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Feb. 26, 2021
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Senate Bills and Resolutions in Committee:

Transparency and Ethics - 10 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB17 Prohibiting a public agency from charging a fee under the open records act for records requested for an audit by the legislative division of post audit.
SB157 Requiring election commissioners currently appointed by the secretary of state to be elected.
SB182 Requiring electronic filing of campaign reports by candidates for state office unless an exemption is granted for cause.
SB183 Requiring equipment and other personal property purchased with campaign funds by a candidate terminating their candidacy be sold or purchased by the candidate for fair market value and the money disposed of in the same manner as residual funds.
SB191 Providing for the appointment of election commissioners in the four largest counties by the board of county commissioners instead of the secretary of state.
SB260 Requiring an elected office holder or candidate for office to remove endorsements from social media within 90 days of a written request by an individual or organization.
HB2050 Removing the requirement that certain entities submit certain documents to the division of post audit.
HB2052 Authorizing legislative assistants and committee assistants to accept gifts of not to exceed $150 in value each legislative session from certain legislators.
HB2090 Creating a procedure for appointment of acting official when an elected official's military service causes a vacancy.
HB2096 Authorizing department of corrections employees, local correctional or detention officers, judicial branch employees, municipal court employees and administrative hearing officers to have identifying information restricted from public access on public websites that identify home addresses or home ownership.

Ways and Means - 17 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB110 Authorizing the issuance of bonds for the construction of a state veterans home.
SB117 Enacting the Kansas electricity bill reduction bonds act and authorizing the state corporation commission to issue securitized ratepayer-backed K-EBRA bonds for electric utility property.
SB134 Requiring state agencies to draft and implement minimum staffing plans.
SB140 Updating membership and requirements of the Kansas state employees health care commission to better reflect the current population of individuals eligible to participate in the state healthcare benefits program.
SB145 Authorizing the Kansas department of wildlife, parks and tourism to purchase land in Kingman county.
SB154 Increasing reimbursement rates for providers of home and community-based services under the intellectual or developmental disability waiver, making appropriations for such rates and providing for legislative review of the waiting list for such services.
SB232 Providing for COVID-19 hazard pay for teachers.
SB249 Creating additional reporting requirements for all state agencies for certain information technology projects.
SB250 Amending the Kansas cybersecurity act to require security training for all state agencies and provide for certain information to be provided to the joint committee on information technology.
SB264 Enacting the Kansas fights addiction act to establish a grant program for the purpose of preventing, reducing, treating and mitigating the effects of substance abuse and addiction.
SB266 Amortizing the state and school KPERS unfunded actuarial liability over a 24-year period and eliminating certain level-dollar employer contribution payments.
SB267 Appropriations for FY 2022, FY 2023 and FY 2024 for various state agencies.
SB268 Making supplemental appropriations for fiscal years 2021 through 2032 for various state agencies and revising the pooled money investment portfolio repayment schedule.
SB280 Modifying the distribution of the levy on fire insurance business premiums to the state fire marshal fee fund, the emergency medical services operating fund and the fire service training program fund.
HB2079 Transferring duties concerning address confidentiality program (safe at home) from the secretary of state to the attorney general.
HB2087 Limiting the review of certain rules and regulations by the director of the budget.
HB2101 Extending transfers from the expanded lottery act revenues fund to the university engineering initiative.

