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2012 Statute


21-5811.Commercial fossil hunting. (a) It is unlawful for any commercial fossil hunter to:

(1) Go upon the land of another in search of fossils unless the commercial fossil hunter has obtained the written authorization of the landowner to go upon such land for such purpose and when requesting such written authorization has identified oneself to the landowner as a commercial fossil hunter who intends to explore the land and sell any fossils of value found on the land. The written authorization shall state that the landowner has been informed of such intended activities by the commercial fossil hunter; or

(2) remove a fossil from the land of another upon which the fossil is located unless the landowner is first provided with a description of the fossil and the landowner authorizes in writing the removal of the fossil.

(b) (1) Violation of subsection (a)(1) is a class B nonperson misdemeanor.

(2) Violation of subsection (a)(2) is a class A nonperson misdemeanor.

(c) As used in this section:

(1) "Commercial fossil hunter" means an individual who goes upon the land of another in search of fossils with the intent to sell fossils of value found upon such land;

(2) "fossil" means any impression or trace of an animal or plant of a past geological age preserved in the earth's crust;

(3) "landowner" means the record owner of the fee in real estate or the tenant of such owner who occupies such real estate, if so authorized by the owner; and

(4) "land of another" means all real estate other than that owned or leased by any governmental entity or the commercial fossil hunter.

(d) This section is supplemental to and not in lieu of any other law of this state relating to entering or remaining upon the land of another and relating to the removal of items of value from the property of another.

(e) It shall not be a defense that the person did not know or have reason to know that such person was on the landowner's property.

History: L. 2010, ch. 136, § 97; July 1, 2011.