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2014 Statute

Section Number

47-414 - Definitions.
47-414a - "Brand commissioner" and "livestock brand commissioner" mean animal health commissioner; "board" means Kansas animal health board.
47-416 - Animal health commissioner, duties; brand recording; assistant commissioner, inspectors, investigators, examiners and employees.
47-416a - Livestock special investigators; law enforcement powers; training requirements.
47-417 - Adoption of brands; registration of brands; registration and renewal fees; delinquent brands; abandonment; rules and regulations.
47-417a - Brand inspection; fees; disposition; livestock brand fee fund.
47-418 - Branding; rules and regulations; identification brands for disease control purposes.
47-418a - Same; unlawful acts, penalty.
47-419 - Certified copies of record; fee.
47-420 - Unlawful use of brands; additional marking systems; feedlot brands; permits, fees.
47-421 - Unlawful branding or defacing of brands; penalty; venue of prosecutions.
47-422 - Effect of brand registering; recordation, fee; evidence; use by another prohibited, penalty.
47-423 - Livestock from another state; permit; damages for failure to comply.
47-424 - Publication of handbook and supplements; exchanges, sale and distribution.
47-425 - Duty of attorney general.
47-426 - Rules and regulations.
47-427 - Invalidity of part.
47-428 - Entry upon private lands; inspections; proof of ownership of livestock.
47-429 - Moneys received from sale of branded stray livestock.
47-432 - Livestock brand emergency revolving fund; purpose.
47-433 - Livestock brand emergency revolving fund; use; employment of personnel; compensation.
47-434 - Brand inspection areas; definitions.
47-435 - Same; petition; resolution of county commissioners; basic brand inspection area designated; termination as area, procedure.
47-436 - Same; duties of commissioner, brand inspectors and special investigators; rules and regulations.
47-437 - Same; fees; collection; rules and regulations; increase or reduction in amount of fees; disposition of fees; county option brand fee fund.
47-438 - Same; bill of sale required in inspection areas; unlawful acts.
47-439 - Same; unlawful to fail or refuse to exhibit bill of sale, when.
47-440 - Same; contents of bill of sale; unlawful acts.
47-441 - Same; unlawful to remove cattle from area without inspection certificate; exceptions.
47-442 - Same; unlawful to move cattle within area without inspection; exceptions.
47-445 - Same; act supplemental.
47-446 - Feedlot brands; application; conditions.
47-447 - Penalty for violation of 47-420, 47-446.
47-448 - Reciprocity agreements with livestock commissioners or brand inspection agencies of other states; brand inspection fees, not limited by other laws.