Federal and State Affairs - 38 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB2 Allowing consumption of beer and wine on the Kansas state fairgrounds and crediting a portion of moneys collected from the liquor enforcement tax to the state fair capital improvements fund.
SB11 Prohibiting the altering or backdating of the postmarks of advance mail ballots.
SB34 Sunsetting administrative rules and regulations five years after adoption unless extended by the legislature.
SB35 Removing the option of extension of the time for receipt of advance mail ballots after the third day following an election.
SB79 Providing the state fire marshal with law enforcement powers and requiring an investigation of deaths resulting from fire.
SB84 Authorizing sports wagering under the Kansas expanded lottery act.
SB94 Requiring all voting systems for elections to use individual voter-verified paper ballots.
SB96 Repealing the provision of Kansas residency for purposes of tuition and fees at a postsecondary educational institution for individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.
SB108 Creating the veterans benefit lottery game fund and transferring moneys to veterans service programs.
SB109 Requiring the Kansas commission on veterans affairs office to submit an initial application for a VA state veterans home construction grant.
SB125 Authorizing mail ballot elections for propositions to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas.
SB130 Amending the definition of "race" in the Kansas act against discrimination to include traits historically associated with race, including hair texture and protective hairstyles.
SB156 Prohibiting the carrying of a concealed handgun in the state capitol.
SB165 Removing the requirement of residency for election commissioners.
SB166 Authorizing county election officers to transmit advance voting ballots up to 40 days prior to the election.
SB169 Authorizing the legislative coordinating council to prohibit the carrying of concealed handguns in the state capitol.
SB179 Designating February 15 of each year as Susan B. Anthony Day in the state of Kansas.
SB181 Creating the elevator safety act to require inspections of elevators and licensure for elevator installation and repair.
SB184 Authorizing any registered voter to apply for permanent advance voting status.
SB187 Prohibiting internet social media terms of service that permit censorship of speech.
SB188 Enacting the national popular vote interstate compact for electing the president of the United States.
SB190 Creating the Kansas protection of firearm rights act to restore the right to possess a firearm upon expungement of certain convictions.
SB192 Requiring relinquishment of firearms pursuant to certain court orders related to domestic violence.
SB201 Authorizing voter registration for individuals 16 years of age or older.
SB209 Restrictions on third party solicitations to registered voters to file an application for an advance voting ballot.
SB210 Reducing the number of members of the house of representatives to 120.
SB245 Providing for the financing of electrical corporations through the issuance of securitization bonds.
SB252 Creating fulfillment house licenses to authorize storage and shipping services provided to winery special order shipping licensees.
SB253 Allowing a farm winery licensee to transfer and receive bulk wine and produce fortified wine.
SB254 Authorizing certain licensees under the Kansas liquor control act and the club and drinking establishment act to sell and serve cereal malt beverages.
SB255 Allowing the director of alcoholic beverage control to suspend or revoke a license under the Kansas liquor control act or the club and drinking establishment act.
SB256 Changing the start time for Sunday sales of alcoholic liquor from 12 noon to 10 a.m. and removing restrictions on sales on certain holidays.
SB257 Allowing clubs and drinking establishments to sell beer and cereal malt beverage for consumption off the licensed premises.
SB258 Clarifying the license terms and electronic submission of tax payments, reports and documentation for holders of a special order shipping license.
SB262 Authorizing a vote in Sedgwick county to allow the operation of electronic gaming machines at a racetrack gaming facility and prohibiting betting on greyhound races.
SCR1609 Proposing a constitutional amendment that provides for legislative oversight of rules and regulations adopted by executive branch agencies and officials.
HB2005 Excluding hot water supply boilers that have a nominal water capacity not exceeding 120 gallons from the provisions of the boiler safety act.
HB2008 Providing for the attorney general to coordinate training for law enforcement agencies on missing and murdered indigenous people.

Financial Institutions and Insurance - 21 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB30 Establishing the securities act victim restitution program.
SB48 Requiring certain insurance coverage for diagnostic examinations for breast cancer.
SB82 Limiting utilization review conducted by health plans under certain circumstances involving the treatment of mental illness or substance abuse disorder.
SB114 Allowing governmental entities and self-insurers to reject uninsured motorist and personal injury coverage.
SB128 Prohibiting disparate treatment by pharmacy benefits managers of certain pharmacies and pharmaceutical services providers.
SB135 Providing membership in the KP&F retirement system for security officers of the department of corrections.
SB199 Providing for short-term, limited-duration health plans.
SB218 Providing restrictions, lender reporting and other requirements for alternative small installment loans made under the UCCC.
SB225 Providing affiliation with the Kansas police and firemen's retirement system by the Kansas department of wildlife, parks and tourism for membership of certain law enforcement officers and employees.
SB242 Consolidating certain mortgage lending provisions, removing duplicate provisions from the uniform consumer credit code and incorporating such provisions into the Kansas mortgage business act.
SB243 Enacting the peer-to-peer vehicle sharing act to provide insurance, liability, recordkeeping and consumer protection requirements for peer-to-peer vehicle sharing.
SB244 Providing for enhanced regulation of pharmacy benefits managers and requiring licensure rather than registration of such entities.
SB265 Providing a KPERS death and long-term disability employer contribution moratorium.
HB2063 Providing certain KP&F tier II spousal and children's benefits for death resulting from a service-connected disability.
HB2064 Making DROP elections revocable and allowing DROP members who first elected a DROP period of less than five years to extend such DROP period.
HB2072 Updating the version of risk-based capital instructions in effect.
HB2074 Updating producer licensing statutes pertaining to appointment, fees, licensing, renewal dates, continuing education, suspension, revocation and denial of licensure and reinstatement.
HB2134 Updating the national association of insurance commissioners credit for reinsurance model law and codifying the credit for reinsurance model regulation.
HB2136 Updating certain statutes relating to the regulation of the business of insurance; granting the commissioner of insurance certain investigative powers.
HB2187 Enacting the first-time home buyer savings account act.
HB2243 Adjusting the frequency of the KPERS actuarial experience study.

