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2014 Statute


65-4127e.Sentencing under 65-4127a and 65-4127b; substances and quantities; crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993. (a) For purposes of sentencing pursuant to this act, substances and quantities shall be as follows:


Alpha-Methylfentanyl  1

Amphetamine  25

Any substance which contains any quantity of a derivative of barbituric acid, or any salt of a derivative of barbituric acid  50

Cannabis Resin or Hashish  25

Cocaine    25

D-Lysergic Acid  .2 pure or

Diethylamide/Lysergide/LSD  200 dosage units

Dextropropoxyphene/Propoxyphene  100

Diazepam  50

Diethyltryptamine/DET  50

Dimethyltryptamine/DMT  50

Fentanyl    2

Hashish Oil  10

Heroin    5

Hydrocodone/Dihydrocodeinone  50

Hydromorphone/Dihydromorphinone  25

Marijuana/Cannabis  1500

Marijuana/Cannabis Plant  50 plants

Meperidine/Pethidine  100

Mescaline  10

Methamphetamine  25

Methaqualone  50

Morphine  25

Mushrooms containing Psilocin and/or Psilocybin  100

Opium    100

Oxycodone  25

Pentazocine  50

Peyote    100

Phencyclidine/PCP  5

Phentermine  50

Phenylacetone PP  25

Psilocin    2

Psilocybin  2

Tetrahydrocannabinol  5

3-Methylfentanyl  1

3,4-Methylene-dioxyamphetamine/MDA  10

3,4-Methylene-dioxymethamphetamine/MDMA  10

(b) Any reference to a particular controlled substance in this section includes all salts, isomers and all salts of isomers. Any reference to cocaine includes ecgonine and coca leaves, except extracts of coca leaves from which cocaine and ecgonine have been removed.

(c) The scale amounts for all controlled substances in this section refer to the total weight of the controlled substance. If any mixture of a compound contains any detectable amount of a controlled substance, the entire amount of the mixture or compound shall be considered in measuring the quantity. If a mixture or compound contains a detectable amount of more than one controlled substance, the most serious controlled substance shall determine the categorization of the entire quantity.

(d) The provisions of this section shall not be applicable to crimes committed on or after July 1, 1993.

History: L. 1988, ch. 257, § 3; L. 1992, ch. 239, § 283; July 1, 1993.