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Feb. 28, 2020
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House Bills and Resolutions in Committee:

Veterans and Military - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2362 Creating the Kansas military base task force.

Corrections and Juvenile Justice - 24 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2686 Removing felony violation of possession of marijuana and releasing people currently in prison for such violations.
HB2651 Creating the crime of aggravated abuse of a child.
HB2505 Allowing a greater use of detention for juvenile offenders who violate probation.
HB2472 Authorizing use of certified drug abuse treatment programs for certain crimes.
HB2471 Allowing members who are not legislators or public employees on the Kansas criminal justice reform commission be reimbursed for mileage.
HB2445 Allowing children who run away to be placed in a juvenile detention facility for 24 hours.
HB2350 Removing felony violation of possession, cultivation and distribution of marijuana.
HB2338 Exempting Kansas correctional industries from the provisions on state contract purchases.
HB2335 Adding to the list of entities authorized to buy prison made goods.
HB2319 Enacting the human trafficking and child exploitation prevention act.
HB2305 Making changes to requirements to make a claim to the crime victims' compensation board.
HB2299 Making changes to mitigating factors used by court in granting a departure sentence.
HB2284 Amending assault and battery to increase penalty for assault or battery of a health care provider, creating the crime of unlawful interference with a health care provider and increasing penalties for interference with a firefighter or emergency medical services.
HB2283 Exempting certain victims from being considered an aggressor or participant as a mitigating factor when considering a departure sentence.
HB2282 Abolishing the death penalty and creating the crime of aggravated murder.
HB2269 Allowing the state to be liable for damages caused by wrongful acts relating to calculating earned discharge credit for juveniles and good time credit for adults.
HB2268 Removing sodomy between consenting members of the same sex from criminal sodomy.
HB2245 Creating the crime of abandoning a human corpse.
HB2132 Increasing the criminal penalty for lewd and lascivious behavior.
HB2052 Allowing earned discharge credit for people on probation.
HB2051 Amending the requirements for offender registration.
HB2047 Changing the criminal penalties for certain drug crimes.
HB2046 Clarifying concurrent or consecutive sentencing for persons convicted of new crimes while on release for a felony.
SB45 Enhancing penalties for offenses causing death or serious bodily injury to public safety sector employees.

Health and Human Services - 40 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2712 Updating the pharmacy act of the state of Kansas, relating to powers, duties and functions of the board of pharmacy; investigations, audits and inspections and telepharmacy.
HB2711 Expanding medical assistance eligibility and implementing a health insurance plan reinsurance program.
HB2692 Transferring powers, duties and functions of the emergency medical services board to the secretary of health and environment.
HB2681 Establishing the advisory committee on harm reduction within the department of health and environment.
HB2670 Enacting the audiology and speech language pathology interstate compact.
HB2664 Enacting the rape survivor information act, requiring certain entities to provide information to sexual assault survivors.
HB2663 Allowing physicians to decide whether to provide patients with certain information based on the physician's reasonable professional medical judgment.
HB2661 Enacting the right to family planning act, requiring contraceptives to be available at pharmacies.
HB2660 Requiring the department of health and environment to make long-acting reversible contraceptives more accessible.
HB2658 Establishing the affordable prescription drug importation program.
HB2645 Prohibiting pelvic, rectal, or prostate exams on unconscious patients without informed consent.
HB2638 Authorizing medical student and residency loan assistance to encourage the practice of obstetrics and gynecology in medically underserved areas of the state.
HB2633 Establishing requirements relating to how certain health insurers treat dental care service claims; reimbursements; prior authorization; denials.
HB2632 Authorizing the sale of smoking cessation aids to individuals who are are least 16 years of age.
HB2602 Expanding newborn screening services and increasing transfers from the medical assistance fee fund to the Kansas newborn screening fund.
HB2579 Updating certain provisions of the prescription monitoring program act relating to program data, storage and access and increasing the membership of the advisory committee.
HB2574 Amending the school sports head injury prevention act to require schools to establish concussion management teams to supervise the concussion management process.
HB2483 Prohibiting certain licensed individuals from using conversion therapy on minors.
HB2415 Regulating the practice of medicine and surgery regarding inquiries about a patient's firearm ownership.
HB2412 Updating certain requirements relating to advanced practice registered nurses.
HB2366 Allowing apparatus operators to provide ground ambulance transportation for certain patients in rural areas.
HB2358 Imposing requirements to prescribe opioid drugs.
HB2357 Exempting out-of-state licensed healthcare professionals from Kansas licensure requirements when traveling with a sports team.
HB2339 Updating the naturopathic doctor licensure act.
HB2303 Enacting the Kansas safe access act.
HB2298 Allowing the assignment of dental insurance benefits under the state healthcare benefits program.
HB2295 Providing for the licensure of anesthesiologist assistants.
HB2227 Prohibiting the use of conversion therapy unless it is administered by a leader or official of any religious denomination as part of counseling services.
HB2200 Exempting hair threading from the practice of cosmetology.
HB2184 Enacting the massage therapist licensure act.
HB2163 Providing for the legal use of medical cannabis.
HB2157 Concerning state benefit requirements and limitations for the temporary assistance for needy families program.
HB2155 Improving the Kansas medicolegal death investigation system.
HB2146 Providing for certain business entities to engage in the corporate practice of medicine.
HB2120 Establishing restrictions on the use of step therapy protocols by health insurance plans.
HB2089 Enacting the Kansas death with dignity act.
HB2077 Requiring suicide risk evaluation upon admission to certain treatment facilities.
HB2030 Expanding eligibility for medicaid benefits to the extent permitted by the affordable care act.
HB2029 Repealing the health care compact.
SB232 Amending provisions related to adult care home licensure and receivership.

Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications - 16 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2710 Requiring petrochemical manufacturing facilities and petroleum refineries to use a skilled and trained workforce.
HB2679 Allowing public utilities to implement demand-side programs to increase energy efficiency.
HB2662 Establishing the energy efficiency benchmark act to promote cost savings for the state and other entities through increased energy efficiency.
HB2620 Prohibiting the use or offering of technology that transmits inaccurate caller identification information.
HB2317 Requiring certain electric transmission lines to acquire a siting permit from the state corporation commission.
HB2294 Requiring a motion and notice when municipalities transfer funds from a utility fund to the general fund.
HB2273 Establishing the wind generation permit and property protection act.
HB2240 Requiring the state corporation commission to ensure that a seismic risk analysis is conducted upon class II disposal wells.
HB2231 Requiring the state corporation commission to study electric rates and consider certain factors in establishing just and reasonable electric rates.
HB2224 Requiring the state corporation commission and the secretary of health and environment to assess certain fees upon operators of class I and class II injection wells and establishing the state geological survey monitoring well fund.
HB2110 Amending the Kansas no-call act to restrict text message solicitations and certain uses of automatic dialing-announcing devices and prohibit certain conveyances of telephone numbers and the transmission of inaccurate caller-ID information.
HB2109 Requiring electric public utilities to acquire a permit from the state corporation commission prior to the siting of certain electric transmission lines.
HB2081 Reestablishing the Kansas electric transmission authority.
HB2080 Electric utilities and recovery of transmission costs.
HB2024 Amending the no-call act to restrict the use of automatic dialing devices.
HB2004 Amending the Kansas no-call act to restrict use of automatic dialing-announcing devices and to prohibit certain conveyances of telephone numbers and transmission of inaccurate caller-ID information.

Federal and State Affairs - 66 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5022 Recognizing global climate crisis
HCR5021 Constitutional amendment to repeal section 16 of article 15 of the constitution of the state of Kansas relating to marriage.
HCR5016 Urging Congress to provide healthcare to deported veterans.
HCR5013 Proposing to amend section 11 of article 1 of the constitution of the state of Kansas regarding the filling of vacancies in executive offices.
HCR5010 Constitutional amendment to require the Kansas supreme court to issue decisions within one year of final arguments.
HCR5004 Proposition to amend section 1 of the Kansas bill of rights regarding equal rights for all human life.
HB2725 Creating the Kansas exceptional child academic improvement act.
HB2724 Creating the Kansas student academic improvement act.
HB2723 Requiring medical directors of emergency medical services to provide medical oversight of such services and emergency medical service providers.
HB2718 Prohibiting municipal zoning ordinances that exclude federally licensed firearms manufacturers, importers or dealers.
HB2717 Creating the Kansas firearms industry nondiscrimination act.
HB2672 Authorizing licensees under the club and drinking establishment act to sell and serve cereal malt beverages.
HB2671 Authorizing sports wagering under the Kansas expanded lottery act.
HB2650 Designating February 15 of each year as Susan B. Anthony Day in the state of Kansas.
HB2641 Amending statutes related to the recognition of marriages.
HB2636 Prohibiting the possession of large capacity ammunition magazines and the carrying of handguns with large capacity ammunition magazines.
HB2635 Imposing a privilege tax on the gross receipts from the sale of firearms and ammunition.
HB2564 Prescribing certain duties on the chairperson of legislative committees related to the provision of testimony presented to the committee.
HB2530 Amending the definition of "race" in the Kansas act against discrimination to include traits historically associated with race, including hair texture and protective hairstyles.
HB2511 Prohibiting the use of state resources to enforce any federal directive or act that would regulate firearms, firearm ammunition or firearm accessories in a more restrictive manner than state law.
HB2477 Designating General Election Day as a legal public holiday.
HB2476 Displaying the national motto in every public building.
HB2433 Designating the watermelon as the state fruit of Kansas.
HB2425 Enact the Kansas anti-red flag act which prohibits the enforcement of extreme risk protection orders that prevent certain individuals from buying or possessing a firearm and establishes a criminal penalty for violations.
HB2422 Establishing daylight saving time as the permanent standard time in Kansas.
HB2421 Allowing individuals who raise assistance dogs to have the same right to accommodation as trainers of assistance dogs and requiring assistance dogs to be trained by accredited training facilities.
HB2413 Enacting the human solution for Kansas act; regulation of the production and sale of medicinal cannabis.
HB2410 Providing for the filling of a vacancy in the office of the state treasurer by statewide district convention.
HB2407 Publication of school district bullying prevention policies.
HB2406 Relinquishment of firearms pursuant to certain court orders.
HB2405 Creating the legislative task force on bullying prevention in public schools.
HB2397 Amending the definition of dangerous regulated animal and restricting proximity of such animals to members of the public.
HB2390 Authorizing sports wagering under the Kansas expanded lottery act.
HB2385 Designating the polka as the official state dance.
HB2379 Exemption from alcoholic liquor enforcement tax for self-distribution of alcoholic liquor by microbreweries and microdistilleries.
HB2378 Prohibiting firearm possession restrictions in subsidized housing agreements.
HB2376 Authorizing amendments to a registrant's birth certificate when there is a change in the registrant's sex.
HB2325 Reciprocal recognition of concealed carry licenses issued by other jurisdictions; reducing minimum age requirement for a license to carry a concealed handgun.
HB2323 Imposing an excise tax on admission to adult-oriented businesses.
HB2318 Constitutional restrictions on taxpayer funding for abortions.
HB2309 Recreating the Kansas arts commission.
HB2297 Permanently exempting postsecondary educational institutions from the public buildings law under the personal and family protection act.
HB2289 Repealing public convenience and necessity requirements for motor carriers.
HB2234 Creating the voluntary gun safety act.
HB2226 Making changes to the scrap metal theft reduction act.
HB2190 Prohibiting the state corporation commission from authorizing certain charges for electric service.
HB2164 Repealing the adoption protection act.
HB2153 Repealing statutes pertaining to student religious associations.
HB2130 Amending the Kansas act against discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.
HB2129 Creating the gun safety red flag act.
HB2115 Requiring verification of certain hours billed by contractors under certain contracts.
HB2111 Requirements for the sale of firearms at gun shows or over the internet.
HB2107 Requiring full reimbursement for contraceptive prescriptions.
HB2094 Requiring the department for children and families to offer services to children with problem sexual behavior and to such child's family.
HB2069 Providing certain requirements regarding the taking of minutes of meetings of legislative committees.
HB2068 Creating the Kansas sports wagering act.
HB2067 Providing for audio and video broadcasts of legislative meetings.
HB2036 Repeal of prohibition on use of state appropriated moneys to lobby on gun control issues.
HB2032 Requiring that sports gaming be operated and managed solely by racetrack gaming facilities.
HB2023 Enacting the Kansas protection against terrorist act.
HB2015 Repealing state contract requirements regarding anti-Israel boycotts.
HB2009 Changing the designation of columbus day to indigenous peoples day.
HB2008 Exempting Kansas from daylight saving time.
HB2003 Creating the limited driver's license and identification card for certain individuals.
SB218 Requiring a duly ordained minister of religion to report certain abuse and neglect of children.
SB164 Making licenses issued by the division of alcoholic beverage control effective on the date stated on the license.