Assessment and Taxation - 24 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB45 Providing for abatement of property tax for certain buildings or improvements destroyed or substantially destroyed by natural disaster.
SB76 Establishing the golden years homestead property tax freeze act to provide a refund for certain increases in residential property taxes.
SB87 Discontinuing apportionment of countywide retailers' sales tax imposed for general purposes between the county and cities located therein.
SB98 Placing the burden of proof on the county appraiser in certain valuation and classification appeal hearings before the district court and extending the time a state board of tax appeals member may continue to serve after such member's term expires.
SB111 Allowing a Kansas itemized deduction for wagering losses for income tax purposes.
SB112 Providing a sales tax exemption for sales of farm products sold at farmers' markets.
SB115 Authorizing the county to abate or credit property tax when commercial property is negatively affected by temporary government restrictions on use during a state of disaster emergency.
SB148 Exempting grocery stores from sales tax assessments for community improvement districts.
SB149 Providing for reimbursement of property taxes from county government for business shutdown or capacity limitation caused by the county.
SB171 Providing for adjusted sales tax rates for food and food ingredients.
SB180 Providing a sales tax exemption for certain purchases by disabled veterans.
SB202 Enacting the COVID-19 taxpayer and small business owner relief act including the UI fraud protection act exempting unemployment compensation income attributable to identity fraud, the retail storefront small business owner rebate act providing a refundable credit for certain retail storefront property tax and the small business property tax increase relief act establishing a payment plan for certain extraordinary increases in property taxation.
SB216 Extending the eligible time period for rural opportunity zones loan repayment program and income tax credit.
SB217 Adding certain counties to the list of eligible rural opportunity zone counties.
SB222 Excluding hypothetical leased fee when determining fair market value for property taxation purposes.
SB226 Providing a sales tax exemption for area agencies on aging for certain purchases of tangible personal property and services.
SB228 Allowing retailer to retain the state rate of sales and compensating use tax from movie ticket sales and concession sales.
SB233 Increasing sales tax collection thresholds relating to time frames for filing returns and paying sales tax by certain retailers.
SB234 Requiring same appraisal methodology for real and personal property residential mobile homes for property taxation purposes.
SB263 Eliminating the reduction of child day care services assistance tax credit in subsequent years and limitations on eligible corporations and providing a credit for employer payments to organizations for child day care services access.
SB277 Authorizing continuation of the 20 mill statewide property tax levy for schools and the exemption of a portion of residential property from such levy.
SB282 Providing income tax credits for aerospace and aviation program graduates and their employers.
HB2104 Modifying the sales tax exemption for construction materials by allowing certain educational institutions a sales tax exemption for purchases thereof.
HB2237 Extending the eligible time period for the rural opportunity zone loan repayment program and income tax credit.

Education - 9 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB44 Expanding the low-income family postsecondary savings accounts incentive program to include military servicemembers and veterans and allowing contributions by charitable organizations.
SB139 Permitting the administration of certain tests, questionnaires, surveys and examinations regarding student beliefs and practices on an opt-out basis and providing conditions therefor.
SB144 Making the high-density at-risk student weighting of the Kansas school equity and enhancement act permanent by removing the sunset.
SB173 Extending the high-density at-risk student weighting, requiring certain transfers to the at-risk fund of a school district and establishing requirements for school district at-risk fund expenditures and for identification of students eligible to receive at-risk programs and services.
SB208 Creating the fairness in women's sports act to require that female student athletic teams only include members who are biologically female.
SB215 Transferring the authority for postsecondary driver's education programs and driver training schools from the state board of regents to the department of revenue.
SB221 Establishing the follow the student tax credit that would allow an income tax credit for taxpayers with eligible dependent children not enrolled in public school.
HB2070 Allowing certain private not-for-profit postsecondary educational institutions to recoup credit card fees by permitting a surcharge for credit card transactions in the same manner as municipal universities, community colleges, technical colleges and vocational educational schools.
HB2124 Clarifying the authority of healing arts school clinics to provide healing arts services.

