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2016 Statute


65-5410.Denial, revocation, limitation or suspension of license or refusal to renew license; unprofessional conduct; procedure; reinstatement; penalties. (a) The board may deny, refuse to renew, suspend, revoke or limit a license or the licensee may be publicly or privately censured where the licensee or applicant for licensure has been guilty of unprofessional conduct which has endangered or is likely to endanger the health, welfare or safety of the public. Unprofessional conduct includes:

(1) Obtaining a license by means of fraud, misrepresentation or concealment of material facts;

(2) being guilty of unprofessional conduct as defined by rules and regulations adopted by the board;

(3) being convicted of a felony if the acts for which such person was convicted are found by the board to have a direct bearing on whether such person should be entrusted to serve the public in the capacity of an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant;

(4) violating any lawful order or rule and regulation of the board; and

(5) violating any provision of this act.

(b) Such denial, refusal to renew, suspension, revocation or limitation of a license or public or private censure of a licensee may be ordered by the board after notice and hearing on the matter in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act. Upon the end of the period of time established by the board for the revocation of a license, application may be made to the board for reinstatement. The board shall have discretion to accept or reject an application for reinstatement and may hold a hearing to consider such reinstatement. An application for reinstatement of a revoked license shall be accompanied by the license renewal fee and the license reinstatement fee established under K.S.A. 65-5409, and amendments thereto.

(c) The board, in addition to any other penalty prescribed in subsection (a), may assess a civil fine, after proper notice and an opportunity to be heard, against a licensee for unprofessional conduct in an amount not to exceed $5,000 for the first violation, $10,000 for the second violation and $15,000 for the third violation and for each subsequent violation. All fines assessed and collected under this section shall be remitted to the state treasurer in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 75-4215, and amendments thereto. Upon receipt of each such remittance, the state treasurer shall deposit the entire amount in the state treasury to the credit of the state general fund.

History: L. 1986, ch. 323, § 10; L. 2002, ch. 203, § 10; L. 2004, ch. 117, § 19; July 1.