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Nov. 26, 2022
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Minutes for HB2184 - Committee on Federal and State Affairs

Short Title

Creating the Kansas medical marijuana regulation act.

Minutes Content for Wed, Feb 24, 2021

Chairperson Barker stated that a hearing would be held today on HB2184 allowing the proponents of the bill to offer testimony before the Committee.

Matt Sterling, Revisor, provided an overview of the bill (Attachment 1).

Chairperson Barker stated he would have the Revisor answer questions from the Committee at a later date.

Chairperson Barker stated that due to the large number of conferees, he will limit each person's testimony to three minutes.

The following people testified before the Committee:  Former Representative Willie Dove (Attachment 2); George Mahaffey, Jr., Green Healthcare Solutions Kansas (Attachment 3); Dr. Jack Consalvo, Medical Director, Green Healthcare Solutions Kansas (Attachment 4); Juanita Ramos, Center for Botanical, Innovation, Research & Development/Green Healthcare Solutions (Attachment 5);  Bryon Adinoff, M.D., Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (Attachment 6);  Spencer Duncan, Kansas Cannabis Industry Association (Attachment 7); Bob Corkins, Frontier Peace Advisors (Attachment 8); Kenrick Hausler (Attachment 9); April Hatch (Attachment 10); Kiley Klug (Attachment 11); Chip Paul, Kansas Cannabis Patients Advocates (Attachment 12); Todd Scattini (Attachment 13); Clayton Bullard, Healthcare and Public Safety Clients (Attachment 14); Chris Issinghoff, Kansas Cannabis Business Association (Attachment 15); Laura Adkins (Attachment 16); George Hanna, Kansas NORML (Attachment 17); Mark Barlow (Attachment 18); and Leigh Zarda Carr, BSN, Kansas cannabis patient (Attachment 19)

Chairperson Barker noted that there was written proponent testimony from the following:  Wendy Askew, M.D., Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (Attachment 20); Carrie Brecheisen, R.N. (Attachment 21); Kirk Fast (Attachment 22); Christine Gordon (Attachment 23); Timothy Hamilton (Attachment 24); Adam Hartke, Samson Medicinal LLC (Attachment) 25; Howard Hogan (Attachment 26); Josh Hunt, Samson Medicinal (Attachment 27); Jerry Jones (Attachment 28); Kansas Cannabis Coalition (Attachment 29); Kansas Cannabis Patient Association (Attachment 30); Dr. Rachel Knox (Attachment 31); Robert Kowalski (Attachment 32); Stephan Krishack, Green Healthcare Solutions Kansas (Attachment 33); Cheryl Kumberg, R.N., Kansas Nurses for Medical Cannabis and Kansas Cannabis Patient Association (Attachment 34); Dustin McDonald, Americans for Safe Access (Attachment 35); Erin Montroy, Kansas Cannabis Business Association (Attachment 36); Tracy Morris (Attachment 37); Deborah Plummer (Attachment 38); Dawn Puff (Attachment 39); Walter Rausch (Attachment 40); Kelli Rippel, Kansans for Hemp/Planted Association of Kansas (Attachment 41); Chantal Roberts, CMR Consulting (Attachment 42); Tanya Roth (Attachment 43); Sarah Stephens Selmon (Attachment 44); Kelli Snider-Short (Attachment 45); Joseph Short (Attachment 46); Dana Stelting-Kempf (Attachment 47); Lisa Sublett (Attachment 48); Alex Matthew Thomas, Samson Medicinal LLC (Attachment 49); Annette Thomas (Attachment 50); Stan Thomas (Attachment 51); Gary Upah (Attachment 52); Anne Wanger (Attachment 53); David Wells (Attachment 54); Gavin Williams (Attachment 55); Lillian Wilson (Attachment 56); and Delaney Tholen (Attachment 57).

Chairperson Barker stated that tomorrow testimony will be heard from the opponents and neutrals to HB2184.

There being no further proponents, the meeting was adjourned at 10:24 a.m.