39)

Scott Zaremba, Zarco USA, Lawrence, Kansas (Attachment 40)

Mandy Roe, Director of Member Services for the Kansas Cooperative Council  (Attachment 41)


Nathan Eberline, Kansas Association of Counties testified neutral to HB2237(Attachment 42)

Written testimony as neutral to HB2237 was presented by:

Julie Brewer, Executive Director United Community Services of Johnson County (Attachment 43)

Scott Heidner, Executive Director ACEC of Kansas (Attachment 44)

Judith Deedy, Executive Director of Game On for Kansas Schools (Attachment 45)

Denise Sultz, Kansas PTA (Attachment 46)

Mark Broadhurst, MARS Incorporated (Attachment 47)

Chairperson Johnson yielded to the gavel to Vice Chairperson Phillips who presided over the remainder of the meeting.

There being no other conferees, Vice Chairperson Phillips closed the hearing on HB2237.