Children and Seniors - 9 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2629 Requiring the secretary for aging and disability services to regulate supplemental nursing services agencies in the state of Kansas.
HB2359 Establishing the child welfare system delivery task force.
HB2347 Establishing the Kansas Alzheimer's disease advisory council.
HB2344 Requiring written informed consent before administering an antipsychotic medication to an adult care home resident.
HB2343 Removing provisional employment from adult care homes, home health agencies and providers of disability services.
HB2255 Creating the Kansas youth advisory council.
HB2149 Requiring a timely determination of KanCare eligibility.
HB2025 Including a person who has filed a petition for adoption in the definition of an interested party in the child in need of care code.
SB162 Requiring notification to the governor and legislature of missing foster care youth.

Transportation - 31 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2649 Providing for the availability and use of the wheelchair emblem decal on a personalized license plate.
HB2624 Allowing distinctive license plates to be personalized license plates.
HB2614 Requiring transportation network companies to require drivers to display official trade dress.
HB2569 Allowing model year vehicle dealer license plates to be displayed on antique vehicles.
HB2568 Allowing local authorities to decrease a speed limit to 5 miles per hour and decrease any speed limit without requiring an engineering and traffic investigation.
HB2539 Creating a traffic infraction for operating a vehicle while fatigued.
HB2525 Designating a bridge on United States highway 77 as the PFC Loren H. Larson memorial bridge.
HB2497 Requiring drivers to proceed with due caution when passing stationary vehicles displaying hazard warning lights and providing a penalty for violation.
HB2489 Providing for the proud educator license plate.
HB2486 Allowing all current national guard and reservist members an exemption from vehicle property tax.
HB2482 Excluding air bags from the definition of cost of repairs for salvage vehicles.
HB2481 Allowing police vehicles to equip blue-only lights.
HB2458 Creating the negligent driving violation.
HB2444 Providing for the blackout distinctive license plate.
HB2364 Creating the Kansas Aerospace Commission.
HB2351 Allowing oversize or overweight utility vehicles to operate at all times and all weather and road conditions when responding to emergency utility outages.
HB2300 Providing for the back the badge license plate.
HB2277 Providing for increased penalties for right-of-way violations.
HB2276 Prohibiting the use of a wireless communication device in a school zone or a road construction zone.
HB2247 Designating a portion of United States highway 77 as the Capt Donald Root Strother memorial highway.
HB2221 Designating a bridge on United States highway 77 in Cowley county as the SGT Kevin Gilbertson veterans memorial bridge.
HB2117 Providing for the Knights of Columbus distinctive license plate.
HB2095 Providing for the Alpha Kappa Alpha distinctive license plate.
SB342 Allowing drivers' license renewal notices to be sent electronically.
SB326 Increasing the age for eligibility to renew drivers' licenses online to 65.
SB315 Providing for the love, Chloe foundation license plate.
SB306 Exempting motor vehicle odometer reading recording requirements when such recording requirements are exempted by federal law.
SB305 Increasing the bond amount required for a vehicle dealer license.
SB302 Granting the secretary of revenue the authority to set letters and numerals for license plates and removing the requirement that plates be shipped to the county treasurer.
SB288 Designating a portion of United States highway 77 as the Cpl. Allen E. Oatney and SP4 Gene A. Myers memorial highway.
SB62 Substitute for SB 62 by Committee on Transportation - Allowing police vehicle drivers to engage in certain actions without using audible and visual signals and also allowing certain actions by drivers.

Social Services Budget - 2 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2610 Authorizing the issuance of bonds for the construction of a state veterans home.
HB2609 Requiring the Kansas commission on veterans affairs office to submit an initial application for a VA state veterans home construction grant.

K-12 Education Budget - 8 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2257 Requirements for school district bullying policies; investigation of complaints.
HB2207 Requirements for school district construction contracts relating to requests for proposals that specify particular products or particular installation methods.
HB2150 Enacting the Kansas hope scholarship act.
HB2145 Making appropriations for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 for the department of education for special education and related services.
HB2108 Authorizing school districts to expend at-risk education funds on evidence-based learning programs.
HB2106 Increasing the BASE aid under the Kansas school equity and enhancement act and making appropriations for the department of education.
HB2078 Appropriations for the department of education for FY 2019, 2020 and 2021; increasing BASE aid for certain school years; continuing 20 mill statewide levy for schools and exempting certain portion of property used for residential purposes from such levy.
SB142 Appropriations for the department of education for FY 2020 and FY 2021 in response to litigation; increasing BASE aid for certain school years.

Rural Revitalization - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2342 Allowing the secretary for children and families to request a waiver from the U.S. department for agriculture for time limited assistance.

Financial Institutions and Pensions - 14 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2678 Affiliation with the Kansas police and firemen's retirement system by the Kansas department of wildlife, parks and tourism for membership of certain law enforcement officers and employees.
HB2363 Requiring inquiry about veteran status in supervised loans.
HB2329 Increasing KPERS employee contribution rate for school district employees and making appropriations for FY 2020 for the department of education for a pay increase for KPERS covered school district employees.
HB2328 Requiring certain military service that is concurrent with KPERS participating service to be credited as additional KPERS participating service.
HB2327 Increasing retirement benefit cap and decreasing employee contribution rate for members of the Kansas Police and Firemen's Retirement System in certain circumstances.
HB2254 Requiring banks to make a minimum amount of subprime loans.
HB2218 Ending legislator participation in KPERS and establishing an annual salary structure for legislators.
HB2217 Enacting the Kansas thrift savings plan act.
HB2165 Providing membership in the KP&F retirement system for security officers of the department of corrections.
HB2142 Increasing the lump-sum death benefit for retirants under KPERS.
HB2141 Amortizing the state and school KPERS actuarial accrued liability for a period of 30 years and eliminating certain level-dollar employer contribution payments.
HB2139 Permitting local eligible employers to affiliate with KP&F with regard to coverage of certain local corrections employees.
HB2100 Providing a post-retirement benefit increase (COLA) for certain KPERS retirants.
HB2096 Establishing the Kansas children's savings account program.

Higher Education Budget - 4 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2443 Requiring resident tuition rates for certain Native American students at public postsecondary educational institutions.
HB2266 Prohibiting universities from charging fees for certain scholarship applications.
HB2265 Award of college credit hours for passing CLEP and other college examination programs.
HB2216 Establishing state employee student loan repayment assistance act.

