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2014 Statute

Section Number

74-2424 - Tax information; limits on dissemination and use.
74-2426 - Orders of board rendered in accordance with Kansas administrative procedure act; petition for reconsideration; costs; bond, when required; judicial review.
74-2427 - Same; duties of county attorneys.
74-2429 - Motor fuels tax law administration by director of taxation.
74-2433 - State board of tax appeals; membership, qualifications, appointment and confirmation, terms, continuing education requirements; chief hearing officer; executive director; publication of decisions; no capacity to sue or be sued; proceedings in front of the board.
74-2433a - Board established as independent agency.
74-2433b - Same; administration of agency by board.
74-2433c - Same; approval of vouchers.
74-2433d - Same; records and moneys transferred to board.
74-2433e - Same; agency as continuation of prior court.
74-2433f - Small claims and expedited hearings division of state board of tax appeals established; jurisdiction; proceedings, procedures and practices.
74-2433g - Small claims and expedited hearings division hearing officers; appointment and compensation.
74-2434 - State board of tax appeals; annual salaries of members; full-time duties.
74-2435 - Employees of state board; civil service.
74-2436 - Records of proceedings; seal; evidence; oaths; quorum.
74-2437 - Powers and duties of state board; prohibited actions.
74-2437a - Same; issuance of summons, subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum; service; costs.
74-2437b - Same; depositions.
74-2438 - Appeals to state board; notice and hearing; interest tolled, when; procedure.
74-2438a - Filing fee for appeals; BOTA filing fee fund created.
74-2439 - Additional powers of state board.
74-2441a - Director of property valuation to publish annual report of state assessed property; contents.
74-2441b - Same; delivery of reports; availability.
74-2442 - Transfer of powers to director of property valuation under 1957 act.
74-2444 - Master bond to secure payment of taxes; regulations by director.
74-2445 - Microfilming and photostating services for elected officials and state agencies; fees; revolving fund, use.
74-2447 - Transfer of powers to state board of tax appeals; abolishment of state court.
74-2448 - Powers of state court of tax appeals; petitions to reclassify certain property constructed with proceeds of industrial revenue bonds; rules and regulations.