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2016 Statute

Section Number

80-1901 - Township board defined.
80-1902 - Creation of department in counties having a city of the first class between 60,000 and 200,000.
80-1903 - Fire department; tax levies; use of proceeds.
80-1904 - Operation of department; employees; volunteer members; compensation; insurance.
80-1905 - Contracts with cities and townships; conditions.
80-1906 - Right of way on highways; siren.
80-1908 - Prior contracts; transfer of balances.
80-1909 - Bonds for buildings and equipment; election; tax levy limitations not to apply, when; election expenses.
80-1910 - Bond issues; tax levies authorized.
80-1911 - Act supplemental.
80-1911a - Rights of township upon annexation of fire station land by city.
80-1912 - Purchase of fire fighting equipment and housing thereof; tax warrants; petition; tax levies.
80-1913 - Same; fire company, government and maintenance; compensation.
80-1914 - Fire department in townships in certain counties over 150,000; election.
80-1915 - Same; township board defined.
80-1916 - Same; creation and operation of fire department; tax levies.
80-1917 - Same; control; employees; volunteer members; compensation, clothing and equipment; insurance.
80-1918 - Same; certain statutes applicable.
80-1918a - Township fire department in counties over 175,000 and assessed valuation not more than $225,000,000; tax levy for fire department buildings and facilities; election.
80-1919 - Fire departments in certain townships; application of act; petition required; exception.
80-1920 - Fire departments in townships in certain counties; creation; procedure; warrants for equipment and facilities; tax levies.
80-1921 - Same; operation and maintenance; tax levies; tax levies for additional equipment in certain townships; petition; election.
80-1922 - Same; benefit districts in adjacent territory; petition; organization; board of directors.
80-1923 - Same; contracts for fire-fighting services; terms.
80-1924 - Same; tax levies.
80-1925 - Contracts to furnish fire-fighting services to persons or municipalities.