Education - 12 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2697 Creating the campus intellectual diversity act to establish an office of public policy events at each public postecondary educational institution.
HB2676 Requiring publication of school district bullying policies and requiring a report on bullying incidents at each school district attendance center.
HB2601 Specifying the required childhood immunizations for child care facility and school attendance.
HB2572 Creating the educator protection act to provide excess professional liability insurance coverage for teachers.
HB2330 Policies and procedures to prohibit and investigate bullying.
HB2288 Creating the Kansas student and educator freedom of religious speech act.
HB2287 Due process for terminating teachers' contracts.
HB2256 Creating the community leaders service act.
HB2233 Requiring school districts to provide a stipend for teachers to purchase classroom supplies.
HB2183 Requiring a computer science course for high school graduation.
HB2166 Requiring personal financial literacy courses for high school graduation.
SB277 Clarifying the authority of healing arts school clinics to provide healing arts services.

Appropriations - 75 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2731 Creating the wartime veteran and first responder survivors' grant program and fund.
HB2728 Requiring the department of administration to raze the Docking state office building and preserve the existing energy center of the building.
HB2716 Requiring information technology security training for state agencies.
HB2715 Prohibiting the secretary of health and environment from amending or enacting regulations that would create new or increase air quality control fees.
HB2714 Increasing state financial assistance to local health departments under specified circumstances.
HB2705 Exempting petroleum landmen from the provisions of employment security law.
HB2701 Providing an employment preference for persons with a disability for state government positions.
HB2700 Amending provisions concerning the abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of certain adults to update the list of mandatory reporters, create a definition of "financial exploitation" and increase the number of working days in which DCF must complete an initial investigation from 30 to 60 working days.
HB2689 Amending the angel investor tax credit with respect to the definition of qualified securities, tax credit limitations and amounts, investor requirements and extending the date that credits may be allowed.
HB2687 Clarifying who may deliver advance voting ballots placing limitations on the number of such advance ballots that a person may deliver and establishing criminal penalties for violations.
HB2682 Allowing private plaintiffs to bring an action under the Kansas false claims act.
HB2680 Updating certain provisions of the optometry law pertaining to scope of practice, definitions and related requirements.
HB2677 Establishing a primary health center and enacting the primary health center pilot program act contingent upon state acceptance into a demonstration program under the centers for medicare and medicaid innovation.
HB2642 Extending the maximum period of eligibility for unemployment insurance until April 1, 2021.
HB2631 Prohibiting disparate treatment by pharmacy benefits managers of certain pharmacies and pharmaceutical services providers.
HB2630 Updating certain provisions of the Kansas dental practice act.
HB2625 Preempting cities and counties from prohibiting or regulating paper or plastic carryout bags and other single-use plastic items.
HB2613 Creating the crime of harassment of a sports official.
HB2606 Provide for the filling of a vacancy in the office of state treasurer and insurance commissioner by statewide district convention.
HB2603 Amending behavioral sciences professional licensing requirements.
HB2597 Appropriations for FY 2020, FY 2021 and FY 2022 for various state agencies.
HB2594 Supplemental appropriations for FY 2020 and FY 2021 for various state agencies.
HB2588 Providing for the FORWARD transportation program.
HB2586 Affording public employees and professional employees certain rights with respect to withholding of public employee organization and professional employee organization dues.
HB2582 Creating the behavioral health intervention weighting as part of the Kansas school equity and enhancement act.
HB2573 Requiring students pass an American civics test in order to graduate with a high school diploma.
HB2570 Limiting certain Schedule II, III and IV opioid prescriptions to a seven-day supply.
HB2558 Establishing the securities act victim restitution program.
HB2555 Transferring $268,412,000 from the state general fund to the Kansas public employees retirement fund in FY 2020 and eliminating certain level-dollar KPERS employer contribution payments.
HB2552 Creating the Kansas reading readiness act.
HB2536 Updating the state corporation commission's authority to regulate abandoned oil and gas wells, providing methods for the commission to plug such wells and authorizing payments from the abandoned oil and gas well fund for certain plugging operations.
HB2535 Repealing obsolete provision requiring the state corporation commission and the department of health and environment enter into an interagency agreement for integration of certain oil and gas regulatory operations on or before November 1, 1982.
HB2534 Abolishing the well plugging assurance fund and transferring all assets and liabilities to the abandoned oil and gas well fund.
HB2529 Amending STAR bonds by adding rural redevelopment projects and major business and medical facilities, increasing certain project investment and sales requirements, adding a return on investment analysis and other requirements and approvals by the secretary and extending the sunset date.
HB2527 Removing sunset provisions for closed sessions and privileged records regarding trauma cases.
HB2522 Establishing the rural hospital innovation grant program.
HB2520 Increasing penalty for assault and battery against a sports official.
HB2519 Creating the students' right to know act to provide information on postsecondary education options.
HB2502 Designating a portion of United States highway 77 as the Cpl. Allen E. Oatney and SP4 Gene A. Myers memorial highway.
HB2492 Ending participation of certain employees of the legislative branch in the Kansas public employees deferred compensation plan.
HB2478 Updating certain definitions and requirements of the third party administrators act.
HB2465 Amending the tax credit for low income students scholarship program act to expand student eligibility.
HB2461 Enacting the public litigation coordination act to restrict contracts by public entities for legal services on a contingent fee basis.
HB2437 Prohibiting the use of identifiable meat terms on labels of meat analogs without either an accompanying disclaimer that the product does not contain meat or the inclusion of the word “imitation” before the name of the meat food product being imitated.
HB2416 Creating the Kansas targeted employment act; income tax credit.
HB2393 Setoff against debtors; relating to support debt matched by gaming facilities.
HB2391 Recertification of professional employees' organizations to represent teachers
HB2387 Requiring the state employee healthcare benefits program to accept participation as a provider by any willing pharmacist.
HB2382 Authorize counties which have zoning regulations to abate nuisances.
HB2377 No liability for charitable vision screenings and donations of eyeglasses.
HB2375 Allowing private plaintiffs to bring an action under the Kansas false claims act.
HB2374 Increasing the payment of reward for persons providing certain information.
HB2341 Ensuring a public employee's right to resign from a public employee organization.
HB2286 Making appropriations for FY 2020 for the Kansas state school for the deaf.
HB2229 Concerning the admission into evidence of any tape or recording created using an electronic monitoring device in an adult care home.
HB2205 Eliminating the client obligation for persons receiving home and community-based services.
HB2204 Prohibiting the Kansas lottery from entering into or extending an existing management contract with a lottery gaming facility manager without prior legislative approval.
HB2187 Establishing the office of the child advocate for children's protection and services.
HB2180 Substitute for HB 2180 - Changing certain registration and title fees on vehicles and disposition of funds.
HB2159 Authorizing the board of regents on behalf of Kansas state university to sell certain real property in Saline county.
HB2158 Authorizing the board of regents on behalf of the university of Kansas to sell certain real property in Douglas county.
HB2135 Restrictions on city and county political sign regulations repealed.
HB2122 Appropriations for FY 2020, FY 2021 and FY 2022 for various state agencies.
HB2121 Supplemental appropriations for FY 2019, FY 2020, FY 2021, FY 2022, FY 2023 and FY 2024 for various state agencies.
HB2102 Establishing the KanCare bridge to a healthy Kansas program.
SB287 Amending the Kansas storage tank act by extending the expiration of certain reimbursement provisions to 2030 and increasing the underground storage tank replacement reimbursement maximum.
SB286 Amending the Kansas storage tank act by increasing the maximum liability of and extending the sunset of the aboveground fund and the underground fund.
SB285 Extending the existence of the UST redevelopment fund and compensation advisory board to 2032.
SB258 Removing the requirement that certain entities submit certain reports to the division of post audit.
SB210 Providing KPERS membership to certain direct support positions in community developmental disability organizations upon completion of a two-year training period.
SB173 Authorizing the board of regents on behalf of the university of Kansas to sell certain real property in Douglas county.
SB131 When township officials take the oath of office and the deadline for filing for municipal office when no primary is held.
SB75 Substitute for SB 75 by Committee on Ways and Means - Appropriations for FY2019, FY 2020, FY 2021 and FY 2022 for various state agencies.
SB49 Authorizing the secretary of wildlife, parks and tourism to establish fees for cabins operated by the department and camping permits at state parks.
SB7 Moving the dates for school board officer elections and organizational meetings and amending the manner of submitting to voters proposed changes to a school district’s manner of election and voting plan.

