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2016 Statute

Section Number

72-5308 - Patriotic exercises; flag etiquette; observation of holidays.
72-5308a - "Periods of silence" authorized.
72-5308b - Severability.
72-5311 - Secret fraternity of school organization.
72-5326 - Dues payments to Kansas association of school boards authorized.
72-5326a - Area vocational-technical schools; dues payments to certain associations and organizations authorized.
72-5333 - Contracts to provide education for military dependents.
72-5333a - Fort Leavenworth military reservation school district.
72-5333b - Same; board of education; appointment and officers; powers, duties, authority; application of laws; finance.
72-5333c - Same; listing, assessing and taxing property.
72-5333d - Same; school census authorized.
72-5333e - Same; inquiry into agreement with United States; renewal of understanding.
72-5369 - Destruction of records by school districts and community junior colleges.
72-5370 - Application.
72-5371 - Reproduction of records.
72-5372 - Same; deemed original record; evidence; transcript.
72-5373 - Same; preservation and destruction of original records, when.
72-5386 - School records of pupils, withholding prohibited; school district property, return or payment for, exception.
72-5389 - Boards of education; authorization to purchase certain items for use of pupils.
72-5390 - Fees; supplemental charges authorized to be prescribed and collected; disposition of moneys.
72-5391 - Same; waiver required, when.
72-5392 - Special education services for exceptional children enrolled in private schools; definitions.
72-5393 - Same; conditions for provision; location; transportation.
72-5394 - Same; provision in connection with religious activity prohibited.
72-5395 - Early retirement incentive programs; establishment authorized; purposes; payment limitations; program report required.
72-5396 - Same; budget authorization.
72-5397 - Same; rights creation, limitation.
72-5398 - Employee assistance programs; contracts and payment of fees for provision authorized.
72-5399 - Career and educational opportunities; accessibility to pupils and students by persons, groups, military recruiters.
72-53,100 - Nonaccredited private schools; pupil records; definitions.
72-53,101 - Same; registration of name and address required; state board of education, administration and duties.
72-53,102 - Same; purpose of registration requirement.
72-53,103 - Teacher exchange program; participation authorized.
72-53,104 - Drug abuse, referral of pupils for assistance; immunity from civil liability.
72-53,105 - Alcohol and drug abuse programs; provision authorized.
72-53,106 - Pupil identification; proof required upon first enrollment in a school; duties of schools and law enforcement agencies.
72-53,107 - Tobacco products, use in school buildings prohibited; school building defined.
72-53,108 - Employment of lobbyists; validation of prior expenditures; definitions.
72-53,109 - School districts not required to provide incarcerated person with opportunity to attend school; exceptions.
72-53,110 - Severability provision for act contained in 1995 House Bill No. 2173.
72-53,111 - School districts not required to provide certain persons educational services in regular school setting; alternative placement to be offered.
72-53,112 - Severability provision for act contained in 2014 House Bill No. 2506.