Commerce - 18 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB10 Enacting the right to earn a living act to minimize unnecessary occupational licensing and regulation.
SB137 Expanding the military spouse and service member’s expedited licensure law to all applicants who have established or intend to establish residency in Kansas, providing for licenses in an emergency declared by the legislature, allowing telemedicine by out-of-state healthcare providers and permitting the use of electronic credentials.
SB161 Providing for the use of personal package delivery devices on sidewalks and crosswalks, exempting such devices from motor vehicle regulation and limiting additional municipal regulation.
SB162 Providing for an emergency expansion of the employment security board of review with a sunset of June 30, 2024.
SB163 Amending unemployment insurance disqualification provisions relating to dates disqualification begins, recovery from illness or injury and part-time employment for an educational institution.
SB164 Concerning an employer's maximum liability for permanent total disability compensation and requiring an employer to pay such disabled employee during the continuance of such disability from the date of maximum medical improvement for the lifetime of the employee at the weekly rate of the compensation in effect on the date of injury for which compensation is being made.
SB176 Enacting the Kansas home inspectors professional competence and financial responsibility act and providing for registration for home inspectors with oversight by the attorney general.
SB177 Changing provisions of the employment security law including creation of the unemployment compensation modernization and improvement council, development of a new unemployment insurance information technology system, provision of tax information to claimants, publication of trust fund data, the maximum benefit period, the charging of employer accounts for benefits paid, employer contribution rate determination and schedules, abolishment of the employment security interest assessment fund, crediting of employer accounts for fraudulent or erroneous payments, transfers from the state general fund to the unemployment insurance trust fund for improper benefit payments, changes to the shared work compensation program and other unemployment trust fund provisions.
SB189 Requiring use of the fourth edition of the AMA medical guide to determine impairment for awarding workers compensation benefits.
SB193 Expanding the definition of compensable personal injury in workers compensation law to include mental injuries suffered from physical injury, emotional shock or after a series of work-related events.
SB194 Removing an employment security law restriction on leasing of certain employees by client lessees of lessor employing units.
SB203 Allowing injured employees to designate their healthcare provider and requiring the employer to pay for the services of such healthcare provider with regard to workers compensation.
SB213 Prohibiting an employer from taking any adverse employment against against an employee because of the employee's vaccination status.
SB219 Changing law pertaining to real estate brokers and salespersons including the definition of broker, licensure, actions that require licensing, exemptions, application of licensure provisions to trusts, Kansas real estate commission administrative fines, cease and desist orders and subpoena authority.
SB236 Establishing the Kansas commission for the United States semiquincentennial.
SB259 Providing that the testimony of an examining healthcare provider may be submitted in evidence by the provider's medical report in workers compensation cases.
SB281 Changing unemployment insurance disqualification provisions for fraud, part-time employment for educational institutions and receipt of pensions.
HB2112 Permitting online advertisement and sales of abandoned property by self-storage rental unit operators; providing for the designation by occupants of an alternate contact and limiting claims for loss or damage of stored property to the property value limit provided in the rental agreement.

Local Government - 5 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB97 Defining "purposes of sepulture" for purposes of the laws governing cemetery corporations.
SB153 Establishing election procedures for the imposition of term limits on members of the board of county commissioners.
SCR1606 A constitutional amendment to grant counties home rule powers.
HB2175 Creating the Dwayne Peaslee technical training center district.
HB2178 Vacating certain blocks in the original town plat set aside for a college and a park in the city of Americus and vesting fee simple title in the city.