Local Government - 8 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5007 Constitutional amendment granting counties home rule powers.
HB2600 All contract for deeds must be filed with the county register of deeds by the seller within 10 days after execution or such contract shall be deemed void.
HB2581 Require a vote of approval by persons living in an area to be regulated by city extraterritorial zoning or subdivision regulations.
HB2580 City unilateral annexation powers eliminated unless property owners consent to annexation.
HB2308 City of Wichita and Sedgwick county authorized to consolidate city and county government.
HB2237 Allow cities and counties to publish legal notices on the internet.
HB2236 Establishing cause for suspension or termination of county appraisers based on the percentage of informal hearing requests.
HB2002 Limiting the property tax exemption for fire districts.

Transportation and Public Safety Budget - 2 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2028 Allowing money in the evidence-based programs account managed by the department of corrections to be used for transportation to programs and electronic monitoring.
HB2027 Evidence based juvenile programs; lapsing and appropriating $6,000,000 state general fund moneys from department of health and environment--division of health care finance to the department of corrections.

Judiciary - 57 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2719 Changing process for collection of debts owed to courts.
HB2707 Allowing military service members ordered to relocate to terminate leases.
HB2693 Creating a civil cause of action for victims of certain alcohol related incidents.
HB2674 Allowing investigations of child deaths by coroner before performing an autopsy.
HB2673 Conferring original jurisdiction to the supreme court to hear certain actions related to the health care provider insurance availability act, the healthcare stabilization fund and claims for noneconomic loss in medical malpractice liability actions.
HB2667 Requiring law enforcement agencies to adopt policies requiring an investigation and public report be completed after officer-involved deaths.
HB2652 Amending the definition of knife for the crime of criminal possession of a firearm.
HB2647 Requiring earlier notice of anticipated release from custody of a person who may be a sexually violent predator to the attorney general and a multidisciplinary team and specifying where such person will be detained during civil commitment proceedings.
HB2611 Allowing certain criminal offenses to be expunged automatically.
HB2604 Requiring persons convicted of child abuse to register under the Kansas offender registration act.
HB2591 Allow members of the house of representatives and senate remain in a courtroom closed by a judge pursuant to court rule.
HB2590 Allowing law enforcement to have access to certain data from the department for children and families.
HB2589 Requiring student athletes to participate in school athletics based upon their biological gender at birth.
HB2551 Allowing courts to prohibit possession of a firearm in a temporary custody order pursuant to the care and treatment act for mentally ill persons.
HB2544 Requiring prosecutors to disclose their intent to introduce testimony from a jailhouse witness and to forward information to the Kansas bureau of investigation.
HB2532 Authorizing the department of education to contract with a private vendor to install and operate school bus cameras.
HB2523 Enacting the Kansas assistance animals in housing act.
HB2457 Allowing a court case file to be opened and sealed when amending a birth certificate.
HB2446 Clarifying when a receipt of property seized by law enforcement should be sent to the court and who seized weapons should be returned to.
HB2435 Amending credits on court-imposed fines for community service.
HB2434 Revoking authority to suspend driving privileges for the nonpayment of fines from traffic citations.
HB2424 Police officer-involved death of a person; mandatory investigation; report open if no criminal charges; Kansas open records act change.
HB2401 Providing an exception to the quorum requirements for shareholder meetings for certain corporations.
HB2394 Changing the elements and making changes to the criminal penalties of abuse of a child.
HB2348 Increasing liability limits for the healthcare stabilization fund.
HB2334 Expanding the list of people before whom a deposition shall not be taken.
HB2332 Allowing punitive and exemplary damages in a wrongful death action.
HB2331 Amending remedies for victims of sexual abuse by a duly ordained minister of religion.
HB2322 Creating a cause of action for censorship or suppression of social media speech.
HB2321 Creating the optional elevated marriage act.
HB2320 Enacting the marriage and constitution restoration act.
HB2316 Removing the option to pay a cash bond in municipal court.
HB2306 Extending the time that victims of child sex abuse have to bring a cause of action.
HB2292 Allow prosecutor's office to enter into agreements for supervision of people on diversion and allowing people on diversion to participate in the certified drug treatment program.
HB2291 Increasing caps on damages in wrongful death actions and escalating them annually based on the consumer price index.
HB2258 Enacting housing protections for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking.
HB2242 Relating to instances when reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation are sent to both the department for children and families and the appropriate law enforcement agency.
HB2241 Creating the crime of rape by misrepresentation of identity.
HB2219 Requiring bodies subject to the Kansas open meetings act to record proceedings and make the recordings available to the public.
HB2196 Creating a presumption in favor of shared parenting time for temporary orders.
HB2193 Requiring assets seized pursuant to the Kansas standard asset seizure and forfeiture act to be returned upon acquittal.
HB2192 Court of appeals judges to be nominated by the supreme court nominating commission and appointed by the governor.
HB2181 Disposition of seized firearms by law enforcement agencies.
HB2161 Creating the Kansas animal abuse offender repository.
HB2152 Creating the assistance animal integrity act.
HB2151 Granting immunity from civil liability to the person who files a citizen-initiated grand jury petition.
HB2098 Making changes to the Kansas open records act for disclosure of criminal investigation records.
HB2065 Removing the duty of the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle to drive with due regard for the safety of all others.
HB2020 Changing the supreme court clerk's information requirements for licensed attorneys and changing procedures related to the supreme court nominating commission and the judicial district nominating commissions.
SB219 Substitute for SB 219 by Committee on Judiciary - Transferring responsibility for the scrap metal database to the Kansas bureau of investigation, reducing the registration fee for scrap metal dealers and changing scrap metal dealer obligations under the scrap metal theft reduction act.
SB157 Creating presumptions related to temporary parenting plans and defining related terms under the Kansas family law code.
SB150 Enacting housing protections for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking.
SB134 Amending the crime of counterfeiting currency.
SB108 Increasing criminal penalties for abuse of a child and involuntary manslaughter when the victim is under 6 years of age and exempting certain victims from being considered an aggressor or participant as a mitigating factor when considering a departure sentence.
SB102 Creating the Kansas closed case task force, pertaining to identification and investigation of hits to the combined DNA index system (CODIS) in closed cases.
SB58 Granting immunity from civil liability to the person who files a grand jury petition.
SB19 Authorizing certain entities to access a criminal defendant's presentence investigation report.

