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2016 Statute


12-3915. Same; governing body of consolidated district, powers and duties. The governing body of any fire district created pursuant to this act shall have the authority to:

(a) Levy taxes and special assessments as provided by law. Except as provided by K.S.A. 12-3913, and amendments thereto, the governing body shall fix the amount of the tax to be levied upon all taxable tangible property in the consolidated fire district;

(b) enter into contracts;

(c) acquire and dispose of real and personal property;

(d) acquire, construct, reconstruct, equip, operate, maintain and furnish buildings to house fire-fighting equipment;

(e) acquire, operate and maintain fire-fighting equipment;

(f) issue general obligation bonds and no-fund warrants;

(g) pay compensation and salaries to fire district employees;

(h) exercise eminent domain;

(i) pay the operation and maintenance expenses of the fire district and other expenses legally incurred by the district;

(j) select regular employees, provide for their compensation and furnish quarters for such employees if deemed desirable;

(k) provide for the organization of volunteer members who may be compensated for fighting fires, responding to emergencies or attending meetings;

(l) provide special clothing and equipment for such employees and volunteers;

(m) insure such employees and volunteers against accidental death and injury in the performance of their duties;

(n) pay for the acquisition, installation or maintenance of one or more fire hydrants, or similar devices for fighting fires, including necessary equipment, services or supplies related thereto.

The acquisition, installation and maintenance shall be subject to the mutual agreement of the governing body of the fire district and the governing body of the rural water district which owns, operates or maintains the water line on which the fire hydrant, or other similar device for fighting fires, is to be installed; and

(o) do all things necessary or desirable to maintain and operate such department so as to furnish fire protection for the inhabitants of the district and otherwise effectuate the purposes of this act.

History: L. 1996, ch. 226, § 6; L. 2002, ch. 150, § 1; L. 2004, ch. 26, § 1; L. 2008, ch. 163, § 19; L. 2015, ch. 99, § 16; July 1.