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2014 Statute

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61-3905.Stay of proceedings on appeal; bond. (a) Whenever an appellant entitled thereto desires a stay on appeal from an action pursuant to the code of civil procedure for limited actions, such appellant may present to the judge from which the appeal is taken, for the judge's approval, a supersedeas bond which shall have such surety or sureties as the judge requires. The bond may be given at or after the time of filing the notice of appeal, and the stay is effective when the supersedeas bond is approved by the judge. Such bond shall be conditioned for the satisfaction of the judgment in full together with costs, interest and damages for delay, if for any reason the appeal is dismissed, or if the judgment is affirmed; and to satisfy in full any modification of the judgment and such costs, interests and damages as the appellate court may adjudge and award.

(b) When the judgment is for the recovery of money not otherwise secured, the amount of the bond shall be fixed at such sum as will cover the whole amount of the judgment remaining unsatisfied, costs on the appeal, interest and damages for delay, unless the court after notice and hearing and for good cause shown fixes a different amount or orders security other than the bond. When the judgment determines the disposition of the property in controversy as in replevin, or when such property is in the custody of the sheriff or when the proceeds of such property or a bond for its value is in the custody or control of the court, the amount of the supersedeas bond shall be fixed after notice and hearing at such sum only as will secure the amount recovered for the use and detention of the property, the costs of the action, costs on appeal, interest and damages for delay. When an order is made discharging, vacating or modifying a provisional remedy, a party aggrieved thereby shall be entitled, upon application to the judge, to have the operation of such order suspended for a period of not to exceed 14 days on condition that, within the period of 14 days, such party shall file notice of appeal and obtain the approval of such supersedeas bond as is required under this section.

(c) In lieu of a supersedeas bond, the court may condition a stay of proceedings pending appeal upon the timely payment into court of the periodic rent otherwise due from the defendant to the plaintiff under the rental agreement pertaining to the real property in issue.

History: L. 2000, ch. 161, § 90; L. 2010, ch. 135, § 223; July 1.

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