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2012 Statute


32-1156.Abandonment of a vessel; removal from public waterway, when. (a) No person shall abandon a vessel upon a public waterway or upon public or private property without the consent of the owner or person in lawful possession or control of the property.

(b) The abandonment of any vessel in a manner prohibited by subsection (a) is prima facie evidence that the last registered owner of record is responsible for the abandonment, unless such owner has notified the department or other appropriate law enforcement agency of such owner's relinquishment of title or registration or interest therein. The person so responsible shall be required to pay the cost of removal and disposition of the vessel.

(c) A law enforcement officer of this state may remove a vessel from a public waterway when:

(1) The vessel is left unattended and is adrift, moored, docked, beached or made fast to land in such a position as to interfere with navigation or in such a condition as to create a hazard to other vessels using the waterway, to public safety or to the property of another.

(2) The vessel is found upon a waterway and a report has previously been made that the vessel has been stolen or embezzled.

(3) The person in charge of the vessel is by reason of physical injuries or illness incapacitated to such an extent as to be unable to provide for its custody or removal.

(4) A law enforcement officer arresting a person operating or in control of the vessel for an alleged offense, and the officer is required or permitted to take, and does take, the person arrested into custody without unnecessary delay.

(5) The vessel seriously interferes with navigation or otherwise poses a critical and immediate danger to navigation or to the public health, safety or welfare.

History: L. 2006, ch. 85, § 11; Jan. 1, 2007.