Agriculture and Natural Resources - 6 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB269 Prohibiting the sale, slaughter and acquisition of live dangerous regulated animals, including nonhuman primates and wolves as dangerous regulated animals and requiring sufficient distance and barriers between dangerous regulated animals and the public.
HB2102 Updating egg repackaging requirements for retailers.
HB2103 Establishing the Kansas pesticide waste disposal program and permitting up to $50,000 to be transferred annually from the Kansas agricultural remediation fund to a new Kansas pesticide waste disposal fund.
HB2155 Providing for department of health and environment response operations for water and soil pollutant release, discharge or escape.
HB2172 Modifying water usage calculations and fees for multi-year flex accounts and permitting alternative base average water use calculations and prorated terms.
HB2244 Establishing requirements for the effective disposal of industrial hemp and requiring industrial hemp processors to register with the state fire marshal.

Judiciary - 56 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB3 Creating a drug abuse treatment program for people on diversion and allowing county and district attorneys to enter into agreements with chief judges and community corrections for supervision.
SB5 Aligning the felony loss thresholds for certain property crimes with theft.
SB6 Counting any crime with a domestic violence designation as a prior conviction under domestic battery.
SB7 Extending terminal medical release to inmates in the custody of the department of corrections with a condition likely to cause death within 120 days.
SB9 Requiring newly certified law enforcement officers to attend diversity meetings organized by the Kansas commission on peace officers' standards and training.
SB54 Authorizing judges to extend protection from abuse orders for more reasons and tolling time when subject of the order is in prison.
SB57 Suspending statutory speedy trial rights until May 1, 2024, in all criminal cases filed prior to the effective date of this act and eliminating such rights in any criminal case filed on or after the effective date of this act.
SB73 Requiring the attorney general to carry out certain duties related to investigating corruption committed by a public officer or public employee.
SB74 Requiring the attorney general to carry out certain duties related to investigating sexual abuse committed by a minister of religion.
SB75 Requiring a duly ordained minister of religion to report certain abuse and neglect of children.
SB123 Creating a process to terminate the parental rights of a person whose sexual assault of another has resulted in the conception of a child.
SB132 Amending credits to on court-imposed fines for community service to the statutory minimum wage.
SB136 Abolishing the death penalty and creating the crime of aggravated murder.
SB141 Enacting the Kansas uniform directed trust act.
SB150 Defining and prohibiting certain deceptive lawsuit advertising practices and restricting the use or disclosure of protected health information to solicit individuals for legal services.
SB151 Enacting limitations on contingency fee agreements in certain civil actions.
SB152 Providing for joint liability for costs and sanctions in third-party funded litigation, requiring certain discovery disclosures and requiring payment of certain costs for nonparty subpoenas.
SB195 Increasing the penalty for certain violations of criminal discharge of a firearm when a person was present in the dwelling, building, structure or motor vehicle at which the offender discharged a firearm and when a person less than 14 years of age was present in the dwelling, building, structure or motor vehicle at which the offender discharged a firearm.
SB196 Requiring courts to order a defendant to pay certain restitution when the defendant's offense resulted in the incapacitation or death of a victim who has a minor child or children.
SB197 Requiring law enforcement agencies to increase data collection and reporting on racial profiling and other biased policing.
SB198 Amending Kansas open records act provisions regarding access to certain law enforcement audio and video recordings and enacting the police and citizen protection act regarding use of body cameras by law enforcement officers.
SB205 Enacting the uniform partition of heirs property act to prescribe procedures and requirements for partition of certain real property.
SB206 Enacting the fairness in condemnation act to require the condemning authority to provide the property owner notice of a planned condemnation proceeding, an offer for purchase and a court review of compliance with this act.
SB214 Making it a crime for a physician to perform gender reassignment surgery or hormone replacement therapy on certain children.
SB220 Increasing the penalty for battery committed against a utility worker.
SB229 Providing for payment of interest in civil actions for wrongful conviction and directing the attorney general to seek damages for the state from any person who knowingly contributed to the wrongful conviction and prosecute ouster and criminal proceedings as warranted.
SB230 Creating the crime of deprivation of rights under color of law and providing a civil action for victims.
SB231 Increasing criminal penalties for hate crimes.
SB246 Providing statutory procedures and limitations related to forensic evidence collection and clarifying liability for unlawful conduct under the Kansas tort claims act.
SB247 Enacting criminal justice reform measures related to hiring, firearms certification and psychological testing of law enforcement officers
SB270 Prohibiting the hiring of certain law enforcement officers with history of serious misconduct allegations and making certain law enforcement disciplinary records public records.
SB271 Extending the time that victims of childhood sexual abuse have to bring a cause of action.
SB272 Requiring sexual assault evidence collection procedures to include a urinalysis test to determine the presence of controlled substances that may have been used to commit the alleged sexual assault.
SCR1604 A constitutional amendment allowing for a voter petition process to call the legislature into special session during a state of disaster emergency.
SCR1605 Constitutional amendment reserving the powers of initiative and referendum to the people.
SCR1607 Proposing a constitutional amendment providing that locally elected school boards are the only governmental entity with the authority to close schools.
SCR1608 Proposing to amend section 3 of the Kansas bill of rights regarding the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances, including by citizen-initiated grand jury.
HB2001 Creating the crime of sexual extortion and requiring an offender to register under the Kansas offender registration act.
HB2026 Creating a drug abuse treatment program for people on diversion and allowing county and district attorneys to enter into agreements with chief judges and community corrections for supervision.
HB2029 Counting any crime with a domestic violence designation as a prior conviction under domestic battery.
HB2030 Extending terminal medical release to inmates in the custody of the department of corrections with a condition likely to cause death within 120 days.
HB2071 Increasing the criminal penalties for stalking a minor.
HB2075 Allowing venue for an adoption when the state is the agency to be where the state agency or its subcontracting agency has an office.
HB2076 Clarifying that bond agents seeking discharge as a surety are required to return the person released on bond to the court in the county where the complaint subject to the bond was filed.
HB2077 Extending the Kansas criminal justice reform commission, limiting the commission's scope of study and adding a public defender.
HB2078 Suspending statutory speedy trial rights until May 1, 2024, in all criminal cases filed prior to the effective date of this act and eliminating such rights in any criminal case filed on or after the effective date of this act.
HB2081 Modifying how certain prior convictions are counted for the special sentencing rule related to possession of a controlled substance and providing concurrent or consecutive sentencing for persons convicted of new crimes while on release for a felony.
HB2082 Authorizing the crime victims compensation board to waive application time restrictions for a victim of a sexually violent crime to receive compensation for mental health counseling and adding certain children to the definition of victim.
HB2093 Increasing criminal penalties for fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer when operating a stolen vehicle and making fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer evidence of intent to commit theft of a vehicle.
HB2109 Increasing the county population threshold for a county to be required to have a lawyer representative, increasing the number of lawyer members and decreasing the number of non-lawyer members on the board of indigents' defense services.
HB2120 Removing the spousal exception from the crime of sexual battery.
HB2121 Adding definitions related to defendants who abscond from supervision in the criminal procedure code and for parole.
HB2125 Allowing a copy of a will to be filed and admitted to probate and allowing a will or a copy of a will filed within six months after the death of the testator to be admitted to probate at any time.
HB2191 Increasing criminal penalties for the crimes of riot and incitement to riot when the crime occurs in a correctional facility.
HB2192 Authorizing court services officers and community corrections officers to provide a certification of identification to offenders for use to obtain a new driver's license.
HB2277 Clarifying the definition of possession in the Kansas criminal code.

