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2012 Statute

Section Number

17-1301c - Definitions.
17-1302 - Cemetery lots; disposition.
17-1302a - Replatting of areas of certain cemeteries established by religious corporations.
17-1303 - Owners of lots as members of corporation.
17-1304 - Replatting cemetery previously chartered.
17-1305 - Private burying grounds; control by county clerk; actions for damages.
17-1307 - Cemeteries in or near cities; capital stock; directors; powers.
17-1308 - Same; plat of lots and deposits in permanent maintenance fund prerequisite to conveyance of lots.
17-1309 - Same; conveyance of lots.
17-1310 - Same; control of lands; replatting.
17-1311 - Cemetery permanent maintenance fund; requirements; use; purpose; trust instruments, terminated, transferred or amended.
17-1311a - Same; misuse of the permanent maintenance fund, criminal penalty.
17-1311b - Funds in a permanent maintenance fund not subject to legal process.
17-1312 - Same; trustee, when; trust instruments, provisions; reporting requirements.
17-1312a - Registration of cemetery corporation with secretary of state; reporting requirements; failure to register, civil penalty; maintenance fund; audit or examination of accounts, assessment of expenses; fees.
17-1312b - Audit or examination of books and accounts; examination of officers, employees and agents.
17-1312c - Same; interference with or refusal to submit to examination; appointment of receiver.
17-1312d - Maintenance fund; failure to establish or maintain; forfeiture of cemetery corporation.
17-1312e - Information and records of examination confidential; disclosure of certain information allowed.
17-1312f - Application of act; exceptions.
17-1312g - Cemetery corporations; trust agreement, copy filed with secretary of state; requirements; rules and regulations.
17-1313 - Cemeteries in or near cities; dissolution.
17-1315 - Eminent domain.
17-1316 - Cemetery corporations in or adjacent to cities of more than 40,000.
17-1317 - Same; permanent care fund.
17-1319 - City or association; permanent maintenance fund; use and investment.
17-1319a - Cemetery corporations; attorney general initiate an accounting at request of secretary of state; plan to correct deficiencies.
17-1321 - Same; control; custodian, bond.
17-1322 - Sale by one association of all unsold real property to another owning land adjoining or in close proximity; purchase of assets.
17-1323 - Same; replatting.
17-1324 - Plans for mausoleums or vaults; approval by secretary of health and environment.
17-1325 - Crypts and catacombs; construction.
17-1326 - Same; sealing burial structure; reinterment.
17-1327 - Same; penalties.
17-1328 - Sale of lands of abandoned cemeteries.
17-1329 - Same; use of proceeds.
17-1330 - Cemetery districts; petition; establishment; tax levy; limitation; care of abandoned cemetery; reinvestment of title to lots, when; proceedings.
17-1330a - Same; withdrawal of cemetery; petition.
17-1330b - Same; inclusion of adjoining territory; resolution, hearing, publication.
17-1331 - Same; organization.
17-1332 - Same; filing offer to convey property; abandoned cemeteries.
17-1333 - Same; annual meetings; powers of electors.
17-1333a - Same; election of directors; vacancies.
17-1334 - Same; meetings of directors; election of officers; terms; bond of secretary-treasurer.
17-1335 - Same; authority of association; issuance of bonds.
17-1335a - Same; reinvestment of title to lots under 17-1330; notice to nonresidents; publication.
17-1335b - Same; record of proceedings.
17-1335c - Same; default by owners; action to determine title.
17-1335d - Same; abandonment by grantee or holder.
17-1335e - Same; judgment may be recorded.
17-1335f - Same; description; ingress and egress.
17-1335g - Same; perpetual care contracts exempt.
17-1335h - Same; title reinvested; reconveyance, when.
17-1335i - Same; annexation of territory to districts; procedure.
17-1336 - Cemetery districts in certain counties; tax levies; road improvement.
17-1336a - Same; road completion fund; transfer of surplus money for machinery and equipment; limitation.
17-1337 - Same; directors; election; terms; vacancies.
17-1338 - Same; permanent maintenance fund; use and investment.
17-1339 - Same; control of permanent fund; custodian.
17-1341 - Same; conveyance of city cemetery; ordinance.
17-1342 - Cemetery districts; establishment by city of second or third class and townships.
17-1343 - Same; petition to county commissioners.
17-1344 - Same; board of trustees; officers; bond; expenditures; tax levies; election upon petition.
17-1345 - Disorganization of township cemetery and formation of district; petition; transfer of property.
17-1346 - Same; application of laws.
17-1347 - Reversion of unused grave spaces conveyed to patriotic organizations.
17-1348 - Certain charitable purpose corporations; joint custody of assets.
17-1349 - Same; investment standards; acquisition of property.
17-1350 - Dissolution of certain cemetery districts; determination of facts.
17-1351 - Same; findings; notice to owners of intention to dissolve district.
17-1352 - Same; hearing; determination; authority to contract, when.
17-1353 - Same; acquisition of locations in certain existing cemeteries.
17-1354 - Same; dissolution of district by court, when; deed; report, approval; order; recordation.
17-1355 - Certain districts in counties over 250,000; tax levies, when; limitation.
17-1356 - Disorganization and annexation of cemetery district to other district in same county, when; procedure.
17-1357 - Same; entire district to be disorganized and annexed.
17-1358 - Same; transfer of property and funds.
17-1359 - Disorganization of certain districts and annexation of territory to other districts.
17-1360 - Same; vote to disorganize and requesting annexation of territory to another district; duties of secretary-treasuer.
17-1361 - Same; duties of board receiving proposition; territory not annexed, when.
17-1362 - Same; county commissioners duties to disorganize and annex district, when.
17-1363 - Same; records, funds, etc., transferred to annexing district; title to property.
17-1364 - Same; fixing number of board after annexation; terms.
17-1365 - Same; tax levies after annexation; uses of funds.
17-1366 - Maintenance of abandoned cemeteries; definitions.
17-1367 - Same; dissolution of certain cemetery corporations; liens declared void on and after January 1, 2003; transfer of property and moneys.
17-1368 - Same; contracts.
17-1369 - Cemetery district No. 23, Republic county; tax levy.
17-1370 - Cemetery districts in Sedgwick and Sumner counties; attachment of land in another county; petition; tax levy; transfer of moneys.
17-1371 - Conveyance of cemetery property to Dodge City; transfer of books, paper, records and funds.
17-1372 - Cemetery districts; annual report of finances, filed with county commission.
17-1373 - Cemetery district; creation by resolution of county commissioners, notice, hearing; election, when; conveyance of certain property, when.
17-1374 - Same; acquisition of land; no-fund warrants.
17-1375 - Cemetery corporation; selling excess real estate; conditions.
17-1376 - Same; petition; notice; hearing.