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2012 Statute


41-306. Spirits distributor's license; rights of licensee. A spirits distributor's license, shall allow:

(a) The wholesale purchase, importation and storage of spirits, but all such spirits so purchased or imported which are manufactured in the United States shall be purchased from the primary American source of supply or from another licensed spirits distributor, except that a licensed spirits distributor may purchase confiscated spirits at a sheriff's sale.

(b) The sale of spirits to:

(1) Spirits distributors licensed in this state;

(2) retailers licensed in this state, except that such distributor shall sell a brand of spirits only to those retailers whose licensed premises are located in the geographic territory within which such distributor is authorized to sell such brand, as designated in the notice or notices filed with the director pursuant to K.S.A. 41-410, and amendments thereto; and

(3) such persons located outside such territory or outside this state as permitted by law.

(c) The purchase of spirits in barrels, casks or other bulk containers and the bottling thereof before resale, but all bottles or containers filled with such spirits shall be sealed, labeled and otherwise made to comply with all laws and rules and regulations governing the preparation and bottling of spirits by manufacturers and with all federal rules, regulations and laws.

(d) The storage and delivery to a retailer licensed under the Kansas liquor control act or a retailer licensed under K.S.A. 41-2702, and amendments thereto, on the distributor's licensed premises, of alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage of another licensed distributor authorized by law to sell such alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage to such retailer, in accordance with an agreement entered into with such other distributor and approved by the director.

(e) The storage and delivery to a public venue licensed under the club and drinking establishment act of alcoholic liquor purchased by the public venue licensee from a retailer authorized by law to sell such alcoholic liquor to such public venue licensee.

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