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2016 Statute

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65-3008. Approvals and permits for emission stationary sources. (a) No person shall construct, own, operate, install, alter or use any air contaminant emission stationary source which, in accordance with rules and regulations, the secretary finds may cause or contribute to air pollution, unless an appropriate approval or permit has been issued for the source by the secretary under this act. Approvals or permits issued by the secretary may be subject to conditions consistent with the purposes of this act and rules and regulations promulgated under this act.

(b) The secretary shall require that applications for approvals and permits, and renewals thereof, under this act shall be accompanied by application fees and such plans, specifications, compliance plans or other information as the secretary deems necessary. Applications shall be submitted on forms provided by the secretary and shall be signed by a responsible official of the source, who shall certify the accuracy of the information submitted.

(c) The issuance or holding of an approval or permit shall not convey any property right or exclusive privilege to the holder thereof.

(d) Without any further action on the part of the secretary, an approval or a permit shall become void and without effect on its expiration date unless a completed application form and any required fee are filed with the secretary on or before the expiration date of the approval or the permit. For purposes of this subsection, the secretary may specify by rule and regulation an amount of time prior to the expiration date of an operating permit by which a complete application form and any required fee must be filed with the secretary in order to be considered timely filed. The secretary may provide for a grace period by rule and regulation.

(e) The secretary may issue by rule and regulation a general approval or permit covering numerous similar sources. Any general approval or permit shall comply with all requirements applicable to approvals or permits under this act. Any source covered by a general approval or permit must apply to the secretary and receive authority to operate under the general approval or permit.

(f) The secretary may fix, charge and collect fees for approvals and permits, and the renewal thereof, to cover all or any part of the cost of administering the provisions of [the] Kansas air quality act, other than K.S.A. 65-3027, and amendments thereto. The secretary shall adopt rules and regulations fixing such fees. The fees shall be deposited in the state treasury and credited to the air quality fee fund established in K.S.A. 65-3024, and amendments thereto, except that if all or any portion of the regulatory services for which a fee is collected under this section is performed by a county, city-county or multicounty health department, that portion of such fee which pertains to such services, as determined by the secretary, shall be credited to the local air quality control authority regulation services fund, which is hereby created in the state treasury, and shall be paid from such fund to such local air quality control authority.

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