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2012 Statute


40-2124. Same; deductible and copayment provisions; maximum lifetime benefit; preexisting conditions exclusion; reduction of plan benefits for duplicate coverage; recovery of benefits paid for noncovered expenses. (a) Coverage under the plan shall be subject to both deductible and coinsurance provisions set by the board. The plan shall offer to current participants and new enrollees no fewer than four choices of deductible and copayment options. Coverage shall contain a coinsurance provision for each service covered by the plan, and such copayment requirement shall not be subject to a stop-loss provision. Such coverage may provide for a percentage or dollar amount of coinsurance reduction at specific thresholds of copayment expenditures by the insured.

(b) Coverage under the plan shall be subject to a maximum lifetime benefit of $3,000,000 per covered individual.

(c)  Coverage under the plan shall exclude charges or expenses incurred during the first 90 days following the effective date of coverage as to any condition: (1) Which manifested itself during the six-month period immediately prior to the application for coverage in such manner as would cause an ordinarily prudent person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; or (2) for which medical advice, care or treatment was recommended or received in the six-month period immediately prior to the application for coverage. In succeeding years of operation of the plan, coverage of preexisting conditions may be excluded as determined by the board, except that no such exclusion shall exceed 180 calendar days, and no exclusion shall be applied to either a federally defined eligible individual provided that application for coverage is made not later than 63 days following the applicant's most recent prior creditable coverage or an individual under the age of 19 years who is eligible for enrollment in the plan under paragraph (3) of subsection (b) of K.S.A. 40-2122, and amendments thereto. For any individual who is eligible for the credit for health insurance costs under section 35 of the internal revenue code of 1986, the preexisting conditions limitation will not apply whenever such individual has maintained creditable health insurance coverage for an aggregate period of three months, not counting any period prior to a 63-day break in coverage, as of the date on which such individual seeks to enroll in coverage provided by this act.

(d) (1) Benefits otherwise payable under plan coverage shall be reduced by all amounts paid or payable through any other health insurance, or insurance arrangement, and by all hospital and medical expense benefits paid or payable under any workers compensation coverage, automobile medical payment or liability insurance whether provided on the basis of fault or nonfault, and by any hospital or medical benefits paid or payable under or provided pursuant to any state or federal law or program.

(2) The association shall have a cause of action against an eligible person for the recovery of the amount of benefits paid which are not covered expenses. Benefits due from the plan may be reduced or refused as a set-off against any amount recoverable under this section.

History: L. 1992, ch. 209, § 8; L. 1994, ch. 125, § 1; L. 1997, ch. 190, § 11; L. 2004, ch. 159, § 10; L. 2008, ch. 164, § 4; L. 2011, ch. 111, § 7; June 2.