Public Health and Welfare - 32 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB12 Requiring the Kansas department for children and families to implement performance-based contracts.
SB41 Establishing a $100 maximum out-of-pocket cost-share per month per covered person for prescription insulin drugs.
SB42 Concerning the study and investigation of maternal deaths in the state of Kansas.
SB92 Creating the Kansas equal access act to authorize the use of medical marijuana.
SB121 Updating certain provisions of the Kansas dental practice act.
SB129 Providing for the licensure of dental therapists.
SB138 Establishing certification and funding for certified community behavioral health clinics.
SB155 Expanding newborn screening services and increasing transfers from the medical assistance fee fund to the Kansas newborn screening fund.
SB168 Updating certain provisions of the prescription monitoring program act relating to program data, storage and access, increasing the membership of the advisory committee and providing for setup and annual maintenance fees for program data integration
SB174 Updating scope of practice requirements for advanced practice registered nurses without a supervising physician, imposing requirements therefor and updating certain licensure requirements.
SB200 Expanding the pharmacist's scope of practice to include point-of-care testing for and treatment of certain health conditions.
SB207 Providing additional regulation and restrictions for out-of-state doctors to practice telemedicine in the state of Kansas.
SB211 Allowing physicians to have patients sign a liability waiver for off-label use of prescription drugs.
SB212 Prohibiting the secretary of health and environment from permanently requiring additional immunizations to attend a child care facility or school.
SB227 Providing dental benefits for medicaid enrollees and making technical updates to the dental practices act.
SB237 Requiring the secretary of health and environment to establish a task force to study and report on uncompensated healthcare.
SB238 Reducing certain requirements for licensure by the behavioral sciences regulatory board, requiring board approval to provide clinical social work supervision and expanding out-of-state temporary permits to practice.
SB239 Authorizing the secretary for children and families to request a waiver from certain limitations under the food assistance program.
SB240 Requiring drug rebate revenues associated with medical assistance enrollees to be deposited into the state general fund and monthly reporting thereof.
SB241 Allowing a child placed up for adoption following termination of parental rights to remain eligible for state-provided health insurance.
SB248 Updating certain definitions, referral to specialty services and coordination of care provisions in the Kansas telemedicine act.
SB251 Updating statutes relating to the powers, duties and functions of the state board of pharmacy.
SB274 Amending the scope of practice, discipline by the board, and license renewal procedures for naturopathic doctors.
SB275 Allowing naturopathic doctors to engage in the corporate practice of medicine.
SB276 Providing considerations in family law, adoption, foster care, guardianship and child in need of care proceedings for a parent or prospective parent who is blind.
HB2062 Providing certain exceptions to the confidentiality of state child death review board documents.
HB2114 Establishing the Kansas senior care task force.
HB2115 Establishing the joint committee on child welfare system oversight.
HB2151 Creating Kansas elder and dependent adult abuse multidisciplinary teams and a coordinator.
HB2158 Making permanent provisions for the advisory committee on trauma and the statewide trauma system regional council to conduct closed meetings and keep privileged records regarding trauma cases.
HB2254 Increasing the monetary cap on irrevocable prearranged funeral agreements to $10,000.
HB2262 Eliminating the requirement to provide a permit to cremate in certain circumstances and authorizing electronic permits to cremate.

