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2014 Statute

Section Number

46-125 - Privileges of members of the legislature in court proceedings.
46-126 - Continuance of cases.
46-127 - Judicial notice of personnel of legislature; waiver of privilege.
46-127a - When judgment and order to be null and void.
46-128 - Deposition; power of judge to prevent abuse of privileges.
46-134a - Senate ways and means and house appropriations committees; continuing committees; meetings; visiting state institutions; compensation and expense allowances.
46-137a - Compensation and expenses of legislators; increases.
46-137b - Same; additional compensation for legislative officers; increases.
46-137c - Same; warrants for payment of compensation and expenses.
46-137d - Application of 46-137a, 46-137b, 46-137e and 75-3212.
46-137e - Additional compensation and allowances for certain officers and members of the legislature.
46-142 - Preorganizational meetings of members-elect; selection of candidates for offices of senate and house; election of majority and minority leaders; secretary of state as temporary chairperson of each house; election of officers, when.
46-143 - Same; notice by secretary of state, when; exception.
46-144 - Same; compensation and expenses.
46-145 - Authority of candidates for offices of president of senate and speaker of house and of majority and minority leaders; compensation and expenses.
46-146a - Orientation meetings for members-elect; leadership conferences; compensation and expenses.
46-150 - Employment of certain legislative officers and employees; compensation.
46-152 - Preparation of vouchers and payrolls of legislators and legislative officers and employees in certain cases; selection of certain employees.
46-153 - Approval of vouchers for payment from legislative appropriations.
46-155 - Items of appropriation; limitations and exceptions.
46-156 - Terms of members of the legislature; commencement.
46-157 - Convening of legislature.
46-158 - Legislative pages; compensation.
46-159 - Legislator's absence from employment to be treated as continuous service for retirement purposes.
46-160 - Resignation of member of senate or house of representatives; filing of notice; duty of secretary of state.
46-161 - Compensation; expense allowances and mileage of legislators attending meetings of senate or house.