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2014 Statute


19-3505a.Issuance of no-fund warrants by board, when; expending moneys; tax levy, collection and disposition. In order to provide funds to meet necessary expenses in carrying on its regular activities and duties, as provided in K.S.A. 19-3505, the water district board provided for by said section 19-3505 may issue no-fund warrants in a total amount not exceeding one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) during the time after the members of the first board are duly qualified and before the issuance of bonds under the provisions of K.S.A. 19-3516. Such warrants shall be issued in like manner as other warrants and shall bear interest at a rate of not more than the maximum rate of interest prescribed by K.S.A. 10-1009 and shall be recorded by the secretary of the water district board and redeemed as provided in article 8 of chapter 10 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated. Such water district board is hereby authorized and empowered to expend all moneys raised by no-fund warrants issued under the provisions of this section although it has not adopted a budget for the period during which such expenditures are made.

At the first tax levying period after the issuance of any such warrants, the secretary of such water district board shall certify to the county clerk of the county in which the greatest portion of the area of the water district lies the total amount of no-fund warrants that have been issued together with the amount of interest due and to become due thereon prior to redemption. Thereupon, the county clerk shall determine the rate of tax necessary to be levied on all the taxable tangible property in the water district to redeem said warrants and to pay the interest thereon. Upon the determination of such rate of tax, said county clerk shall certify same to the board of county commissioners of every county in which any portion of the area of such water district lies and said boards of county commissioners shall levy such tax on all taxable tangible property in such water district in their respective counties. Upon the collection of such tax in any county other than the county in which the greatest portion of the area of the district lies, the county treasurer of such county shall transmit the same to the county treasurer of the county in which the greatest portion of the area of such district lies. The tax levies herein authorized shall be in addition to all other tax levies authorized or limited by law.

History: L. 1955, ch. 170, § 1; L. 1957, ch. 192, § 3; L. 1970, ch. 64, § 65; March 21.