Utilities - 5 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB80 Requiring changes to electric rates for transmission costs to be approved through an electric utility's general rate case proceedings.
SB81 Requiring the state corporation commission to provide the legislature with an annual report of the electric rates of electric public utilities in the region.
SB133 Exempting the retail sale of electricity by public utilities for electric vehicle charging stations from the jurisdiction of the state corporation commission.
SB223 Allowing the exercise of eminent domain for the purpose of conducting carbon dioxide in pipes.
SB279 Establishing the wind generation permit and property protection act and imposing certain requirements on the siting of wind turbines.

Transportation - 13 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB18 Permitting United States and NATO country military surplus vehicles to register with the division of vehicles for road use.
SB100 Excluding the additional 90-day wait period and providing for the elimination and delay of payment for certain fees for restricted driving privileges.
SB113 Creating the distracted driving violation and prohibiting the use of a wireless telecommunications device while operating a motor vehicle.
SB146 Providing that the highway patrol will provide the administration and oversight of state certified ignition interlock manufacturers and their service providers.
SB158 Prohibiting the towing of vehicles outside the state of Kansas without prior consent, requiring an interstate search of registered owners and lienholders prior to sale of nonrepairable vehicles and vehicles less than 10 years old and requiring publication in the newspaper seven days prior to sale of vehicles and property at auction.
SB186 Permitting the secretary of transportation to contract with the Kansas turnpike authority to enforce toll payments and permitting the secretary of transportation to use tolls to support public transit and other improvements on a toll project.
SB224 Establishing maximum length for trains to operate in Kansas and providing for penalties for violations.
SB278 Requiring recipients of a distinctive license plate fee to file a report detailing money received and expenditures.
SCR1603 Amending the Constitution of the State of Kansas to eliminate transfers from the state highway fund.
HB2007 Updating motor carrier laws and the regulation of motor carriers by the state corporation commission.
HB2014 Permitting military surplus vehicles to register with the division of vehicles for road use.
HB2165 Providing for all vehicles more than 35 years old to qualify as an antique vehicle.
HB2167 Permitting concrete mixer trucks and requiring dump trucks to display license plates on the front of vehicles.
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