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2012 Statute

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2-2803.Definitions. As used in this act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) "Soil amendment" means and includes any substance which is intended to improve the physical, chemical or other characteristics of the soil or improve agricultural crop production, except that it shall not include the following: Commercial fertilizers, agricultural liming materials including ground and slaked lime, unmanipulated animal manures, vegetable compost and pesticides.

(b) "Name" means the specific designation under which the individual product is offered for sale.

(c) "Bulk" means in nonpackaged form.

(d) "Distribute" means to import, consign, offer for sale, sell, barter or to otherwise supply soil amendments to any person in this state.

(e) "Label" means the display of written, printed or graphic matter upon the immediate container of a soil amendment.

(f) "Unmanipulated animal manures" means the refuse of stables, barnyards or feedlots consisting of animal excreta with or without litter.

(g) "Secretary" means the secretary of agriculture.

(h) "Department" means the Kansas department of agriculture.

(i) "Active ingredient" means the ingredient or ingredients which affect the physical, chemical or other characteristics of the soil and thereby improve soil condition.

(j) "Inert ingredient" means the ingredients which do not have any beneficial effect but are present in the product.

(k) "Person" means individuals, partnerships, associations and corporations.

(l) "Percent" or "percentage" means by weight.

(m) "Registrant" means any person who registers a soil amendment under the provisions of this act.

(n) "Value" means that a product provides statistically established economic benefits to the end user of the product.

(o) "Usefulness" means that there exists data on a product that proves that the product has a beneficial contribution towards the improvement of the physical, chemical or other characteristics of the soil or that the product improves agricultural crop production.

(p) "Agricultural crop production" means the production of field crops commonly grown in Kansas as opposed to horticultural or landscaping stock.

History: L. 1976, ch. 2, § 3; L. 1980, ch. 2, § 1; L. 1985, ch. 14, § 2; L. 2004, ch. 101, § 53; July 1.

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