Taxation - 98 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2730 Sales tax exemption for registered charitable organizations and providing for the expiration of the exemption for sales by certain organizations.
HB2729 Sales tax exemption for storytime village, inc.
HB2727 Requiring the repeal or suspension of existing sales tax exemption when implementing any new exemption, providing for a sales tax exemption for envision, inc. and friends of hospice of Jefferson county and imposing sales tax on certain services.
HB2726 Extending the dates when corporate tax returns are required to be filed.
HB2722 Establishing tax withholding requirements when certain employees work in multiple states.
HB2721 Extending the eligible time period for the rural opportunity zone loan repayment program and income tax credit.
HB2720 Providing a refundable income tax credit for certain purchases of food and discontinuing the nonrefundable food sales tax credit.
HB2698 Authorizing counties to impose an earnings tax.
HB2696 Providing a tax lid exception for transportation construction projects.
HB2694 Providing for a sales tax exemption for purchases by animal shelters.
HB2691 Authorizing the state corporation commission to issue securitized ratepayer-backed bonds for electric generation facilities; enacting the Kansas electricity bill reduction bonds act, K-EBRA bonds.
HB2685 Imposing sales tax on digital property and subscription services.
HB2684 Providing for the required mill levy for financing education for the subsequent two school years and extending the exemption for residential property from the statewide school levy.
HB2683 Providing a sales tax exemption for sent, inc.
HB2668 Establishing the property tax relief act and providing an expiration for the selective assistance for effective relief credit and the homestead property tax refund.
HB2657 Requiring marketplace facilitators to collect and remit sales and compensating use tax.
HB2656 Discontinuing apportionment of countywide retailers' sales tax imposed for general purposes between the county and cities located therein.
HB2655 Sales tax exemption for friends of hospice of Jefferson county.
HB2654 Sales tax exemption for purchases made by SOAR special needs.
HB2648 Adjusting the credit and income amounts for the income tax credit for purchases of food in this state.
HB2640 Establishing an income tax credit for the practice of carbon farming.
HB2639 Providing a sales tax exemption for purchases by crisis pregnancy centers.
HB2628 Allowing an individual to itemize deductions in Kansas despite not itemizing on their federal return.
HB2627 Increasing income tax credit for expenditures to make principal dwelling accessible to persons with a disability.
HB2626 Increasing the Kansas standard deduction and personal exemption for income tax purposes.
HB2617 Providing for adjusted income tax rates and sales tax treatment for food and food ingredients and feminine hygiene products.
HB2616 Rate of sales and compensating use tax on food and food ingredients and implementing formulaic adjustment to tax rate.
HB2615 Replacing the BOTA small claims appeal process with a mediation process for certain tax appeals.
HB2593 Tax credit for contributions to technical colleges.
HB2578 Sales tax exemption for sales of farm products sold at farmers' markets.
HB2577 Authorization for counties to impose a local motor fuels tax with voter approval.
HB2567 Increasing the subtraction modification for social security income.
HB2553 Providing income tax modifications for global intangible low-taxed income, business interest, capital contributions and FDIC premiums.
HB2543 Amending the definition of alternative fuel for the alternative-fueled motor vehicle property expenditure tax credit.
HB2542 Increasing the subtraction modification for social security income to $100,000.
HB2537 Requiring that remote sellers make $100,000 in gross receipts from sales for sales tax nexus requirements.
HB2517 Property tax abatement for agricultural improvement destroyed or substantially destroyed by a natural disaster.
HB2514 Requiring counties to purchase certain property if valuation is disputed by taxpayer.
HB2513 Requiring marketplace facilitators to collect and remit sales, use and transient guest taxes from sales made through their platforms; removing click-through nexus provisions.
HB2504 Providing a sales tax exemption for child advocacy centers.
HB2499 Providing a tax credit for expenditures for placing into service a qualified alternative-fuel fueling station.
HB2498 Excluding hypothetical leased fee when determining fair market value for real property.
HB2491 Providing for adjusted income tax rates and sales tax exemptions for food and food ingredients and feminine hygiene products.
HB2460 Providing an income tax credit for qualified railroad track maintenance expenditures of short line railroads.
HB2442 Removing the line for reporting compensating use tax from income tax returns.
HB2440 Providing for the election of county appraisers.
HB2436 Rate of interest for unpaid and overpayment of taxes.
HB2430 Property tax lid; cities and counties repealed.
HB2427 Providing for a Kansas income tax subtraction modification for national service education awards.
HB2418 Length of time prior to use of debt collection agencies for delinquent taxes; time for payment of sales and liquor drink tax; liability of person to collect sales or compensating use tax; administration of liquor enforcement tax.
HB2417 Extending the length of time for the Kansas corporation NOL carryforward.
HB2414 Providing a sales tax exemption for the principle foundation.
HB2409 Providing a tax credit for donations to certain postsecondary educational institutions that provide scholarships to students with financial need.
HB2408 Allowing third-party fee simple appraisals to be filed with county appraisers for residential property.
HB2398 Requiring the repeal or suspension of existing sales tax exemption when implementing any new exemption.
HB2386 Transfers to the local ad valorem tax reduction fund.
HB2384 Amending powers, duties and functions of the Kansas state board of cosmetology relating to licensing and hearings.
HB2381 Providing for a $.06 increase in motor fuel taxes.
HB2370 Providing for an increase in motor fuel taxes and rate trips.
HB2368 Tax lid exception for transportation construction projects.
HB2367 Authorizing transfers from the state general fund to the local ad valorem tax reduction fund and county and city revenue sharing fund if the city or county has a new road construction or bridge improvement plan and the plan is approved by the secretary of transportation.
HB2352 Providing changes to nexus for the sales and use tax law; requiring tax collection by marketplace facilitators; imposing sales tax on digital products.
HB2349 Sales tax collections by remote sellers.
HB2311 Sales tax exemption for food and food ingredients.
HB2310 Reducing the sales and use tax rate of food and food ingredients.
HB2304 Sales tax holiday for sales of certain school supplies, computers and clothing.
HB2302 Sunsetting the food sales tax credit and enacting the food sales tax refund.
HB2301 Establishing the tax credit for low income postsecondary students scholarship program act and providing for the elimination of the tax credit for low income students scholarship program act.
HB2293 Changing to one year averages when determining ag land valuations.
HB2285 Creating the Kansas legal tender act; providing for sales exemption from and modification for sales of specie legal tender.
HB2278 Calculating income tax rates through the use of formulas.
HB2275 County boards of tax appeals are created to hear appeals from county appraisers and hearing officers.
HB2272 Increasing the sales tax collection threshold for certain retailers and the required timeframe for payment of tax.
HB2267 Sales tax exemption for fencing used in agricultural use.
HB2264 Providing a tax credit to pell grant recipients at a postsecondary educational institution.
HB2261 Decreasing the sales and use tax rate on food and food ingredients to 5.5%.
HB2252 Income tax credit for increased salaries paid to Kansas employees.
HB2251 Increasing income tax credit for household and dependent care expenses.
HB2250 Establishing a child tax credit.
HB2249 Providing an income tax credit for expenditures to construct health or education facilities by Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference member institutions.
HB2232 Income tax treatment of net operating loss carryback on the sale of certain hotels.
HB2202 Hillsdale cemetery district; deannexing territory of the district within Valley Center.
HB2195 Sales tax exemption for sales of farm products sold at farmers' markets.
HB2194 Allowing wagering losses for Kansas itemized deductions.
HB2138 Required fee for entry into a sexually oriented business.
HB2134 Sales tax exemption for nonprofit integrated community care organizations.
HB2131 Providing for a sales tax exemption for construction and certain purchases for businesses qualifying as part of an enterprise zone.
HB2128 Decreasing the sales and use tax rate on food and food ingredients.
HB2116 Allowing taxpayers to attend BOTA hearings by use of audio or video electronic communication.
HB2114 Allowing counties to impose a severance tax on limestone.
HB2086 Exempting mechanical amusement devices from sales tax, providing for use of a tax stamp.
HB2040 Providing sales tax authority for Finney county.
HB2011 Sales tax exemption for required textbooks.
SB235 Continuing 20 mill statewide levy for schools and exempting certain portion of property used for residential purposes from such levy.
SB178 Providing a sales tax exemption for nonprofit integrated community care organizations, and requiring the repeal or suspension of existing sales tax exemption when implementing any new exemption.
SB135 Adding certain counties to the list of eligible rural opportunity zone counties.
SB125 Extending the eligible time period for rural opportunity zones loan repayment program and income tax credit.
SB104 Enacting the Kansas taxpayer protection act; requiring the signature and tax identification number of paid tax return preparers on income tax returns; authorizing actions to enjoin paid tax return preparers from engaging in certain conduct; establishing the golden years homestead property tax freeze act providing refund for certain increases in residential property taxes and allowing homestead property tax refund for renters; and expanding the expense deduction to all taxpayers.

