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2014 Statute


2-1417.Label requirements. Each bulk quantity, package or parcel of agricultural seed offered for sale, exposed for sale or exchanged for planting or seeding purposes shall have a label which shall be affixed thereto or printed or stenciled thereon or in bulk quantity which shall be furnished with the invoice, in the English language giving the following information, which shall not be modified or denied on the label, or on another label attached to the container, and in bulk quantity shall be furnished with the invoice:

(a) The commonly accepted name of the kind and variety or the kind and the words "variety not stated" of each agricultural seed component in excess of 5% of the whole and the percentage by weight of each in order of its predominance, except for the annual grain crops wheat, oats, barley, and soybeans for which the label shall include kind and variety. For blends of wheat, oats, barley or soybeans, the label shall include the kind followed by the word "blend." For brands of wheat, oats, barley, and soybeans, the brand mark or term must precede the word "brand." Components of blends and brands of wheat, oats, barley and soybeans shall be registered with the secretary unless all varieties and the percentage thereof are listed on the label. Blends and brands so registered may be labeled by kind and the words "variety (varieties) not stated." The composition of registered blends and brands shall remain consistent from year to year. Where more than one component is required to be named, the word "mixture" or the word "mixed" shall be shown conspicuously on the label;

(b) the percentage by weight of pure seed;

(c) the percentage by weight of all weed seeds;

(d) the percentage by weight of inert matter;

(e) for each named agricultural seed: (1) The percentage of germination, exclusive of hard seed; (2) the percentage of hard seeds, if present; (3) total germination percentage including hard seed may be shown; (4) the calendar month and year the test was completed to determine such percentages;

(f) the percentage by weight of agricultural seeds (which may be designated as "crop seeds") other than those required to be named on the label;

(g) the lot number or other lot identification;

(h) the origin: i.e., the state or foreign country where grown, except grass seeds in quantities of less than 10 pounds for lawn seeding purposes, or a declaration that origin of seed is unknown to seller;

(i) the name and rate of occurrence per pound of each kind of restricted weed seed present, which shall not be more than the number per pound of restricted weed seed in agricultural seed, as provided in subsection (k) of K.S.A. 2-1415;

(j) the name and address of person responsible for the label;

(k) agricultural seed which has been treated with chemicals for insect or disease control, shall be labeled to show the following:

(1) A word or statement indicating that the seed has been treated;

(2) the commonly accepted, coined, chemical or abbreviated chemical (generic) name of the applied substance;

(3) if the substance in the amount applied is harmful to human or other vertebrate animals, a caution statement, such as: "Do not use for food, feed or oil purposes." The caution for mercurials and similarly toxic substances must include in a contrasting color the word "poison" and skull and crossbones; and

(4) a separate label may be used to show this information, or it may be a component part of the main label.

History: L. 1935, ch. 4, § 3; L. 1961, ch. 5, § 3; L. 1985, ch. 10, § 3; July 1.