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2012 Statute

Section Number

73-1207 - Purposes of act.
73-1208a - Kansas commission on veterans affairs; creation; membership; terms; compensation and expenses.
73-1208b - Monthly meetings of commission.
73-1208c - Executive director, appointment, powers and duties; compensation and expenses of commission members, executive director, officers and employees.
73-1209 - Duties of executive director.
73-1210a - Officers and employees of commission; appointment; fingerprinting and criminal background check; powers, duties and functions; rights and benefits preserved.
73-1211 - Prosecution of claims before federal veterans' administration.
73-1216 - Financial benefits to dependents of prisoners of war or persons missing in action, who attend certain educational institutions; definitions.
73-1217 - Same; enrollment at institutions without tuition or fees; filing claims for reimbursement by institutions; Kansas commission on veterans affairs, administration, rules and regulations.
73-1218 - Financial benefits to dependents of persons deceased as a result of service during Vietnam conflict; enrollment at institutions without tuition or fees; claims for reimbursement filed with commission on veterans affairs; "dependent" defined.
73-1219 - Commission detached from department of labor; existence continued; rules and regulations, orders and directives preserved.
73-1220 - Office of executive director of Kansas veterans' commission abolished; powers, duties and functions transferred.
73-1221 - Persian Gulf War syndrome; short title.
73-1222 - Same; definitions.
73-1223 - Same; Persian Gulf War veterans health initiative board, establishment, members, meetings, expense allowances.
73-1224 - Same; survey of individuals suffering syndrome; duties of commission on veterans affairs and executive director; limitation on expenses.
73-1225 - Same; staff position established, appointment, duties.
73-1226 - Same; survey, conduct and participation offers; establishment and maintenance of registry of persons affected; immunity for persons providing information.
73-1227 - Same; fiscal impact study identifying budgetary impact thereof.
73-1228 - Same; survey information confidential, limited disclosure authorized.
73-1229 - Same; rules and regulations.
73-1230 - Same; cooperation with other agencies in obtaining aid.
73-1231 - Same; Persian Gulf War veterans health initiative fund established.
73-1232 - State system of veterans cemeteries.
73-1233 - Memorials for veterans; capital improvement projects on state property; guidelines, procedures and approvals; financing; rules and regulations; gifts; advisory committee; Kansas veterans memorial fund.
73-1234 - Veterans claims assistance program; purpose; guidelines; administration by Kansas commission on veterans affairs; director of veterans claims assistance program; grants to veterans service organizations, eligibility, annual applications and agreements; rules and regulations; claims outcome data central database registry.
73-1235 - Same; veterans claims assistance advisory board; composition; appointment; terms; annual organization; meeting attendance expenses.
73-1236 - Same; annual study by legislative budget committee; reports by veterans service organizations.
73-1237 - Same; legislative post audit performance audit.
73-1238 - Vietnam war era medallion program; creation; eligibility.
73-1239 - Same; award; rules and regulations; applications.
73-1240 - Same; applicants.
73-1241 - Same; death of applicant.
73-1242 - Same; disallowance; form and design of medallion, medal and certificate.
73-1243 - Same; Vietnam war era veterans' recognition award fund.