Commerce, Labor and Economic Development - 44 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5008 Proposition to repeal section 12 of article 15 of the Kansas constitution, regarding membership and nonmembership in labor organizations.
HB2706 Establishing the public employee safety and health program within the department of labor, permitting investigations of public employee deaths and injuries and updating the provisions of public employee safety and health law.
HB2704 Amending unemployment insurance disqualification provisions relating to dates disqualification begins, illness or injury, pension or retirement pay and employment for an educational institution.
HB2703 Preempting local building and construction codes more stringent than national model codes, with certain exceptions.
HB2666 Prohibiting employers from taking adverse employment action against an employee based on employee's reproductive medical history or reproductive medical decisions.
HB2665 Enacting the Kansas Paid Sick Leave Act.
HB2653 Clarifying inspection, permit, certification and fee requirements for amusement rides under the Kansas amusement ride act.
HB2644 Enacting the Kansas Paid Family Leave Act, establishing the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Fund.
HB2643 Making an employer's actions to limit or punish the disclosure of wage information by an employee an unlawful employment practice.
HB2637 Prohibiting employers and employment agencies from requiring or using compensation history of job applicants in the employment process.
HB2605 Enacting the fairness in condemnation act requiring the condemning authority to provide the property owner notice of a planned condemnation proceeding, an offer for purchase and a court review of compliance with this act.
HB2599 Repealing certain obligations of a purchaser after sale of business for unpaid retailers' sales taxes.
HB2584 Allowing cities, counties and local governments to raise the minimum wage by ordinance, resolution or law.
HB2566 Concerning employment security law, relating to compensation of the pre-payment waiting period.
HB2565 Concerning employment security law, relating to the number of weeks a claimant is eligible for benefits.
HB2545 Purchases of property and construction of buildings by townships are subject to a protest petition and election procedure.
HB2455 Awarding a state contract preference for businesses that partner with the job corps to employ or train workers.
HB2453 Creating the open borders for Kansas jobs act; recognizing professional licenses issued by other jurisdictions.
HB2356 Motor vehicle sales tax sourced to registration of vehicle.
HB2355 Granting federal law enforcement officers who work with state task forces arrest authority.
HB2354 Substitute for HB 2354 by Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development - Resolving liability concerns regarding high school apprenticeships and on-the-job training programs.
HB2324 Prohibiting the use of non-disclosure agreements to silence victims of workplace sexual harassment.
HB2315 Unemployment benefits for privately contracted school bus drivers.
HB2313 Increasing workers compensation treatment expense limits from $500 to $2,000 for injured workers prior to claim approval.
HB2312 Establishing the rural revitalization student loan repayment program.
HB2280 Amendments to the Kansas expanded lottery act relating to racetrack gaming and Wyandotte county horse racing.
HB2263 Prohibiting the denial of earned maternity leave benefits after an employee has given notice of intent to take maternity leave.
HB2262 Enacting the Kansas buy American act.
HB2260 Updating the per diem for injured employees when away from their residence for medical treatment.
HB2259 Providing for fair consideration for employment to persons with records of conviction.
HB2253 Awarding costs and attorney fees to plaintiffs prevailing in unpaid wage claims.
HB2186 Granting employees who earn sick leave the right to use it to care for their family members.
HB2175 Enacting the fair share act.
HB2148 Unemployment benefits for privately contracted school bus drivers.
HB2061 Repealing prohibition on municipal regulation of minimum wages.
HB2060 Repealing prohibition on municipal regulation of paid leave for employees.
HB2026 Enacting the fire sprinkler industry act.
HB2022 Enacting the Kansas working families pay raise act.
HB2017 Restoring local control over certain compensation, wage and benefit requirements for construction projects.
HB2016 Allowing injured workers who are receiving their social security benefits to keep the full amount of their workers compensation.
HB2014 Amending the disallowance of workers compensation benefits for fighting or horseplay when not work related.
HB2013 Amending the edition of the AMA medical guide used to determine impairment for awarding workers compensation benefits.
HB2012 Replacing the workers compensation prevailing factor standard with a substantial factor standard.
SB27 Removing a restriction, for purposes of employment security law, on leasing of certain employees by client lessees of lessor employing units.

