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2014 Statute

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2-2445a. Certified private applicator's certificate; qualifications; examination; fee; educational materials; reciprocity of certificates. In lieu of obtaining a commercial applicator's certificate under the provisions of K.S.A. 2-2441a, and amendments thereto, a private applicator's certificate may be applied for by and issued to individuals using restricted use pesticides for the purpose of producing any agricultural commodity on property owned or rented by the individual or such individual's employer, or on the property of another for no compensation other than the trading of personal services between producers. Such certificates shall expire on the anniversary of the individual's date of birth occurring in the fifth calendar year following the year of issue. No certification shall be required hereunder for individuals operating under the supervision of a certified private applicator.

Certified private applicator certificates may be issued to individuals who have paid: (a) A fee fixed by rules and regulations adopted by the secretary, except that on and after July 1, 2018, such fee shall not exceed $10; and (b) who have acquired practical knowledge of pest problems, proper storage, use, handling and disposal of pesticides and pesticide containers, pertinent information found on the pesticide labels, pesticide use safety and environmental considerations, either through Kansas state university extension service educational training or through individual study of educational materials available at county extension offices or the secretary. The certified private applicator certificate fee in effect on the day preceding the effective date of this act shall continue in effect until the secretary adopts rules and regulations fixing a different fee therefor under this section. Individuals shall indicate adequate knowledge of the subjects enumerated herein by passing an open-book examination approved by the secretary.

Educational materials and examination blanks shall be made available at county extension offices and at places where extension educational training is conducted. The examinations shall be scored by members of the extension or secretary's staff. If an individual passes the examination by equaling or exceeding a standard authorized by the secretary, a certified private applicator's certificate shall be issued to such individual. Such staff member shall send a copy of the certificate issued, together with the fee, to the secretary.

A certified applicator who holds a current certificate to apply pesticides as a certified private applicator in any other state or political subdivision of the United States may be exempted from examination for private applicator certification in this state upon payment of proper fees and approval by the secretary.

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