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2012 Statute

Section Number

17-5801 - Exemption from securities act.
17-5802 - Acknowledgments of instruments.
17-5803 - Payment to minor or married woman is valid discharge of association.
17-5804 - Joint shares; powers of joint tenants; share loans, effect.
17-5805 - All thrift and home-financing organizations subject to provisions of savings and loan act.
17-5806 - All corporations heretofore incorporated in state subject to provisions of savings and loan act.
17-5807 - All obligations heretofore contracted may be enforced.
17-5808 - Associations may incidentally purchase loans.
17-5809 - All mortgages on one piece of property to be sold at same time.
17-5810 - Separability provisions.
17-5811 - Accepting payments when capital impaired; felony.
17-5812 - Fraudulent acts; civil liability; felony.
17-5814 - Deposit associations and savings deposits; definitions.
17-5816 - Same; adoption of bylaws to raise capital; approval or disapproval by commissioner; appeal.
17-5817 - Authority to act as trustee; commingled funds; records.
17-5818 - Emergency closing of savings and loan associations; definitions.
17-5819 - Same; proclamations by commissioner; closing and reopening.
17-5820 - Same; continuity of management and business in national emergency; liability.
17-5821 - Same; officer's determination that emergency exists; approval of commissioner, when; closing offices on special observance days.
17-5822 - Same; notice of closing to commissioner.
17-5823 - Same; days closed during emergencies considered legal holidays; liability; construction of act.
17-5824 - Insurance of shares or deposits; effective date; amount; extension of time for compliance; exception.
17-5825 - Same; notice of noninsurance required; extension of time for compliance; form of notice.
17-5826 - Same; application for approval of insurer other than F.S.L.I.C.; hearing; determination by insurance commissioner.
17-5827 - Same; failure to insure or give notice of noninsurance; notice by savings and loan commissioner; hearing; revocation of authority to do business; dissolution.
17-5828 - Contracts for payment to beneficiaries upon deposit account owners' deaths; rights of owners during lifetime; change of beneficiary.
17-5829 - Same; duties of association; release and discharge thereof.
17-5830 - Trust powers; generally.
17-5831 - Personal liability of officers and directors, exceptions.
17-5832 - Compliance review committees; functions; confidentiality of certain documents; definitions; exceptions.