Insurance - 18 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2634 Removing minimum fines for a failure to maintain financial security.
HB2557 Establishing a $100 maximum out-of-pocket cost-share per month per covered person for prescription insulin drugs.
HB2556 Establishing insurance coverage parity for orthotic devices and prosthetic devices.
HB2459 Limiting utilization review conducted by health plans under certain circumstances involving the treatment of mental illness or substance abuse disorder.
HB2296 Increasing fines and providing for the impoundment of vehicles for violations of the Kansas automobile injury reparations act.
HB2230 Requiring law enforcement officers to impound the vehicles of certain uninsured owners.
HB2210 Amending uninsured motorist coverage provision requirements in automobile liability insurance policies.
HB2182 Requiring increased motor vehicle insurance coverage for people with convictions relating to driving under the influence.
HB2124 Requiring health insurance plans to cover contraceptives.
HB2074 Requiring coverage of preexisting conditions by individual accident and sickness insurance policies.
HB2059 Exempting certain association health plans from requirements pertaining to small employer health plans.
HB2058 Updating definitions relating to small employer health plans and association health plans.
HB2057 Specifying the conditions under which a small employer carrier may establish certain classes of business.
HB2056 Exempting health plans issued to associations of small employers from certain statutory provisions governing small employer health plans.
HB2055 Making certain self-funded association health plans subject to the jurisdiction of the commissioner.
SB304 Establishing a process by which a reciprocal may convert to into a mutual insurance company.
SB228 Amending license and renewal application fees for insurance third party administrators.
SB32 Exempting certain non-insurance healthcare benefits from the commissioner's jurisdiction.

Elections - 21 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5006 Revising article 10 of the Kansas constitution; establishing a redistricting commission.
HCR5005 Constitutional amendment; reapportionment, deleting requirement for adjustment of census data for military personnel and students.
HCR5003 Constitutional amendment; term limits; legislators.
HCR5001 Constitutional amendment; term limits for the secretary of state and attorney general.
HB2659 Mail ballot elections amended to allow counting of mailed ballots received three business days after the election if postmark shows the ballot was mailed on or before the election day.
HB2612 Endorsements by individuals for candidates or office holders must be in writing and must be removed from the website and other social media of the candidate or office holder upon receipt of a written request by the individual or civil fines may be imposed.
HB2512 Sedgwick county voters, in the 2020 election cycle, may vote on election day at any polling place in the county.
HB2508 The secretary of state shall be elected on a nonpartisan basis and shall resign before running for another office.
HB2423 Driving under the influence is a disqualification for election or appointment as a sheriff.
HB2220 Free state election act; eliminate proof of citizenship; same day registration and voting; other.
HB2189 Elections; voting provisional ballot allowed when voter moves to a new county without reregistering.
HB2176 Elections; unlawful collection of voted or unvoted ballots.
HB2169 Expand the definition of express advocacy in the campaign finance act to cover phrases where reasonable minds could not differ and delete the requirement that the name of treasurers of organizations be disclosed in advertisements.
HB2113 Petition requirements for recognition of political parties.
HB2092 Allowing voter registration on election day.
HB2091 Allowing early voting in person at least 10 days prior to an election.
HB2090 Voter registration; departments of aging and disability services; children and families; labor and state board of education.
HB2075 Elections; petition circulator requirements.
HB2021 Elections; term limits for offices of state treasurer and insurance commissioner.
HB2019 Changing penalties for certain voting crimes.
HB2010 Lobbying restrictions; certain elected state officers and executive staff.

Agriculture - 9 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2709 Removing cannabis products that contain up to 0.3% THC from the list of controlled substances listed in schedule I of the uniform controlled substances act.
HB2669 Requiring the secretary of wildlife, parks and tourism to establish state threatened and endangered species lists that are based on the federal threatened and endangered species lists.
HB2623 Establishing requirements for claiming pollinator-friendly solar sites.
HB2622 Requiring poachers to pay a fine to certain landowners and law enforcement agencies.
HB2271 Imposing a criminal penalty upon owners who allow livestock to run at large and allowing county sheriffs to seize such livestock that are on a highway.
HB2222 Prohibiting food establishments from providing single-use plastic straws to consumers.
HB2156 Clarifying that it is unlawful for a person to submit an inspection report concerning wood-destroying pests unless that person is a pesticide applicator with the correct certification and license.
HB2062 Relating to the applicability of conditions for operating recreational trails.
SB270 Allowing water rights that were certified after 2009 to be placed in multi-year flex accounts.
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